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Taylor Swift


This Gal Has about 19 Single, & several Songs on Billboard's Country & Pop Charts.. Her 3 Studio Albums have sold 5 Million apiece in USA alone... Her Popularity in some ways remind me of Beatles' hey day from their Touring Days.. This Gal Can Write a Song, & I'm sure in Any Style.. She just got accept the File role.. 'Les Miserables', has song 'Safe And Sound' with the Civil Wars for the 'Hunger Games'.. A Nice Celtic Style Song, & she's coming out in a animated film of Dr Suess 'The lorax'... Her Speak Now' Tour by approx 17 or 17 Sept She got an Award for 1 Million Ticket Sales in North America... Her Song's Love Story' Sold 5 Million, & 'You Belong to Me' sold 3 Million. Xmas EP hit #1 on Xmas Chart when it came out & 'Beautiful Eyes' EP charted.. Her Current Album: 'Speak Now-Live'.. It Worth The Concert Experience
Taylor Swift is the best country artist in the entire world, with 100 awards of the age of 22, that proves she's so talented.
She's very special because she is kind sweet, Swifties know what I mean.

Taylor is such a talented singer that brings us so many wonderful songs. I am crazy about her songs, her dressings and her attitudes of life. She wrote various songs with different styles to tell us her thoughts. I think she is very beautiful and charming. If she came to the Olympic ceremonies for performing, I believe the whole world will be crazy!
She is a good performer! She's my inspiration! Her song are incredible and wonderful! She is the reason why I smile so much! She's a wonderful person inside and out!
She's not like any other celebrities I can say (not criticizing). But she's herself. She's very real. Very unique. I'd die to meet her
she's just the nicest celebrities I've ever known. She's more than a world to me. As day pass by, my love for her increases and that will never end till my last breath. I love her.
Taylor is amazing and she songs are inspirational and she is a role model to millions of young people all around the world! She filled millions of seats all over the globe at her Speak Now World Concert last year, and she won more awards than anyone else this year, plus she's the second and youngest woman to ever win Entertainer of the Year at the CMA awards, and that's AMAZING! It's proofed in her concerts that Taylor can cope with stage accidents really well, so it doesn't affect the performance. Taylor is TRULY AMAZING, and we love love love her fearlessly. PLEASE VOTE FOR HER!
She is brilliant and her lyric are so great. I was kind of enchanted while first listening her song. And she is really really beautiful. I hope she could have the chance to perform on the Olympics opening ceremony. She can absolutely cheer the athletes up by her song. She will tell all of us "never say never"!
Taylor is THE MOST amazing singer ever in the whole wide world. Her songs give inspiration and she is a role model to many people out there in the world, and I'm super super positive that she'll be perfect for singing in the Olympics. It is proved that she can sing well by all the sold-out shows in her Speak Now World Tour last year, and she'll fill up all the seats for the opening ceremonies. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE VOTE FOR HER!
She is amazing my hero my role model my idol I look up to her everyday shes amazing
Sunshine and natural, and she is the sample of our teenagers. If she comes to the Olympics can bring us a new blood about the Olympics.
She's the reason I want to be a singer. She's an amazing person and I love her so much! She's talented and beautiful and deserves every little inch of success.
VOTE TAYLOR, vote taylor! Taylor Swift rocks guys!
Best singer in the world. She is an awesome singer and a great role model for the Olympics!
She deserve this! Come on! Vote, vote and vote!
She is a talented songwriter and singer! She is beautiful and nice!
Her songs are meaningful. She is the best! She has a beautiful voice and she is adorable!
She's amazing! Would love to see her perform at such an event. I think she's a wonderful human being and a true inspiration to all. GO TAYLOR SWIFT! Please!
Amazing singer with the best voice ever... It would be so amazing if she performed! PS;it would really boost the ratings even though it is the olympics
She gives meaning to my pathetic life! Also olympics is about union and swift's love songs can get everybody together!
Taylor Swift is amazingly flawless, she's has the most amazing voice ever and she really deserve to sing it, She inspires so much people and it would be amazing if the biggest star off the century, named Taylor Swift would sing on the Olympics. Did I already mention that she's amazing? Please let Taylor sing, she's just so good! I dedicated my whole life to her, and I hope that one day I 'll meet Taylor cause I'd be enchanted to meet Taylor!
Taylor is amazing, she was a flawless voice and she deserves to be there more than anyone else, she made the song "Change" for Beijing, China Olympic Games so the song is perfect for the situation, she's really sweet and kind and funny and she is an inspiration for million girls and boys all over the world, so if she performs, many more people would watch the Olympics, she's got a style that makes girls feel happy with themselves and makes them acept who they are and not be ashamed of it, she's a role model, a friend, a big sister, she's perfect.
Please please vote for her she is the most incredible, inspirational singer in the entire world! She is my hero and she is an incredible preformer. Her voice is amazing and she sells out every concert she plays! She is amazingly popular and an amzing person so she deserves to play in front of such large crowds! I know that for me her preforming there would make me want to watch so much more!
She is a singer who really gets involved with what she does, she writes all her own songs, comes up with the ideas for the music videos- who will shoot them and she even helped design the stage for her speak now concert! She is a truly inspiring person and won best mannered celeb of 2011:-) you can see why, shes so nice to fans! Never wears revealing things( even though she has an amazing figure) she doesn't smoke, drink, swear, write about inappropriate things and she just has a truly incredible voice! Lots of love for taylor! 13
Taylor Swift deserves it because... She can amaze and captivate crowd with her voice and songs. She's the best not only because she's beautiful, has amazing voice and songs but also because of her attitude. She's down to Earth and not taking her fans and opportunities in granted. She can amaze and entertain crowd. She perform her best at her concerts. She respect people and she is full of life. She has songs that are so inspiring. She is one of the top ten well-mannered celebrity. Even though she's so popular now, she live her life like a simple life. She shares her blessings to others and hang out with fans. She really deserves it!
Taylor is one of the best singers you can find nowadays. And she is also a very good role model. Never had a step gone wrong in the public and dress appropriate. Her songs inspired loads of teenagers and se became a inspiration to others. Because of her gratefulness and love to fans, and because she is s real ad dwn to earth, fans feel like they could relate to her. And everything about Tay is a part of the Swifties lives. And to let Taylor sing in the Olympics will basically make our lives
Taylor Swift is my idol. I love her SO much! When I went to her Speak Now concert, it brought my mom and I together. I sobbed and she smiled at my teary face. When she gave me her guitar pick, I was over the moon and felt no negative feels for weeks. She makes me so happy and it'd make me even happier to see her be aloud to preform at the Olympics. She deserves it and everyone will be overjoyed at the choice! Please pick Taylor! PLEASE!
Taylor is the best artist ever! She's cool tall, beautiful and always cares bout her fans. She became famous when she was young, and her songs are incredibly genius, nearly every girls thinks that she sings what on their mind. And I think she can handle big concerts and eventsand give wonderful performances, (see what she did when Kanye West interupted her last time! ), I just love her! Her songs give people inspirations and encouragement. That's what the opening ceremony really needs. Not plain music with boring dancing which doesn't make any sense at all! Instead, we need to hear Taylor 's voice

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