Sexiest Movie Moments/Scenes


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The Top Ten

Kim Basinger's dancing - Nine 1/2 Weeks
Kim aka 'Lady Erotica' or Sex Symbol of the 80's shows her best here. Kim's dancing for Mickey Rourke was one of the most memorable movie moments from the 80's


2Sigourney Weaver in white panties - Alien
Sigourney battling the critter in her white panties. Scary, iconic and very sexy.


3Sharon Stone's police interrogation - Basic Instinct
Yes, Sharon is very beautiful and talented actress but she became megapopular after this scene/movie


4Jamie Lee Curtis's dancing - True Lies
OK, Jamie isn't Beauty Queen, not even close but in True Lies she was special - that sexy body! Yummy


5Trunk scene - Out of Sight
Jennifer Lopez and George Clooney get trapped in a trunk. A very intense meet-cute scene


6Bo Derek's running - 10
Some people are sexy just standing still. Bo Derek would probably qualify on that count. Now imagine Bo Derek running--in slow motion--in a bathing suit across the white, hot sands of a beach.


7Brad Pitt & Geena Davis in a hotel room - Thelma and Louise

8Ursula Andress's first appearance - Dr. No
Shot at Laughing Waters Beach, Jamaica, the emergence of Ursula Andress in belted white bikini, clutching sea shell and hunting knife, continues to stop hearts.



9Apartment sex scene - Unfaithful
Sexy and beautiful Diana Lane having sex in her lover's apartment - a bit brutal but still hot scene


10Dirty Dancing - Dirty Dancing
Many women got their first stirrings watching Baby (Jennifer Grey) and Johnny (Patrick Swayze) as they grind crotches in a filthy dirty dancing session.


The Contenders

11Salma Hayek's dancing - From Dusk Till Dawn

12Pulsing TV set - Videodrome
James Woods' hook-up with Debbie Harry's radio therapist is a mix of sleaze and self-destruction. After their first masochistic sex session, it goes technophysical, with Harry's full lips tempting Woods into oblivion from a pulsing T.V. set.


Why do Tvs PUlse
Like what the fruck
What is this even
I'm not
Just what
And how


13Batman/Catwoman fight - Batman Returns

Michelle's Catwoman I think is one of the sexiest and most underrated movie performances ever.

14Lesbian lovemaking scene - Mulholland Drive

While David Lynch's masterpiece shifts from uneasy Cinderella story to surreal satire, an oasis of tenderness springs up in Naomi Watts and Laura Harring unexpected lovemaking scene.


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