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1 Stitches Stitches

It's the best song Shawn has sang so far

THE BEST by far. Great music and great singing. Also great lyrics

How come this is on the top, "I know what you did last summer"

Stitches is by far the best song of Shawn Mendes.In love with this song.

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2 Treat You Better Treat You Better

I kinda liked this song when it was first posted on vine by Shawn Mendes and now I have fallen in love..

If he says that "I know I can treat you better than he can", then I'll say "i know you can treat me better than he can"...

Before hearing this song I hated english music like anything but this song changed my view

Love it I know word by word that song is my favorite by Kathryn

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3 Aftertaste Aftertaste

Need I say anything bout this these songs come like once every 4 to 5 years true masterpiece

I just watch it on YouTube and every time you listen to it it get better

I'm still not over Stitches & it's been like a year & yet again Shawn pops with this?! This kid has potential & a clearly bright future :D - Ark-M

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4 I Know What You Did Last Summer I Know What You Did Last Summer

I just love Shawn Mendes and his songs

This was like Tim McGraw as well.

I love Shawn mendes, I sing his song in my sleep I am his biggest fan, if I had to chose a fovorite son, it would be, "I know what you did last summer"

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5 Mercy Mercy

Its one of his best songs. The lyrics are deep and his voice shows so much emotion. Why not top 3?

It is a really good song. It is one of my favorite songs.

Definitely one of my favorites...anyone else?

This song changed music for me.It is a beutiful song with deep lyrics.I also love treat you better and I know what you did last summer

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6 Imagination Imagination

This song has elements from two Taylor Swift songs; White Horse and Mine. In the choruses of both Mine and Imagination there's a line that a sudden "for the first time."

Th best song ever from shawn mendes love you shawn

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7 The Weight The Weight

I love the variety of tune and tone

Shawn Mendes's most common key signatures for songs are C major and Bb major. His least common key signatures for songs are F major and E major, but he once sang an F major version of his Eb major song Crazy. Find it on YouTube.

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8 Bring It Back Bring It Back V 1 Comment
9 Life of the Party

Should be higher on the list... Just after stitches... I like it more than that

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10 Kid In Love Kid In Love

In my opinion this is the BEST song from him!

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11 I Don't Even Know Your Name I Don't Even Know Your Name
12 Crazy Crazy
13 Something Big Something Big

I'm not a hater but an EXTREMELY worried about his voice. Shawn Mendes experienced vocal damage after his cover of 1D's Drag Me Down. If he gets a vocal cord hemorrhage Earth will be in SHOCK! He got the damage because in 2015 he had to SING FOR A LONG TIME! He belted in Life Of The Party (ending was series of F4 belts,) Something Big (Bb4 belts across bridge,) and Stitches (G#4 belt between bridge and final chorus.)

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14 Air Air

It's must be in the ten top list oh I love this songs so much loved it

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15 One of Those Nights One of Those Nights
16 Never Be Alone

It's just a really really emotional but great songs with amazing lyrics. Definitely one of my favorites

Best lyrical must be around top 5

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17 Believe Believe

This sounds like Taylor Swift's I Wish You Would

The only awesome Shawn Mendes song

Did he have a cameo in this movie

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18 Show You Show You

Shawn is the best male singer and this song is amazing just like him

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19 Little Too Much Little Too Much

Beautiful piano chords are integrated with the strumming of the guitar. meanwhile the harmony carries out its own tune which blends in with the backing, weaving in and out of diminished and augmented chords

OK NO, this song is beautiful and by far one of my favourites by far it no way deserves to be 20 at least in the top 10!

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20 Ruin Ruin

This song seem like Taylor Swift's Dear John. - BeaM456

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1. Treat You Better
2. Stitches
3. I Know What You Did Last Summer
1. Stitches
2. Kid In Love
3. I Know What You Did Last Summer
1. Aftertaste
2. The Weight
3. Imagination

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