Top Ten Signs a Music Artist's Career Is Coming to an End

Now, since pop singers never last and are forgotten...

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1They Go Totally Mainstream
2They Act Slutty

Mainly once they leave Disney or Nickelodeon, and because they have no talent they just sell their bodies, and every fangirl will cry,"TEI R GUZD BEENG TENSEVEZ! 11111! 1" until they loose popularity. - ToptenPizza

3They Act Like a Douche

This could buy them a few more years of being hatefully remembered, Justin Beiber did all the drinking and drag racing, ABANDONING HIS PET MONKEY, I MEAN THE MONKEY PEOPLE! He spit on fans, called a fan a beached whale, called the Beatles the crap band. Now the JB joke is EVERYWHERE - ToptenPizza

4They Try to Cause Controversy

Mostly on sensitive subjects and weight. Funny thing, Nicki saved herself with this one. She was about to die out in mainstream culture until Anaconda beat Wrecking Ball (sorry smilers, you loose) as most viewed video in hour of release or something. Hey Mamma is actually decent, and Nicki wouldn't be as bad without all the autotune. - ToptenPizza

5They Do a Lot of Collaborations

Iggy Azalea and Ariana Grande would never get a hit without collaborations. They are average, but are so common and you see a lot of them. - ToptenPizza

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6Loss of Followers On Social Media

A sure sign people are loosing interest. - ToptenPizza

7They Apologize for All Their Mistakes

I highly doubt any of them are sincere, I mean they act like douches, ignore it, songs can't top charts,"i'm SUREE! 111" - ToptenPizza

8People Dont Buy His Crap
9People Makes Lists About Hating Them
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1. They Go Totally Mainstream
2. They Act Slutty
3. They Try to Cause Controversy
1. They Act Like a Douche
2. They Go Totally Mainstream
3. People Dont Buy His Crap
1. They Go Totally Mainstream
2. They Act Slutty
3. They Act Like a Douche



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