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Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift should be #1! NO DOUBT! Her fan base is huge, she sings about the real things in life like love and horrible break-ups, she can sing about what everyone relates to and it's like she knows you without even knowing you. She's gorgeous, fantastic live and she has one of the best personalities in the music world. <13 Make Taylor #1!
Based purely on the awards she has won and the records she has set, she is definitely in the top 10. Even people who are not fans of her music can't disagree with this. She writes all of her own songs. In 2008 and 2010 she sold more albums than any other artist in ANY genre of music. The worlds top selling CD in 2009 was her album Fearless.
Taylor Swift is the best, come on everybody knows that, she absolutely knows what is life, and sings about it, she has a beautiful kind voice, which she can make be pretty adrenaline too, she is the queen of the songs and nobody will steal her crown, not even Michael Jackson, she will always be the best, and nobody can say that she is a b*tch like the commenter on youtube, but I gave him a lesson, so anyways, she is the best with the best voice and everything, so I subscribed her VEVO. Hey, #1 fan of Taylor Swift, we are both #1 fans of her!
Taylor Swift should be #1! She is my absolute role model and she has the most beautiful voice. Her lyrics inspire people around the world and I love her albums! Especially Speak Now because it shows Taylor Swift singing her heart out and she is the most awesome singer ever! She deserves to be in the top 10! I love her songs because she is so real about them and she writes songs that I can relate to. It is as if she looks through people's diaries and she gets her inspiration from people like me.
Taylor Swift... So good... Every songs are more than super. I am the biggest fan of her. She is the best of the best. The first song I heard in english was 'enchanted'. From then I just am her biggestt fan. I am just wondering when the next album will be released. She is so beautiful... I have heard all her songs more than 50-100 times. Still, I can't stop hearing them. Taylor swift must be number 1. None can steal her position. And, please vote for her.
Taylor Swift has an amzing voice. Her songs are so unique and fun to sing along with Taylor, if you ever read this, you are my role model. Your a singer who wants to sing. You're not like everyone else who has this bad reputation for doing bad things, or someone who tries to get attention to theirselves, not their singing. Keep singing Taylor, you deserve #1! Your personality and attitude are amazing! Your so pretty. God has blessed you so much. Good luck with your career!
Amazing singer who should be at least top 5, no other singer makes a fan relate better then TAYLOR SWIFT! And she is by far one of the best singers out there... Taylor should definitely be #1
Taylor Swift is amazing! I don't get how people are saying she's a bad singer, she's so good live! Not only is she a terrific singer, she also writes her own songs. She wrote Speak Now entirely by herself! And she is THE best songwriter around. No doubt.
"Please don't be in love with someone else Please don't have somebody waiting on you"
"I'd tell you I miss you but I don't know how I've never heard silence quite this loud"
That's just a few. If you listen to the rest, you can be rest assured she is a genius and a songwriting prodigy.
Back to December
You Belong With Me
Love Story
Teardrops On My Guitar
I Knew You Were Trouble
Begin Again
Last Kiss
Long Live
Those are just a few of her most amazing songs ever!
Why is Taylor Swift number 91? Come on! At least top 20. I love Taylor Swift and her music. I may only be a kid, but all of her songs means so much to me, weather I can relate to it, or it reminds me of something that has happened to someone I know. The songs that she writes really connects with all her fans, and everyone that listens to the songs. I can guarantee that at some point of everyone's lives, they'll be able to share some sort of connection with all of her songs.
No one can match Taylor Swift's songs. She is just awesome. She is far better than Lady gaga. She is very beautiful too. Her all songs are heart touching!
Her songs are so relatable, and like someone said, "It's like she's looking at her diaries or reading our minds". She is pretty, and she is not only pretty, she is pretty talented. Compared to other celebrities such as Rihanna, Justin Bieber, and Kesha, she is virtuous and an excellent role model. I agree with someone else here, the one that said "I hope I grow up to be just like her". She is catching up to the ones that are in the top 10. Who agrees with me?
