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Arnel Pineda


Arnel Pineda is passionate, loving, caring, down to earth and his life's journey has been an inspiration. He is an optimist who makes opportunities of his difficulties and he will be remembered as a blessing to everyone.
His vocal range is out of this world! Hard rock, soul rock, ballad, power ballad, name it... From Air Supply, Sting, Foreigner, Heart, Bryan Adams, Queen, etc. He can sing anything. Awesome!
Being a great singer is more than range (Arnel's is huge), timbre (he has rasp when he needs it and clarity as well). It is how you interpret the lyrics and connect with your audience. When you hear him sing on a recording, you feel he is singing to you. When you see him in person, you KNOW he is singing to you. He is not just putting on a performance (and his performances, indeed, demonstrate the energy, fervor and gymnastics of someone half his age), but establishing and maintaining a connection with his audience. Plus, he is a very humble, down to earth person who appreciates everything he has.
He certainly deserves to be higher up this list. He is probably the finest rock singer of the 21st century. Vocal quality, range, technique, showmanship and charisma combined in one singer in this level is rare. He does justice not only to Journey songs but many other classic rock and power ballads, even songs sang by female artists like Anne Wilson and Adele.

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I vote for ARNEL PINEDA because he's the best singer best performer very HIGH energy He Can sing all type os Songs ROCKS or NOT HE Can do it ALL that's WHY WE LOVE LIKE HEM AND WE LOVE HEM SO MUCH FOR MOST he's A VERY VERY GREAT HUMAN BEING...
Arnel is the best... He can sing anything and he has a powerful voice and very energetic... When he sing he put he's feeling in it... Arnel is the best ever...
ARNEL is best in singing he have a big voice. Even do the high notes of the song can he song. And I vote for him because he is Filipino. Proud to be Filipino
Arnel Pineda is truly gifted. Always compared to Steve Perry, who has fine, high-pitched voice sometimes androgenous, Pineda has great vocal range, sometimes raspy, definitely male. As a performer, he energizes his audience, he draws them into the song, he caresses his audience with his voice, engages them, smiles at them happily, all at once naughty and vulnerable. I hear he's also a generous and gracious guy.
An excellent singer can be determined by his vocal range, versatility, stage presence, voice quality, and rich voice timber. He is also the Best singer with the way he conducts himself, his humility amidst his fame and fortune. His concern for his fans and his inherent goodness. I have seen only one singer, who embodies all of these, and that is Arnel Pineda. My hats off for this outstanding total performer!
A monster vocalist in his own right... The new frontman of Journey currently on tour in the US & promoting their new album- REVELATION.
ARNEL is the the best! Amazing voice @ beautiful heart! His big smile is wonderful! He's an inspiration!
Arnel is amazing singer. Can sing all ballad and classic songs. His voice is very powerful. He brings new life to the band Journey. No Arnel no journey today.
Not just an amazing vocals but always committed to deliver every song the best he can
He's the best because whether in concert or recording, his vocals are astounding! He has a powerful voice that transmits when he sings. He sings with passion and emotion; not many singers can do this. He has great showmanship and stage presence. You've got to watch him perform to feel how it truly feels to be in the presence of a great singer!
I feel Arnel has the best voice and the most expression and heart. He not only sings the songs he has them in his heart and soul too
New Front man of Journey. He's got the monster voice. Simply amazing and incomparable.
His really an awesome singer, he has a very very high tone, he can sing any top songs today, and one of his great qualities are he feels what he is singing, he can sustain his high note voice very very long.
Arnel is always "spot on" with his vocals. He can sing and sound like any artist. He is just as powerful an beautiful at the original artist. He is truly an angel from above, sent to bless our world with the gift of song.
He is the simply the best. The guy can sing everything from ballad to rock. He is magnificent!
He has the voice that anyone would love! Journey Rules!
I'm very proud of Mr. Arnel Pineda not just because he is one of the best but also for being a humble, wholesome and kind soul! He has been around in the international music scene for a while as frontman for Journey but I have'nt seen success get into his head! He is truly one of a kind!
Arnel is an angel sent from above with his gift. Although I haven't met or chated with him, he seems like such a humble person! Keep on rocking Arnel and I love it when they call you Air-nel for your jumps on stage, very good to watch. You can sing anything so reach for the stars Arnel, your plokker femily loves you!