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Jedward so deserve to sing in the Olympics! It wouldn't just be you enjoying it it would be them too! Jedward went double platinum twice and for them to sing in the Olympics would just be a pleasure. I had already voted for 1 Direction but too see Jedward would mean just as much! They are real fun and they always get the audience in a good mood! You wouldn't want to see Blue or IL Divo preforming would you? You would want people that can get you to be happy not fall asleep. Jedward are the newest pop sensation. They can dance sing etc. And this is one big FACT! Jedward wew actually going to be in the Olympics before the X Factor but they also wanted to show the judges what talent they have got! For just two boys from Lucan, Dublin in Ireland it would really make them happy! And the fact they were gonna be in the Olympics they would feel that its just the same! Please let these 2 boys live their dream besides being famous! I love YOU!
People in Europe love them, and I'm sure they'd love to see these Irish twins in such a great event as this one
Jedward are a very good pair. They can sing very nicely and they have a lot of energy when they are performing So, I think that they have to win this time
They are the best singer ever! We all love him! They deserve it more than others! They have fans around the world and they love them so much! They are awesome guys! Their songs an amazing! I love them with all my heart! They are so beautiful! They are ROCK!
Jedward are very funny, very good boys and singers. They are really worthy victories. They give inspiration and a smile to millions fan hearts! Their attentiveness to fans, the patience and diligence are worthy great praises!
John & Edward are gonna sing because they really love what they're doing and they are the best to entertain the public.
At first they are twins! At second they are funny! At third they were at top-10 at Eurovision! They know how to do it! A lot of people in the word is their fans, because Jedward are amazing! I think it will be really cool!
They are the best! The used to be athletes and they are like promoting people to eat healthy, to drink more water to start exercising
Jedward are really good at making a feel good atmosphere! They would be perfect! They are also well known from being in Eurovision so people traveling to the UK for the show would recognize them.
They're super nice boys, young, full of energy, and above all healthy and good role models
I love love love this guys! They're the winners! Jedward was the real winner of the Eurovision for me and other million fans!
These guys are amazing talented, work incredibly hard. This would be the perfect opportunity for them to prove people that doubted them wrong, as they have come very far from when they came about! They would really entertain the world, as they did for Europe during Eurovision. They have also inspired a lot of people by showing that it doesn't matter what others think if you have a dream you can achieve it, if you keep believing! TEAM JEDWARD!
Jedward are cute and they make me happy = Peace out, okay!
Jed we can!
They're crazy, they're fun, they would impress the world for sure. I can't think of anyone else better than them
John and Edward are the definition of perfection! It'd be so awesome for them to perform since they work so hard and deserve the world. They'd make the 2012 Olympics
When people watch this kind of ceremonies, they're usually bored by the amount of things going on. The best way to fight the boredom is letting Jedward perform, they're brilliant
They'd be amazing at the Olympics! Seriously, have you seen them on tour? They would have the whole arena up on their feet dancing JEDWARD LONDON OLYMPICS 2012!
They're funny, original, energetic, and they were runners when they were young so they know what's the sports' sacrifice and the Olympic Spirit about
Jedward are such great entertainment, let the world see these beautiful young men who work hard and don't need drugs and alcohol to be interesting
She is a great singer and with her singing in the Olympics will draw much attention for the whole world ok
It would be great to have them in such a big event. They're used to perform in big stages and they really do it well in such big occasions
John and Edward are incredibly talented performers, I went to my first Jedward show a few months ago and I was SO impressed, they made me smile throughout the whole thing, they really know how to entertain. I've also met them a few times and they have so much time for their fans, completely lovely lads and even if there's a lot of fans waiting for them, the make time for each one.
They are really cool! I think they are the future worlds pop stars, and they deserve it! I vote for JEDWARD!
Jedward Are Amazing! A Amazing so they could definitely do this! So they should definitely perform at the Olympic games! They are great entertainers! They Totally Rock! Hey are so epic!

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