Axl Rose

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No one can cream and sing as high vocal as Axl Rose. I have compared him with all other greatest singers but no one can sing like him. He sings the most beautiful melodies with the most aggressive tones and the most outrageous, freakish range, " says Sebastian Bach. "There's maybe five people in the world that can sing in his range. " Slash once described the sound of Rose's voice in slightly different terms: It's like "the sound that a tape player makes when the cassette finally dies and the tape gets ripped out, " he said, "but in tune. " It's immediately identifiable, with a combination of brute force and subtlety that is easy to overlook amid the sonic assault of Guns n' Roses. Ballads like "Patience" and "November Rain" reveal a startling intimacy, even vulnerability, but it's his fearsome screech on full-throttle metal like "Welcome to the Jungle" that can still peel paint off the walls, more than 20 years later. So why is he not in number 1,

Axl Rose is without a doubt the greatest singer of all time for 10 reasons-

1. He has one of the most amazing vocal ranges in the world.
2. He was the lead singer and co-founder of GUNS N' ROSES!
3. He writes a d sings some of the most beautiful songs ever.
4. He is really fit.
5. His stage presence is awe inspiring.
6. He's a misunderstood genius.
7. He's my idol and he's changed my life forever.
8. He's better than all these pop singers.
9. He changed Rock n' Roll forever.
10. He is almost 50 and he's still going, I don't care what anyone says I still think he's great.

Talking about great singers, we have a lot celin dion is an awesome singer michael jackson is god elvis is awesome lou reed is a king demis is a tresor... We can name hundreds.. But I'm gonna talk about the perfect singer who is no other than Axel Rose, can anybody in the world show me a singer who can sing notes this high and sing soprano opera and sing heavy metal and growl? This guy is a singing God, can anybody take this much drugs and this much alcohol and sing like this? I'm not saying its a good thing being on drugs and alcohol I'm just saying that how in the world can he keep on singing? And don't complain about me calling him a God I don't mean "God" but I couldn't find a word that could fit him better that's all I have to say is anybody disagrees I may ask you write a comment down here

Axl rose this man who came from the small town of Indiana with the dream of being a recognized rocker. He fought, suffered, did everything he could and finally he reached the sky.
His voice is unique, his vocal range is unmatched, his style is unmistakable. To see him on stage is something magical... He has the ability to write songs that move the deepest emotions in people's souls... Love, anger, hate, everything can be expressed from his heart... In the most truthful way. He had inspired man people around the world... He is the best...

Slash is an amazing singer! Guns n' Roses is one of the best if not the best Hard Rock bands ever and it wouldn't be like that if it wasn't for Axl's voice! His voice is wild and soft at the same time... if we take November Rain, Estranged and Don't Cry for example his voice is so pacific but when it comes to rocking it hard like in Welcome to the Jungle and most of the GNR's songs he is a beast singing! He deserves to be in the top 10 to say the least!

Axl is an unbelievable singer. Those who saw him live know perfectly that there's nobody like him. He can't sing the most difficult songs as if they were easy ^^ he sounds SO GOOD.
He's the singer of some of the best songs ever, such as Welcome To Te Jungle, You Could Be Mine, Rocket Queen or Estranged, among many others.
If you think there's a better singer than him on this planet, you definitely haven't seen him singing Out Ta Get Me or Knockin' On Heaven's Door live.

One of the greatest rock vocalists still alive today. His performances are full of energy and his vocals are raw and powerful and un-matched by any other.

To this day when we think of greats like Welcome to the Jungle and Sweet Child his howling voice still echos in our minds nearly 25 years later.

He is the best to all.
Axl is th greatest vocalist of all time. No comparison with Axl Rose.
His "November rain", "Sweet childhood mine", "Patience" with Slash is my favorite song which I always enjoy in my entire life.

Axl's head and chest voice leaps and bounds over most people who have been classically trained, with a huge range, near perfect vibrato, and lyrics that actually make sense, I don't understand how he is only 42. Maybe not in the top 15, cause he does tend to sound whiny, but definitely not below John Bon Jovi.

In Rock Music Axl is number 1 on range alone with Chinese Democracy he hit 7 or 8 Octaves. Even Freddie Mercury who is one of my all time favorites can't compare to that. On the other side Axl is all kinds of a jerk but this about his singing abilities not his inter personal relations. To compare Kurt to Axl is a joke Kurt was horrible live and his songs usually didn't make any sense and he was a even bigger jerk then Axl. Sweet Child of mine is and probably always will be my number 1 song tied with Purple Rain by Prince.

