Top Ten Sexiest Men of the 80s and 90s


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1Michael Jackson

Stated as sex symbol by wikipedia, sexy dance moves, perfectly lean body, sensual personality, talented and a true gentleman. What more do women love?

No body had never been as sexy as Michael Jackson! Why? Because no one had the idea of using those clothes, specially his pants and jenas that... No words... So, he should be the SEXIEST MAN ON EARTH!

He's entire body its really sexy, his dance moves and all his personality and way of being

Michael, The King!

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2Jon Bon Jovi

He's the hottest guy on this list. Are you kidding me, he should be number one. If you think he's doesn't deserve number 1 then your crazy. Watch some of his official music videos.

Jon Bon Jovi is the hottest guy ever! Why is he not 1st? Look at some of his music video's from the early days! You'll be left drooling! X

He is the man. Always. The love of my musical life!

Hottiest man every to live

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3Tom Keifer


4Nikki Sixx

This is a really weird list. - RockFashionista

5Stephen Pearcy
6Sebastian Bach

I normally don't like long hair on men, but he is a major exception. He's truly beautiful (not a very good picture, though). He's funny, too. Love him! - Survivor101

7Bret Michaels
8Jani Lane
9Freddie Mercury

FREDDIE IS THE SEX GOD OF ALL TIME! Not only 80's, 90's, but ALL TIME! Freddie is the sexiest, most sensual, most seductive creature on the planet! EVER! He's THE BEST! Whether you're a man, a woman, or a squirrel, Freddie is the absolute sexiest ever to grace the Earth!

Beautiful voice, beautiful face! Pure power and energy. Just watch Queen's set at live aid if you don't believe me. So gorgeous!

FREDDIE is GORGEOUS! Sexy, hot, sizzling HOT, and absolutely SEXY!

I thought he was sexy in high school, have kinda out grown him now.

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10Mark Slaughter

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11Tommy Lee

Tommy lee is a fox

12Robbie Williams

He was so hot in the 1990s

13Leonardo DiCaprio

After titanic it was clear

I can truthfully, though shamefully say that I have wept over his beauty.
Namely in Romeo and Juliet.

14Harrison Ford
15Johnny Depp

I loved the creepiness

16Patrick Swayze
17River Phoenix

Come on, no words needed

18Brandon Lee
19Viggo Mortensen

Represents curious and committed man. Actor, artist, poet, intellectual and adventurous. Intelligent and educated man, and our constant search for the essence of things. Beautiful, inside and out.

20Brad Pitt
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1. Michael Jackson
1. Tom Keifer
2. Nikki Sixx
3. Stephen Pearcy
1. Leonardo DiCaprio
2. Harrison Ford
3. Johnny Depp



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