Top 10 Sexiest Bollywood Men

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The Top Ten

Salman Khan
When god made Salman khan he said to himself, " wow... I think that was my only masterpiece! Laugh out loud!.. Proud of myself man... Awesome... The greatest thing I have ever done!... Hey ma!... Hey pops!... "
From his very first movie to his latest, Salman Khan is living proof that things only get better with time. Amazing actor, amazing physique... All in all prety darn Amazing! Satisfaction is ALWAYS guarenteed @Kiranteed
[Newest]He is the kind heart man.. I like it..

2Sharukh Khan
Shahrukh Khan... The name is enough! He is one of the greatest and most beautiful creatures by God. The most gorgeous, handsome, dashing, coolest and sexiest man on earth!


One man army! Movie simply go blockbuster just by shahrukh's presence. Most beautiful smile in the world he has, the most beautiful and sexiest eyes in the world he has.
His simple presence make the movie more attractive and sexy. The most sexy idol of Bollywood.
[Newest]Must be on the top

3Hrithik Roshan
Not only handsome, also cute. He has a something vulnerable in his eyes which touches my heart.
The man is the definition of fine. Those eyes. Wow!
Hrithik is handsome person in film industry
[Newest]I like his hairstyle,.

4Shahid Kapoor
The best looking actor by far has the cute innocent look and also the hot and handsome look no one comes close to him when it comes to looks!
He is a very rare guy to find!
The most amazing smile that makes me weak at the knees! I love that he is very modest and a kind hearted guy.
He is handsome and has the cutest smile ever
An amazing actor and a very kind person
He's the sexiest man of bollywood
[Newest]Cute and innocent looking

5Ranbir Kapoor
He is the most popular new actor in industry and girl likes him so much he have a very good fan following in very short time of his career.
I could go on about him for hours. Brilliant actor, best looking and definitely HOT. Truly a rare combination with a fine intellect and down-to-earth personality.. Deserves to be in the top. Vote him up pleazz
He is the most handsome guy in universe for me. Its like he would get any girl
[Newest]Sexy man in Bollywood he is best

6Akshay Kumar
Akshay is looking very very sexy
Akshay is one of the most handsome in the earth, he is best in bollywood.
[Newest]Best actor in the world

7John Abraham
He's the sexiest man of bollywood!
Obviously he is a best one
John is world's no.. Hot hunk
[Newest]John Abraham is so handsome and also real hulk

8Aamir Khan
Amir Khan is the most good looking actor and most good looking Khan in akl time

You will fall in love with Amir Khan when you watch his film such as Baazi, Mann, Ishq...etc your heart will increase its beating

He is the only actor in bollywood who has the great multi national look plus his grest talent in acting and his great attitude and personality who really care about solving the society problems

Amir is the best of the best
[Newest]Amir khan Indian best hand same actor

9Emraan Hashmi
Emraan hashmi is the most sexiest and stylish man in Bollywood
He is the most handsome guy
Hey who has done this list hve you ever seen emraan... He has turned 40 buts looks sexy. He is tge sexiest

10Arjun Rampal
Arjun Rampal is an Actor who have perfect indian look and good looking as well! Sincerely, from all the faces of the actors of Bollywood, Arjun is the most good looking and handsome man of Bollywood! From Head to Toe!
Arjun rampal is the most handsome, the most sexy and the most attractive actor in the whole world. None can take his place. Even salman, hrithik, john and shahrukh are nothing infront of him. He has perfect body, height, good looks, styles and smile. He has a charming personality. He looks so cute and dashing. I love are my only hero. All the other heroes seem like a pig to me!
He represents the 'Perfect Hindi Look Men' ever!
[Newest]Arjun rampal have faced many negative critics. but still proved himself not only an wonderful actor but also a handsome legend

The Contenders

11Imran Khan
Imran khan beautiful all he is a very good personality
Love the way he dresses!
Very handsome and hot love you

12Varun Dhawan
He deserves to be the hottest men
Very cute, smart and handsome man. I liked his tole in main tera hero.
Charismatic and cute... Much better than anyone
[Newest]He is the most most most beautiful man of all times in Bollywood.

13Sidharth Malhotra
So sexy hot and an amazing body fabulous dancing and a complete man
He looks very serious and intense which makes him sexy. He has a very lovely smile. He has a better future in Bollywood
What a sexy look and a Sexy smile of Sidharth
[Newest]Siddharth Malhotra is tall and very handsome.And he have beautiful lips,we would love to see him in long kisses.

14Sunny Deol
He is action king of Bollywood and most handsome singh of Bollywood. He is also the best actor of action of all time. He delivered many of hit and blockbuster movies in his career...
He looks excellent as a surd
Sunny deol is action of king

15Aditya Roy Kapoor
This dude has been gifted with a face to grace the silver screen. Tall dark and handsome, he is also very talented, more so then any of the newer range of actors, who either have their respective daddies or uncles backing. Aditya is a man's, man, and it comes through in all the movies he has starred in todate. As far as sex appeal is concerned, if he came near my women, I would feel really threatened, as he definitely as that same magic that the older guys Like Salman Sharuk and Hrithik had, years ago. This dude is going places and I equate him with the likes of Akshay Kumar and the tough dude that played Al Pacino and the God Father. All the very best to you Aditya and hoping to see many more movies with you starring therein.
His work asshiqui2 has proved that he is one of sexiest actor... At least he is better than saifu...
My vote definitely goes to Aditya Roy Kapoor. This guys amazing, in looks and loaded in talent.

16Kushal Tandon

17Tiger Shroff
Tiger is most handsome and hottest actor in Bollywood
Tiger sgroff is so nice with her acting skills

18Farhan Akhtar
He is super hot esp in the new film shaadi ke side effects
He is goodloking, cute.

19Abhishek Bachchan
Very hot and sexy
He is really very good looking and handsome acter I like him

Most handsome guy of all time in the bollywood
Best looking man in the world
He is really hansom, nice body, cute.

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