They're the best band in the world. They can make us happy just with a smile or a simple word. They give me reasons for live and make our world a better place.

They are simply amazing.

His songs make us mourn, laugh, smile, sing, dance...
I'm crazy about them since I have use of reason (from which for some time).

Its components (Danny, Tom, Harry and Dougie) are the craziest people I've seen in a long time and I love that.

I know I can not go to see them, since I'm from Spain, but would love to see through the T.V. and I think that because my opinion they will be there.

The year 2011 has not been the best of my life, but I want the 2012 if it is. And a good way to start would be looking to act McFly at the Olympic Games of the magnificent London.
I hope so

It's a good group. Would give happiness to everyone. His songs are amazing. Their voices are amazing as his music. It is the best band in the world.

Their songs are perfect. Their voices are amazing. It's a really good group, with really good fans. They're funny, and their music is for everyone. It's the best band in the whole world.

McFly is the best option. They have an AMAZING songs, funny songs... In the stage they are awesome and funny. All the people need to listen their music and have a great time with them at the stage.

They must win. Their music is excellent and they're some really funny guys. They'll make enjoy people with their music. They have amazing voices, you won't regret it

They're really good. They deserved it. They have really good songs! Their music is for all publics and their live performances are perfect.

It's an incredible group, compose, sing and play instruments beautifully. Besides people are excellent and have thousands of fans. It does not get any. INCREDIBLE. (sorry for my English)

It is the best British band of all time, because he sings great, makes music with feeling, and because they deserve it. The members are always very humble attempt to connect the most with his fans.

It's a really good group with a lot of talent that will do it perfectly if we give to them the opportunity because they have a lot of talent that must be know by all the world

McFly deserve this more than any of the others. Have One Direction been around for 8 years? No. Have JLS? No. And, none of the others have King Of The Jungle as their bassist. No one else has Lord Of The Dancefloor as their drummer. And, Tom has written the mascot song. Why not have a fully McFly Olympics?

I'm from Spain. I'm 17 and I love them. My brother is 9 and he loves them too. And also my dad and my grandma (and my dog too! ). McFly is for everybody. Their letters and music are amazing and they wouldn't disappoint you. I'm sure.

They deserve to sing and perform at the opening ceremony! They will do as great as they did in 2008 when they sang in front of Buckingham Palace. They deserve to make their music be know all over the world because they're great musicians (and singers/guitarists/bassist/drummer), songwriters and everything. They're one of the few bands really feel the music and express their best performing live.

They are amazing. Their music makes me feel better when I'm sad. I love how they care for each other and obviously I love their songs and all of their albums. Their music is very good it is reflected in all their fans all over the world. They've changed my life. I love those guys.

I'm Ariana from Portugal. McFly is the best band ever, they are all amazing with a good sense of humor, their music, songs are bloody amazing. Dougie Poynter, Tom Fletcher, Danny Jones and Harry Judd complete my life.

McFly is the best band in the world and they should sing in the Olympic Games because they sing very well. If sing in the Olympic Games you would very happy would all fans of McFly. Thanks

Mcfly is a worldwide famous band. They are great and they have so much energy on stage. Also, the official mascots song is sang by Tom Fletcher (from McFly) and his sister, so I personally think McFly is the best choice.

It's a bets group. The group sings very well and they are amazing

McFly: Tom, Dougie, Danny and Harry are four ridiculously talented young men. They write incredible music and are the most fun, genuine musicians out there. They would be an outstanding act for the opening ceremony. Bringing their amazing energy that will be contagious to everyone there. Every last person will be on their feet singing and dancing. Ready for the Olympics. Vote McFly!

VOTE! McFlyers! They are amazing, the best band in the world so vote GALAXY DEFENDERS STAY 4 EVER! And I know you love them

Dear McFLY,

There aren't two words to describe you because there is more. You have helped me through the toughest moments of my life. I first saw you when I went to a Busted concert 7-8 years ago and I have never looked back. I have been to nearly all of your tours, so many my mum refuses to go with me any more because I have been so many times, I have all of your songs on my ipod and you are one of my most played artists because you make such beautiful music. You are extremely lucky to have made it into the music business and I am glad that you did because you have so many loyal fans across the globe and you are part of so many lives that if you were to split then, you would ruin lots of lives. I watched Tom on The Cube, Dougie on I'm a Celebrity and Harry on Strictly Come Dancing and McFLY on the wall and I will watch anything else you are in. You are such inspiring people because we have seen you grow up from teenagers and now Toms getting married and Harry, Danny and Dougie are all in serious relationships and they are becoming men now. You beat the Beatles to the youngest people to have a number on e, that's awesome and you have carried on making amazing music, you should never stop.

I don't think I could name my favourite songs out of them all but I would have a go:
* Star girl
* The heart never lies
* Five colours in her hair
I actually can't name them all because there is so many, so don't stop making music and inspiring people like me to make the most of their life.

Thanking McFLY for getting me through some tough times in my life,
Lots of love

They are amazing! They are so talented and their sound is awesome. Their music has inspired so many people and they saved so many lives.

Mcfly are a British band that have captured the nation not only with their musical potential but also with their amazing personalities on national television! They have a great brotherly bond between them and should sing because of the fact that they represent Britain brilliantly and they have fun, cool songs!

The whole point of the holding the Olympics in Britain is, of course, to get a chance to showcase British talent. I believe McFly will be the best choice to perform as they are one of the better live acts amongst the nominees on this page. They play their own instruments, write their own songs, perform all their own music live, and have been doing so for eight consecutive years. It takes a lot of effort to stay current in the music industry (especially when it comes to pop music), and McFly have done so with stunning results. Besides, what better way to represent British talent than to showcase an act that takes after the iconic British band, the Beatles? Having stolen the crown for the 'youngest band with a debut #1 album in the UK' from none other than the Beatles themselves, McFly have proven that they not only compare to the Beatles in terms of the hysteria they cause, but more importantly, in terms of their musical abilities. They work hard and are good at what they do, and have yet to play a bad live show. Their songs showcase a myriad of emotions, and with the right setlist, will do well to inspire the crowd and the athletes.

4 of the most amazing talented lads that the UK has to offer, and becoming one of the longest groups going, with continuous charity work and pioneering in new ways of communicating with their army of Galaxy Defenders who support their every step. MCFLY performing would make me proud to be British during the Olympic Ceremony! X