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101Lauren Taylor

"Treat Me Right by Lauren Taylor" can be seen/heard on YouTube.

102Saskia Eng

"First Time Ever I Saw Your Face - cover by saskia eng" on YouTube... Excellent intonation for such a young singer.

103Aditi Iyer

Awesome... Never seen or heard any young Asian kid be on par with the top western kid talents... She easily beats most of the top western singers.. Just listened to her.. She has an incredible voice...

Yes.. she is very good... Great voice, good breathing technique.. Strong vocals... she has a bright future... I guess so...

Very talented for someone so young!

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104Judy Hassan

YouTube: "The Voice Within - Christina Aguilera By Brooklyn-Rose" -- excellent inflections and undulations.

106Skylar Stecker
107Karlijn Verhagen
108Bekah Costa
109Lexi Stavinoha

On YouTube: "Lexi singing I Just Call You Mine with Liberty Opry Band, 10 years old" mature voice for her age.
"Lexi Stavinoha - She's Got You" is a more recent recording.

110Rebecca BlackRebecca Black is "well known" for her "hit" single, "Friday", which has the second most dislikes on YouTube .

On YouTube: "Dark Horse - Katy Perry (Official Video, AANYSA cover) A cappella harmony! " -- Excellent inflections, intonation, improvisation!

112Makayla Lynn

On YouTube: "Evil Sweetness - Makayla Lynn original (live performance)" -- excellent tone control, inflections, creativity; Makayla Lynn is a song writer; also self accompaniment on guitar.

113Katie Belle Akin

YouTube: "Story Of My Life One Direction Cover by Katie Belle Akin" -- excellent songwriting, soft vocalization, excellent intonation for her age.

114Folake Fadojutimi

"James Brown-Man's World-By Folake" -- power! Folake one of the two "Fab Sisters."

115Ololade Fadojutimi

"ain't nobody- the fabsisters live" on YouTube illustrates excellent vocal power and accompaniment on Duets. Ololade is the other half of the "Fab Sisters."

116Tillie Murray

"Part of Your World, Little Mermaid by Tillie Murray (age 7) Cover" and "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again, Phantom of the Opera by Tillie Murray (age 8) Cover" are two excellent samples of intonation, inflections and improvisation!

117Samantha Potter

"Wrecking Ball - Miley Cyrus by Samantha Potter" excellent improvisation!

118Melissa Oval
119Anton Silvia
120Claudia Tripp
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