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August 4, 2015 - Songs with the sexiest tune that is an aphrodisiac in itself. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Candy Shop - 50 Cent
This song took sexy to a whole new level. It was made to be as sexy as possible without being vulgar. The beat and the lyrics are what makes this song so hot. Love it!
This song is seriously sexy! The song manages to sound hot and dirty without being too explicit. And the beat just makes me want to get up and dance...
So far, I agree with every song on this great list. Except, for Pokerface and My Humps. Those songs are not sexy at all. Period.
[Newest]We need more songs in the world like this!

2Partition - Beyonce

3Only Girl - Rihanna

4Billie Jean - Michael Jackson
Yes. If it's sexy you want then Billie Jean is the answer.
The great thing about this song is that no matter how many different renditions there are of this song, it will always sound sexy. Every time.
I love that song but it is not sexy

5Burning Desire - Lana Del Rey
Love her slow and sultry voice. Kills it in every song

6Soldier of Love - Sade

7Superman - Eminem

8Lay It On Me - Kelly Rowland

9Rude Boy - Rihanna

10Naughty Girl - Beyonce
I's so hard 3
Very sexy, not so much classy, but definitely sexy

The Contenders

11Miss America - Nick Carter
The perfect anthem for any hot-blooded males out there with a desire for a beautiful woman. This song hits you from the start with a sexy tune coupled with sexy lyrics.


Glad to see this song in the top 10 but I think it should higher. The tune, beat, lyrics, singing - everything is SEXY.
this song is obviously the sexiest one by the sexiest man nick carter

12Closer - Nine Inch Nails
This song was never meant to be sexy.
Jesus, how is this not even in the top ten?


13Kids - Robbie Williams

14Me and You - Cassie
It's SEXY from start to finish. Everything about it is hot. It has one of the SEXIEST Beats ever. Sang by a SEXY singer with a low, SENSUAL voice. The next time you listen to this song, pay attention to the lyrics and you will see how dirty and subtle it is. Plus, the music video is a turn-on too! It is sexy personified. Seriously, can anything beat this?


Music Viagra, this song is.

15Feelin' Love - Paula Cole
At the second-half of the song she's practically doing it while singing. That's how hot it is.


16Give It To Me - Busta Rhymes
Sexiest Hip-Hop song to date. And the sexiest duet.


it is hip-hop but somehow it's classy N sexy

17Wanting You - Deja Voodoo Spells
Totally agree. sexy to the core...
This rock song is a masterpiece. It's haunting, sexy and intoxicating at the same time. Really hot.


Yes, definitely the most sexiest song ever, I love this song..
[Newest]This has 2 B number 1. First time I heard it, I got wet.

18Don't Cha - Pussy Cat Dolls
Too sexy to be in number 45 como on people¡¡ let's vote this song. So hot. Don't cha wish your girlfriend...
This is hot but buttons should be on the list too
F@@@king SEXY! Both song and artist!

19Insatiable - Darren Hayes
How is this dude not more famous? He is pretty amazing. Very unique and interesting voice and an amazing songwriter. Most people remember him just from Savage Gargen, but he is even better now. Great song.
Havent you lots heard this song? its beautiful n its my most fav song. it should be atleast in top 10


20Lovelight - Robbie Williams
One of the most sexiest songs ever

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