Top 10 Sexiest Black Men

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The Top Ten

Shemar Moore
Shemar Moore, in my opinion, should be on every Sexiest Man list there is! He is so often overlooked, but when he's out and about, his photos go viral! Go figure! This man has looks that have lasted decades! He's also sweet, good to his fans and is drop dead gorgeous!
Shemar moor is the best looking man out of all of these men listed


Shemar moore is and forever will the sexiest
Black man alive!

2Will Smith

3Pooch Hall
Amanda loves pooch hall

4Michael Jai White

5Denzel Washington

6Henry Simmons

7Boris Kodjoe

8Romeo Miller
He is ok I guess



10Terrence J

The Contenders

11Michael Jackson
He was cute when he was black. When he beached his skin white when he was in his 60's he was weird looking.
Michael Jackson was beautiful black or white;-)

12Laz Alonso

13Michael Ealy
Have you seen the guy? I mean for real! Don't even get me started on those piercing greenish-blue eyes and his ability to look both adorable and ridiculously sexy at the same time...

14Anthony Mackie
Mighty fine actor! Mighty fine on the eyes

15Jesse Williams

He's not that hot by looks but his songs are hot. Come on like you never wanted to download his full album cause his voice makes us wanna...

17Morris Chestnut

18Idris Elba
Luther, The Wire, Pacific Rim, Thor and Thor 2, upcoming in A Long Walk to Freedom. Six feet three of awesome with a presence that fills a room to exploding point.

19Trey Songz
No he is not one of the best looking men so who ever said that you are wrong like all the way


20Jason Derulo

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