Top 10 Similarities Between Hard Rock and Heavy Metal

This comparison is based on the most typical cases in these genres and most obvious tendencies. I know that there are exceptions but I’m not interested in them now.

Currently I am a metal fan but before metal I was into hard rock.

Hard rock bands: AC/DC, Queen, Guns N' Roses, Aerosmith, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Scorpions, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Van Halen, Whitesnake, and many more.

I also made a list “Top 10 Differences Between Hard Rock And Heavy Metal”.

Hard Rock and Heavy Metal are different but similar - one of the reasons metal fans usually like hard rock, too.

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1Use the same basic instruments

Electric guitars, bass, drums and sometimes a keyboard instrument (hence - similar sound). If you don’t know that hard rock is blues based and metal - classical based, you can easily confuse these 2 genres. - Metal_Treasure

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2Both are louder than classic rock

Aerosmith and AC/DC are certainly louder than The Beatles. Metal is louder, too. - Metal_Treasure

3Both are heavier than classic rock
4Both are faster than classic rock
5Both are more aggressive than classic rock
6Both genres emerged in parallel in the 1960s-70s

In this regard Deep Purple is a very unique early band - they experimented in both genres. They wrote faster and heavier songs based on classical (metal) and songs based on blues (hard rock). - Metal_Treasure

7Have the same number of band membersV1 Comment
8Singers in both genres scream more than singers in classic rock

Screams in metal are part of the artform and singers’ vocal skills. There are even Top Ten lists about the best and longest screams in metal. But Steven Tyler and Robert Plant are hard rock singers who also scream a lot. Ian Gillan of Deep Purple is known for his crafted screams on both metal and hard rock songs. - Metal_Treasure

9Guitar solos are longer than in classic rock
10Vocal style is more aggressive than in classic rock

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11Lyrics actually have a meaning

It's pretty nice how much thoughts
are given to the lyrics. Here's a tip:
Just don't listen to the magical music
which is given you also take the booklet
&read the lyrics. They are most of the
time well thought.

From "the visitor"

12Musicians usually have long hair
13Some musicians in both genres wear leather clothes

In metal Judas Priest and Manowar are the most typical cases. I don’t think Metallica, Megadeth and Iron Maiden can be associated with that. Currently I listen to metal bands that never wore leather. Probably things in metal changed a lot since the 70s-80s. - Metal_Treasure

Same opinion.
Metallica was more into denim.
Early Slayer into leather.

14Both are subgenres of rock music
15Both genres often have a breakdown
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