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Shakira is very very best singer in the world. You guys not think that Shakira can come on 1 num. She rocks her voice, music, dance etc. She have also done ork for poor and little children. Shakira fans we are the best. Love you shakira.
She is very wonderful dancer and singer I like very much what I seen from her is very energetic and full of josh it is not a ordinary thing to do like to do like, and I observed her lost music this one waka waka is very nice and some are very best videos I ever seen till now.
She's absolutely the best singer of like all time. I lover everyone of her songs. She's also a big humanitarian. And her hips definitely don't lie. She really puts her all in her performances. She's also extremely hot. A bunch of her songs have been hits. I don't understand why anybody wouldn't love Shakira
I don't know how Shakira is not featured anywhere in this list! She is one of the greatest singers ever! She has to be in the top three! Her songs are so meaningful! She tries something new every time! I don't even need to mention that she is the best dancer! Her music portrays many emotions! She is also a very good human being and is beautiful both inside and out. Go SHAKI!
She got that hypnotic, growly edge to her voice.. A real she wolf!
She makes better music then Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and all this garbage music that's out today she been around longer she has real talent enough said.
Best singer ever! I Love your voice Shakira! Songs like Waka Waka and Rabiosa are greaat. Also Shakira is super sexy!
I just love shakira. she is awesome, supereve, beautiful, touching, original and above all she is the greatest. love you shakira, love you a lot

Shakira is a beautiful woman with a beautiful voice and beautiful hips that don't lie.
She's one of the best latin artists of all time! She has a beautiful and unique voice. She writes most of her songs, She never sticks to one genre and she also never repeats herself she always come out with new ideas and new things
She is wanderful and unique, i think she is the best artist ever...
Shakira is simply the best! Not only is she an awesome singer with a beautiful voice, but a great dancer too! She always experiments with new genres of music and that makes her really versatile! Also, she is a beauty with brains with a MENSA approved IQ of 140! She is perfect and a great role model for all those who dare to dream!
Shakira is amazing! Her voice can change in different songs! She is so talented! I truly wish I could be as good as her some day! Wonderful! She is also an amazing belly dancer!
Shakira is my famous person because she's done a lot of good stuff for people and kids. She's been a good woman and a beautiful woman to.
Shakira is far more famous than 80 of the people above this. How can anyone think she's position 85? Besides she writes and produces 90% of her own music. She beginned as a rock chick she knows how to make REAL music.
Because she is simply greate music system. She can sing, dance and create music.
she performs excellent will singing. her voices has the power to attract
Shakira is great singer with breathtaking and unbelievable voice! She is person who makes funny all crowd!
At first I didn't like her, but then I was completely defeated.
Shakira is a funny singer.
Shakira is Very Beautiful.
Shakira must be #1 she has a great voice and no one probably can beat her in live performance!
She is so nice girl and she has beautiful sound
she has a very unique voice that sounds good
I like the way she's singing+belly dancing and obviously with heart touching voice love you shakira
When It comes to singing It must be purely the vocal. She has the greatest vocal of all.

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