Jeff Buckley

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Last Goodbye gives me chills every time. He really does have one of the top 3 voices of all time. It was kind of like a smoother Freddie Mercury, although I do think Mercury is better. Still, Buckley is my favorite singer and arguably the best ever.

Very sad to see that only 0.2% of people recognise that Jeff Buckley was one of the greatest vocal talents of all time. Listen to any track on Grace, and you will understand why. Matt Bellamy (Muse) sounds directly inspired by Jeff's voice. He was out of this world and will always be sorely missed.

One of the greatest vocal ranges ever. He was Tenor singer that could sing as well as any 1st Soprano singers. The greatest singer by far.

I couldn't decide between Layne Staley and Jeff, but in the end Jeff was just better. The best voice I've ever heard in my life.

I can't believe that Jeff is in the 117 position. -. ! He should be in the top 5 of best singers ever!... He's one of the most underrated vocalist in the history :O!

It was an honour to have him in this world. the most genuine, real artist to ever live.
His voice it just moves me, its sooo beautiful.

This man could easily be compared to Bowe and Mercury as the best singer. He had the best flow and some of the greatest lyrics of all time

incredible, great voice coupled with an actual knowledge of how to sing, not to mention range like freddie mercury

There aren't words powerful enough to describe how happy I feel, when listening to the pure beauty of jeff's voice

Do your self a favour and listen to Grace (album). You will never regret it.

8 octave range (legit) and he really sings from his soul, and he has a great sense of pitch. #1

The fact that Jeff or Thom Yorke are not # and 2 really shows the age of the voters. I pity those that think MJ or any of the 86 others are better technically or affectively than these two masters.

Jeff's voice was angelic, & emotive. To me Jeff ranks as one of the best singers ever. I think Jeff vocal ability is on a whole different level, like that of Freddie Mercury.
I've found over the years that the more ignorant someone is the worst their tastes in music.
I guess that's there bad luck

I know right? He's amazing me and my friends used to drool over him!

wayyyy too low on this list come on now.

Greatest singer of all time.

You should chk out who are you listening to when you vote cause having jeff at No. 87 shows the poor culture of all the users from this page sorry.

I love him. He saved me when I wanted to suicide. I just can't understand why peoples don't understand hoew amazing his voice sound.

For the same reasons you would vote Robert Plant.
Sound like a dream.
Could seep into many genres unquestioned.

Jeff had a 4 octave range and could song higher thand reddie mercury, he is truly the best and, the reason he's so low in list is that people don't know of him, just listen to grace live!

The greatest since Freddie Mercury...
Check out Grace, Hallelujah, Lover You Shoul've Come Over, Mojo Pin and others..