Top 10 Singers Who Would Sound Good in Other Bands

This list doesn't imply that these singers don't sound good in their current bands or that the original singers are not good enough and they need replacements (although these scenarios are possible).
Now share if you think two different singers have similar voices/singing styles. Or just unleash your imagination.

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1Tobias Sammet - in Iron MaidenTobias Sammet is a German musician. He is best known as the vocalist and primary songwriter of the power metal band Edguy, as well as the founder, main singer and bassist of the metal opera Avantasia.

Edguy - Nailed To The Wheel, Sacrifice, New Age Messiah, Out of control. - Metal_Treasure

2Mark Tornillo - in AC/DC

Almost every time I've played Accept around my friends, they always say "is that AC/DC" - ryanrimmel

I've heard some AC/DC fans are not happy with Axl Rose so give a listen to:
Accept - Pandemic, Teutonic Terror. - Metal_Treasure

3Marc Martel - in Queen

At first I though it was Freddie Mercury - zxm

He does sound like Freddie and also looks like him. Find this on YouTube and be convinced:
Queen Extravaganza on American Idol - Somebody to Love (HD)
*** Queen Extravaganza is the official Queen tribute band. It was an idea of Roger Taylor and Brian May (Queen members) and they personally selected the members of the tribute band. The auditions were originally submitted online and over 2 million were reviewed. - Metal_Treasure

4Paul Di'Anno - in MegadethPaul Andrews better known as Paul Di'Anno, is an English singer best known as the first vocalist to record with heavy metal band Iron Maiden, from 1978 to 1981.

I would enjoy his vocals on all Megadeth songs. - Metal_Treasure

Try this: Paul Di'Anno & Jeriko - Symphony Of Destruction (Tribute To Megadeth). - Metal_Treasure

5Andrew Stockdale - in Led Zeppelin

He reminds me of Plant a lot. Wolfmother - Back Round, Woman,Cosmic Egg - Metal_Treasure

6Hansi Kürsch - in DioHansi Kürsch, born Hans Jürgen Kürsch, is the lead singer, lyricist, co-composer and bassist for German power metal band Blind Guardian . Heavily influenced by Freddie Mercury, he creates a huge choir effect by overdubbing his own voice multiple times in complex, overlapping vocal harmonies. He records more.

Try this and you'll be amazed: Blind Guardian - Don't Talk To Strangers (Dio cover).
Hansi's voice is the closest possible to Dio - they are both high baritones, have the same range and even their speaking voices sound similar. I put Hansi relatively low only because when Hansi sings his own material he doesn't remind of Dio very much. But when Hansi sings Dio songs, it's obvious. Hansi is able to sing all Dio songs and they will sound awesome. - Metal_Treasure

7Chris Cornell - in Pearl JamChris Cornell is an American rock musician and singer-songwriter, best known as the lead vocalist, primary songwriter and rhythm guitarist for Seattle rock band Soundgarden and as former lead vocalist and songwriter for the supergroup Audioslave.
8Ralf Scheepers - in Judas PriestRalf Scheepers is the vocalist for German heavy metal band Primal Fear. He has a relatively high-pitched tenor-esque singing voice and sometimes uses a shriek reminiscent of Judas Priest's Rob Halford, although it is his baritone lows which give him a near four-octave range in the modal register.

Scheepers - Before The Dawn (Judas Priest cover, 2011)
Primal Fear - Metal Gods (Judas Priest cover). - Metal_Treasure

9Glenn Danzig - in The Doors

Danzig - Mother, Am I Demon, How The Gods Kill. - Metal_Treasure

10Michael Kiske - in Gamma RayMichael Kiske is a singer best known as the former lead vocalist for the German power metal band Helloween.

I liked Kiske and Hansen working together in Helloween. Why not again? I am sure Kiske can sing all Gamma Ray songs. - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

11Jorn Lande - in Deep Purple

Jorn - Perfect Strangers (Deep Purple cover) - Gillan song
Jorn - Burn (Deep Purple cover) - Coverdale song - Metal_Treasure

12Michael Poulsen - in MetallicaMichael Schøn Poulsen is a Danish vocalist and guitarist. He is currently the singer and main songwriter of the band Volbeat.

He can also put some growls because he was a death metal growler.
Volbeat - Our Loved Ones, A Moment Forever, A Warrior's Call. - Metal_Treasure

13Geoff Tate - in Dream TheaterGeoff Tate is a German-born American singer and musician who rose to fame in the 1980s with the progressive metal band Queensrÿche.
14Corey Taylor - Guns N' RosesCorey Todd Taylor was born in December 8, 1973. He is an American musician, author, and actor best known as the lead singer and lyricist of the Nu-metal band Slipknot and hard rock/alternative metal band Stone Sour.

Well both of them have 5 octaves and good screamer - zxm

15Bret Michaels - in The BeatlesBret Michael Sychak, professionally known as Bret Michaels, is an American singer-songwriter, musician, actor, director, screenwriter, producer, and reality television personality.
16Russell Allen - in Dream Theater

This would be awesome. Russell Allen (Symphony X) is incredible. - Metal_Treasure

17Chris Cornell - in Alice In ChainsChris Cornell is an American rock musician and singer-songwriter, best known as the lead vocalist, primary songwriter and rhythm guitarist for Seattle rock band Soundgarden and as former lead vocalist and songwriter for the supergroup Audioslave.
18Wes Borland - in SlipknotWesley Louden "Wes" Borland is an American rock musician and artist. He is best known as the current guitarist and backing vocalist of the nu metal band Limp Bizkit and as the lead vocalist of the industrial rock band Black Light Burns.
19Ally Brooke Hernandez - in Little Mix
20Michael Hutchence - in The Doors
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