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Kagamine Rin


Kagamine Rin, one of the famous virtual divas of Japan known as Vocaloid! Of course it would be better if her twin brother, Kagamine Len, could assist her

She is most famous for starring in many classics like Daughter of Evil (which has been turned into a play, manga book, and still in progress, an anime [or either a PV or short film. It hasn't been announced which one shall be made]) Daughter of Evil (made by Mothy-P) is about a cruel and powerful princess who rules at the top of her kingdom with pride, assisted by her VERY loyal twin servant. This princess makes a foolish decision which puts her, and her twin servant in great danger.

Kokoro (heart) is another classic which was sang along with her twin brother, Kagamine Len. It is a sad an touching story about a "miracle" robot (Rin), who was made by an intelligent young inventor (Len), who dedicated his life to make an artificial heart for his "miracle" robot

And much more classics were sang by Kagamine Rin, occasionally singing alongside her twin brother. The two have sang touching and emotional songs, and it would be a miracle if Rin (maybe Len too ) could sing at the London Olympics!
Kagamine Rin and Kagamine Len's songs are cute. And their voice are beautiful.
They can sing with everybody. Everyone will like their songs.
Rin has such amazing songs, it just touches my heart... It would be amazing if just she alone would win, but since Rin is so down below and Miku is #4, At least have Rin, Len, and Luka perform with her! Vocaloid for the win!
Kagamine Rin just has to perform, she is my favorite Vocaloid and I can relate to every single song she sings. Hatsune Miku is great but Kagamine Rin has got that flare(know what I mean? )Every thing about her is just plain Moe. SHe sings all kinds of songs about all kinds of things. And who cares if its in Japanese and you can't understand what shes saying, cause her songs have MEANINGS! MEANINGS I SAY! Go to youtube and type in the song and english sub and read the lyrics she is singing. They touch the heart and soul! I you Kagamine Rin chan*
Rin Kagamine doesn't get enough love. Her voice can reach wide ranges, unlike a human could sing, or any other VOCALOID for that matter, and her songs have meaning, and never are or mean the same thing, unlike other singers. Her songs are popular, and I think she should have the opportunity to perform at the London 2012 olympics.
I think the world science and technology development is also RIN front, not only that, Vocaloid the whole family, too. But I have a special liking to RIN is? I like her not only because of her beautiful appearance, but her voice and her singing style. And her "ココロ" the song is a masterpiece. Come on, RIN. I hope you can also throw RIN a ticket, thank you ~
Kagamine Rin is an amazing VOCALOID. Please vote, so she can share her awesomeness on stage with Miku and the rest of the gang!
Rin Kagamine has a voice that can be compared to a human. All of her songs with her twin makes one cry. It causes emotion to truly well into your heart once you hear songs such as the servan of evil series. A series of songs that speak on virtue and redcemption.

When such songs are sung people will begin to see the beuty in her and her brothers words. I believe that with her brother by her side that the olypics will be a truly beutiful event. It would be sad to think that the olypics will be demented to such horrible songs about sex and drinking that most songs are being demented.

Aren't the olympics supposed to be for family? Why have such horrible songs that are meant for adults? Voting for Kagamine Rin will bring a song of smiles. I hope that I can allow my younger siblings to watch the olympics. Every. Single. Part.

~Anastasia M.
She is Awesome! And her voice is cute!, her songs are very beatiful and she is very popular in internet, I love you Rin-chan~
Of course, Rin should sing with Len. Or at least, the twins could sing any song with Miku. I love everyone from Vocaloid's family!
I cannot think of any better singers to preform on the Olympics than the Vocaloids. All of their songs have an emotional feeling to them that can touch people's hearts and send them through a trip of imagination and reality. I think Kagamine Rin should sing at the London 2012 Olympics so people worldwide could experiencce the amazing power of the Vocaloid singers. Go Rin!
One any many AWESOME japanese characters that create great music you can relate to (at times).
I think that Rin has an amazing voice, and that Vocaloids should be recognized for all of their singing talents. She's also be amazing paired with Len, or one of the other Vocaloids. Please vote for her!
I listen to many song by Rin all the time! She is definitely my favorite singer ever! I think it'd be great if so many people that don't know about vocaloids actually saw one of them on stage! Cause you know, they're awesomely animated and cool looking. It's also good that she can be made to sing in English so people can understand her better. Go Rin!
She is so cute, has a beautiful voice, and has style!
I love Rin she has a beautiful voice and she beats all other vocaloids at being the creepiest. Her creepiest and best song in my opinion would be fear gareden so creepy and I love it when Rin and Len sing together their voices match perfectly together. Rin should definitely sing at the 2012 London Olympics. Go Rin! ❤
Whenever I hear one of her song I feel electricity running down my spine.
Her voice is like an angel. She sings very well and so great she is the best.
She is the second vocaloid made after Hatsune Miku even so she needs more attention than miku-san. She had the most beautiful voice and she is also my favorite
Rin Kagamine is one of the best of the best singers. It would be great for her to sing at the Olympics with Len, or even Miku. Even if she is only a computer software, she is still a one of a kind singer. Rin Kagamine is an aangel of music, so let her show you her POWER!
I absolutely love Rin's voice, for her voice brings out more emotions than that of most other vocaloids. Although Hatsune Miku may be good, but she fails to bring out the emotions in most songs. Rin, together with her twin, Len, will be able to bring out their best when they are together.
Not many people know about Vocaloid, so if Rin performs I think it could get more people into it. Rin is one of my favorites and always will be. A lot of people say you can't be fans of a singer who isn't real but this music is beautifly made and very unique. I really hope she can perform!
Please! Kagamine Rin is one of the best characters in vocaloid with a voice that stands out among all others! I love how she is and it would be a dream seeing her be in the spotlight for a change! She has amazing fans that support her! She changes my vision of music! I LOVE RIN!
The first song that I heard from Rin is the daughter of evil and the second was the regret message. All of her songs have a sad story that always make me cry. I don't know why I'm attractive to her it's so confusing. OHH I wish she can sing in 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremonies. She is awesome very awesome!
Her voice is amazing. She was the very first vocaloid I had ever heard. Her music is haunting in a way that only her music could possibly be. In my opinion, you can't have one vocaloid without including them all. If you want Miku you have to have Tin in the mix too.
Kokoro by Kagamine Rin is BY FAR the best Vocaloid song to date ( in my opinion). Rin is the BEST! Although a little bit hard to use, her voice is by far the BEST. GO for it!
There is so much thing you can say but you must like her!
She has that awesome voice, even if it is made in a computer you have to like her.
She is cute and awesome, Vote for Kagamine Rin!

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