Taylor swift you are the best singer in the world! I love your songs so much! Taylor swift should be number one. I love you Taylor swift. To me your the best singer ever seen and heard of! I love you Taylor swift your the best! Taylor swift has a great and loving voice! I want to be like Taylor swift! She is too kind! Love you Taylor swift your the best and you allways will be the best! I can't explain how much I actually love you Taylor swift!
Everyone know that she is the best singer with just the right lyrics which touches everyone's heart. I just love her song, love those lyrics, her music and love how beautiful she is. I just know she deserves to be one of the greatest singer of all time. Whenever I see her sing a song, I just wonder that all her songs are so great. I can spend my whole time just listening to her song.
I agree 100% she has an amazing voice and shes pretty! All her fans know it to 127 please more like #1. I'm just saying if I did this thing taylor swift top of the list just like that! Seriously you should change this I'm not hating or anything just being honest!
Taylor swift is my idol and I think she deserves to be #1 because she has a amazing voice and I went to go see her in concert and the hole center was sold out. And everyone is cheering and singing along. And she always makes everyone so happy and is my favorite singer. I went to go see her in concert and it is just amazing and she is so buitiful and that is why she should be #1
Taylor Swift is not just an inspiration among the new generation; she is THE inspiration of the new generation. Her songs reflect so much of what happens in the lives of teens and young adults alike; when combined with her knack for writing her own music and her dedication to her listeners, it's hard not to say she's got to be at least in the top 10.
Oh my god. Lady gaga and katy perry are ahead of her? You're kidding! Taylor swift isn't overly flashy or pointless. Her songs are beautiful and have meaning and they're amazing. She started when she was 12, people. HOW COULD YOU PUT LADY GAGA IN FRONT OF HER. I love taylor swift!
Taylor Swift is one of the artist that influence me most, her song motivited me when I'm in my worst momment. She does'nt write just because of money and popularity but she writes to influence other people and to achieve her dreams. I don't care about her hater's say about she only writes about her boyfriends and dissed them but for me her song is truth that comes to her heart. She is the greatest songwritter that I've known, her song is lyrically genius and she also willing to be versatile to her music. She keeps improving every year and get even better and bigger but still humble to the people around her. I hope when I'm old Taylor will still keep making music and I' don't care even she does'nt look beautiful to other people's eyes because for me who, whoever she are is what I love.
She is at least top 20! Come on! She is so emotional and inspirational! She is my idol! Her songs are so special. She is definitely top 20. She has a great voice and is a wonderful role model. I want to be like her when I grow up. She rocks and everybody knows. She understands girls feelings and knows people can suffer break ups. So she writes song so they fell better!
Taylor Swift is the Best Thing That's Ever Been MINE. She deserves to be in top 5. Her songs are like reading her diary, and she rocks the world. Taylor changed the worst day of my life to the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE. I can't express how much I love her here. She inspires young people with her music and her manners and she's fearless, flawless, and PERFRCT. She makes us feel Wonderstruck.
Taylor Swift is the best singer in the WORLD!
I personally am a great fan of rock songs. Before Taylor swift I had hardly ever listened to any country music. Then I heard the first song by her "Our Song" and I just went crazy. Currently I posess every possible merchandise available in my locality and if I were to make a list of The Legends in Music, Taylor would definitely be on top
After listening her songs I thought that whatever she sings is actually happened in her life or it can be happen in everyones life, I found that the lyrics of her song long live, back to december, love story, breath etc where tremendous and became a very big fan of her... She deserves to be number 1.
I am totally in love with Taylor swift she is my fave pop singer ever.
I especially love her songs: mine, love story, mean, you belong with me, teardrops on my guitar I actually love all her songs no favorite
Taylor is incredible. She stormed the charts and released her first album at just 16 and now at the age of 24, she has released 4 albums, smashes sale records, has more awards than most people can count and is currently #6 on the most powerful celebrities (Forbes).
Taylor has written all the songs on her albums and has a phenomenal voice.

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