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INFINITE an extremely passionate, talented, charming group of South Korea. Their voices, dances, hand gestures, smiles, looks, emotions... Every aspect of that group is able to grab hearts and melt them.

Each of the seven members are like a color in a rainbow... Alone they might not shine or stand out. However, when combined together... They make magic and its hard to escape from them. They add a new meaning to the song! You know it's a good song when you start crying but you don't speak their language... It's their emotion that they input which gives a definition far beyond what words can do.
They are very hard working and won't disappoint people on stage. Their songs are nice to hear and their performance are always great! Infinite fighting!
Calling Infinite, a seven-member group from South Korea, just another boy-band would be an ignorant fool's mistake. Infinite's popularity has risen so fast and with such an impact that it is only justified for them to be entitled as the leaders of the second Hallyu Wave. As an industry analyst said during an interview (when Infinite was named #1 Idol In Popularity Increase) a lot of celebrities already knew that Infinite would be the next 'big thing'. The Hallyu Wave is here to stay and has noticeably crashed upon international shores. By handing Infinite a stint at the London Olympics would not only showcase global talent to another level (Infinite is often introduced as a group with '99.9% sync rate') but show the next generation this particular army of talent that they are sure to see again in the future. We already know that names like Big Bang and 2NE1 are international but it would be only rightful for London 2012 Olympics' theme to be made concrete by reassuring the international audience that an open minded view towards multi-cultural diffusion will continue so. The K-Pop wave is going to be a long-term trend and it's time we see the second phase of this global entertainment evolution.
They are without a doubt one of the most amazing-est groups I have ever seen! I love them to bits! They're so talented and funny and gorgeous and sweet and weird but cool and just overall... AMAZING! I would give anything to see them perform here in London. If you haven't already... You should check them out! You won't regret it.

Inspirit for LIFE! Infinite hwaiting~
Known for their 99.9% synchronicity, amazing vocals and gorgeous looks, these seven guys would rock the Olympics! They deserve it so much! Inspirit for life
I'm just in love with these guys, so it would be awesome to see them perform and to know that people from all the parts of the world will watch them and understand how hard they work. K-Pop is a very good style of music and I think that all the world should at least know what it is. And Infinite are particularly good.
Inspirit forever.
Infinite is definitely a quality group who strive to become much more talented each passing day. They deserve so much for all the hard work they have put into all of their music and choreography. They are very charismatic group and easily capture the hearts of anyone who watches them. Infinite is a very astounding group with so much talent and potential. They would definitely give a spectacular performance at the 2012 London Olympics and would be honored to even be chosen to perform there.
I have been a fan of Infinite since their debut, and it's amazing to watch how far they have come. Their choreography is always spot on, and they never fail to give a great performance. For them to be able to perform at such a grand event, would be the dream on many Inspirits out there. They are by far the most talented group out there, and I can see that they have the potential to become one of the top groups in the K-pop industry.
They are by far the best and they need to perform. I love them all, they're so beautiful. They have insane talent in singing, rapping and dancing. They're known simply for their synchronization! I HOPE THEY CAN PLAY!
They are one of the most impressive idols I have ever come across. Their teamwork is outstanding, and their skills have earned a standing ovation from me. They have yet to disappointment me in any of their performances. Their vocal skills, rap, dance, and most of all the effort they put into perfecting each move can be seen and heard. Best of all, the music is extremely catchy.
Infinite is a talented newer kpop group. They are getting immensely popular not just in Korea but around the world. They are very successful and have excellent vocal ability. This group is amazing, and deserves a lot of recognition. I would love to see them perform at the 2012 olympics.
Infinite deserve this because they're so in sync and sexy.
Their english is good when singing and they are so well loved
I have seen many group dance and perform.
I have never see any group can dance as perfect as Infinite.
Whenever Infinite perform, they will do their best and I am so jealous that they can perform so good...
Furthermore, Infinite can dance many types of dance and they are unique%
I love them so much! %
Infinite are all really talented guys who work hard for their fan, they are able to bringing out their own color of music. Every single comeback stage they surprise many people with different concept or music, and I am sure they will do the same.
INFINITE is awesome! They're not that famous yet but their dancing is immense! They did the scorpion dance and they're so synchronized! Oh and all their songs are really good but I don't know how they're not as popular as SHINee and B2ST and all that yet, I prefer them to all those bands and another bonus is that all 7 members are so cute! Especially MyungSoo(L)! <3 He's the visual, Sunggyu and WooHyun have the best voices and SungJong's more feminine voice makes the song sound unique and Hoya and DongWoo's raps are epic! SungYeol doesn't have many singing lines but he's awesome in other aspects, he's the funniest!
INFINITE FIGHTING! Infinite is a wonderful group that deserves more of a spotlight so that everyone can see their true talents! VOTE FOR INFINITE!
Because Infinite,
Everyone in this band can sing, dance and they are sync and no one can ever beat that..!
Infinite Fighting_Inspirit Fighting

Shouting from England
Infinite works so hard right now to create beautiful songs, combined with powerful dances. They have the vocals, the talent and the face to make it big. And they are very sweet and caring, always taking time for their fans. IT's time we do something back for them: voting here.
Now this group has the definitely of talent! They will mesmerize you with their 99% synchronization, their vocals, and their handsome looks!
I love these guys. They work super hard it would be awesome if they could perform any show people what Kpop is all about INFINITE HWAITING!
Although they are not best group in Korea.
But they are in my heart is the best!
I love their dance and their songs~
I hope they will be the best group in Korea in 2012.
INfINITE is the best~
INFINITE's group dance is very well. Their vocal are awesome. They practice really hard. 7 charismatic Korean boys.
INFINITE is the most exciting and talented boy band in Korea. Their healthy and infinite energy not only as an outstanding singing artist but also as a stunning dance group is very famous in Asia. Just give all the people in the world a memorable opportunity to enjoy INFINITE's 99.9 synchronized stage moves! Fantastic team work - the honest result of never- ending hard practice and passion! Isn't this what we all expect from the London Olympics in 2012? INFINITE really deserve this opportunity.
Infinite are amazing. They have quality music, quality choreography and quality performances. I think that it would be amazing to have them perform in the london olympics.
They're sure to give us a great performance.
I LOVE INFINITE ALL THE MEMBERS ARE SO TALENTED! Really hot to! Plus what else could you ask for in a group!?

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