Sexiest Legs in Sports


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The Top Ten

Stacy Keibler: Wrestling

I have around 84 reasons on why she belongs in this spot but I only need one...


2The Anastasias, Davydova and Ermakova: Synchronized Swimming

I mean, look at those four legs and try to prove me wrong.


3Trish Stratus: Wrestling

The previous statement is a fact. Her legs, however, belong in the Louvre. I have never seen a more perfect body to match an incredible set of legs.


4Ana Paula Mancino: Volleyball

Ana Paula Mancino is a name to keep in the back of your mind when considering who the hottest female athletes are of all time. Just remember to add her legs into the equation.


5Victoria Vanucci: Tennis

You might call me crazy, but she could get a bad scrape or something. So maybe she should just stand up and face us, that'll help.


6Leryn Franco: Pole Vaulting

I have seen Leryn Franco play sports a total of never. I have never seen her toss a pole or anything related.


7Bia and Bianca Feres: Synchronized Swimming

Is it even fair to anyone that both of these beauties are identical? How great would it be to land one of them, let alone both of them?


8Anna Rawson: Golf

Who would have thought that the hottest pair of legs in golf belonged to Anna Rawson?


9Danica Patrick: Racing

If Danica Patrick continues her climb on my lists, she might end up in first place one day.


10Allison Stokke: Pole Vaulting

So what happens when you combine the two? You get the hottest female in collegiate sports.


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