He is the best ever! His voice is amazing! No matter his age and the time, he will always be the best singer! I don't care about the bad things people say about Axl, he is the best and there is no one better then him! Besides a great singer he is a nice person.

Axl, you need to know that Brazil loves you! And we want you back with Guns N' Roses in Rock In Rio 2013! Please come back!

Axl Rose the best! Everyone knows axl would've been UNSTOPPABLE but for the break up of his band who didn't want to go further as he did. He also went out of his way to avoid big press, but Guns N' Roses still is a band chosen by the people, no props! A rare gem

He is Crazy!
He is amazing!
He is Number one!
He is Best singer!

Axl Rose is true legend. His style is awesome, beautiful piano compositions like "November Rain", "Estranged", "This I love" are great. His own lyrics have passed through his soul, so sometimes it makes me cry. He has a hard fate in his private life. And I can understand him. Also, there are a lot of people, who think that he is stupid ahole, but they're wrong.

Whatt? 19? Axl should at least be in the top three although he is my number 1. Trust me iv been a heavy metal freak for 15 years and I have never heard a voice so powerful, beautiful and skilled and never seen a presence so out of the world. The way he moves on stage is kick ass! And myles kenedy is above axl? I'm a huge myles and AB fan but I just heard the recent myles covers of Guns N' Roses songs and he worked his butt off to hit the high notes and when he did hit em it still sounded quite bad. Axl made the songs and he sang them effortlessly while jumping on and off the stage. Myles is extraordinary but there just not in the same league.

WOW! Its a sad day when I came here and seen AXL at 30, but I suppose its just the wrong people coming here to vote, AXL should be at least top 3, Actually no wait #1 he's a god and a legend!

There are bad singers like me, there are hobby singers like many girls, there are good singers like most of the youth bands, there are very good singers like Myles Kennedy, there are perfect singers like Aretha Franklin, but then there is Axl. God of interpretation, god of show, powerful, feeling. You'll never hear his voice twice. Shame of this page that he isn't at least at the Top 5.

Axl is the best singer in this planet.
I always read different things about his life because I love his voice and his songs, day by day I need listening to Guns N' Roses. Finally, I want to say that I love the Chinese Democracy album and the actual band. Guns N' Roses is my life and please, stand by me all my life.

I totally agree with you! I love them, always... May God bless you and them...

Axl's voice is the best! And the combination between voice+technique+beauty+charm+power+energy+show is LETHAL... In a good way.
Almost the rest of the list makes me laugh. Enrique iglesias? Lady gaga? Do you know where we are? The world of the music is a jungle baby! And all these "singers" are going to die (be forgotten)!


Axl is awesome, maybe he's not the best but web page declared Axl for best singer in the world. But that's not the point, who's the best and who's not, Axl got the voice, the attitude, and what's more important, he write brilliant song, and he be the leader of the dangerous band on the world. He made somethin' new in rock n' roll, and he will stay legend, along with Freddie Mercury, Kurt Cobain, Robert Plant, and you can't change that.

42? Is this a joke? Axl Rose is definitely within the 5 best singers of all time. No doubt about it. GN'R are legendary. He should be number 1! He's got such a unique voice, and has influenced so many other people. 42 is not an fair position for him to be in.

This gives me an inspiration... shouldn't Amy Rose from Sonic & Axel Chains from Your Favorite Martian become best friends forever? Yep, it would be as perfect as everything about Axl Rose. I bet that's where Maker Studios got the name "Axel' from. Axl Rose & the main antagonist of Kingdom Hearts (the best gaming franchise ever besides Super Smash Bros. , Pac-Man & Sega Superstars).

No words n doubts! AXL ROSE is the greatest singer n frontman ever! It's just to many people that don't want to admit n realise about it, that's why he's still not in the top 10 list! Come on people it's just no doubt anymore his name always in the list of any greatest singer forums! Still can't open your eyes n ears about the truth how greatest he is? GOD!

Axl Rose is easily the greatest singer of all time. Name one singer who can go from singing in a soft, soothing voice and seconds later scream at the top of his lungs. What makes him special is the fact that when he screamed, he was also singing. When you really think about it nobody else has ever been able to do that. The man also has a beautiful voice.