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Ville Valo


Ville's voice is amazing. Besides the fact that he "sounds good" he's very versatile; able to go to extreme highs and lows that many other artists cannot. And when Ville screams on a track there's something very primal there. Many people have said this already but it needs to be said again. He is highly underrated and unappreciated not just as a singer but as a songwriter. I'm glad to see he's moved up to 25 but I still have to laugh when I see some of the no talent singers above him. With the right equipment, producers can make anyone sound good and that's what most of them have done. The sound Ville and the band have created is raw, its real. That's why they sound the same live as they do when you listen to a cd. THAT is talent!
Ville writes from the heart, its plainly in his lyrics as much as in his voice when he sing, and on his person when he performs before and audience. The whole band fits together like the sky, stars and moon do at night, and it pains me to see that less talented artist who sing about lipstick or other trivial things get far more attention and praise while those hard working artist hardly get any recognition at all.
He has one of the best ranges out there amongst singers and versatility that few can match. Whether it be classic folk songs in Finnish or hard driving rock songs like HIM, he has it down. He can even "bring it" on black metal songs like Cradle of Filth! Few can pull such a wide variety of styles off and get it right like Ville does. His deep growling baritone makes me tremble and I am forever mesmerized by his hauntingly beautiful falsetto. Those are just a few of the reasons I think he deserves to be #1 but there are just so many more! So to sum it all up, Ville is simply the best there is!

I started listening to HIM in 2011. Actually I started earlier. I had always liked their songs. But I didn't know that those were HIM's songs. In 2010 I started watching Jackass. I liked Bam so much that I watched his show Viva La Bam and Unholy Union. I watched his films Haggard and Minghags. And I always heard those great songs and this amazing voice. I wondered who was singing. One day I searched out those songs. When I saw that HIM was singing I was amazed. I knew the name Ville Valo earlier... But. Now HIM is my favorite band. I listen to those songs everyday. When I listen HIM's songs then I think that they are great songs but when I think on the lyrics and when I listen carefully I can hear Ville's voice. It is just melting me. I can't believe that this kind of voice can be real. Ville has the best voice in the whole world. He is very talented, great singer, cute guy, and he is a lovely person. My biggest wish is to be Ville Valo's friend
Ville is one of the greatest singer and performer of our times, I love him! He has a very different style, his music has beautiful lyrics, so sensitive and he is the most gorgeous man on earth! He is perfect and he deserves to be number one!
I believe Ville should be first... he is perfect. His voice is like an angel falling from grace and at times right from hell. H.I.M. is the best band I've ever heard and definitely it must be first in line also.

Ville Valo is everything to me: my God, my body, my soul, my mind, me. I can't live without Ville and his band. He and his band are my reason to live; it just runs through my veins.
Ville Valo might not be the best singer when it comes to technique (although I think he can be), but he has the most beautiful voice I've ever heard and he can effortlessly give me goosebumps by singing ANYTHING!
He sings in such a deep, sweet and smooth way that I can barley comprehend what's happening to me when I listen to him.
I've always thought, if angels existed, they would sing like Ville Valo.
As almost everyone has said: Ville has one of the most underrated voices as of today. There are so many musicians (who are sub-par in my opinion) that receive recognition while doing so little. Ville puts into words both the best and worst sides of the emotions we all feel - someone I really respect not only through his writing but his talent and AMAZING voice range. Props to him for writing all of his own music. As far as entire content goes, his work is unmatched in my eyes.
This man is so incredibly gifted, not many artists have the ability to produce songs all of amazing quality so that when you listen to them, you simply can't pick a favourite. Each one of his songs are perfect, and a little bit of HIM (or a lot! ) makes every day just that much more special. I've loved the band for seven years now, and still loving them more and more each time I hear that mans voice. Love you Ville - all the way from New Zealand
A lot of people out there should get over what they thought HIM was about. They've continued for this many years because each band member loves what he does. Ville's lyrics have become progressively stronger and better and he can sing anything and has proved the versatility of his talent time after time.
Ville has an amazing Baritone voice. He's unfortunately an underrated vocalist & deserves to be recognized.
Ville is seriously the most talented singer/song writer I've ever heard. He is amazing and thats why I have been in love with Ville and HIM since I was 12. They are the most talented group of guys I have ever heard/seen..
HIM and Ville Valo for life!
You try to be strong But you're always so alone Whatever I do, I do it wrong, Death sings our song And we eagerly sing along Whatever you do I adore, I adore. So please, don't let it Please, don't let it go 'Cause if you won't let it, I won't let it go. So please, don't let it Please, don't let it go 'Cause if you won't let it, I won't let it go, oh, Don't let go of life Let go of love Let go of all we have. But don't let go of trust Let go of lust Let go of all we share. So please, don't let it Please, don't let it go 'Cause if you won't let it, I won't let it go. So please, don't let it Please, don't let it go 'Cause if you don't let it, I won't let it go. So please, don't let it Please, don't let it go 'Cause if you won't let it, I won't let it go. Please, don't let it Please, don't let it go 'Cause if you won't let it, I won't let it go. Please, don't let it Please, don't let it go 'Cause if you won't let it, I won't let it go. Please, don't let it Please, don't let it go. HIM your music changed lots of things within us and about us. FOREVER greatful x o x o WE LOVE YOU.
Ville Valo is a great singer! He's an intelligent fabulous songwriter and for sure an interesting great personality to talk to!
Ville Valo may be one of the most underrated singers of his generation. With a killer voice and a creative streak and talents that could rival anyone on this list, Mr. Valo puts the art back in artist. After all, he Did create a whole new genre in rock music, Love Metal. He deserves a much higher spot on this list for his past, current and future contributions to rock music.
To be quite frank, Ville Valo's voice is just amazing; plain and simple. Great range, nice tone, able to evoke emotion with the way he sings. Not to mention he actually loves the music he creates. He doesn't put a bunch of crap out there just to sell records. He actually writes songs that have deep meanings, paint beautiful pictures and speak to millions of people. The way he sings those songs, well, he just does it with so much passion and with such conviction, anyone can see/hear the talent that this man exudes. I am so very thankful to have found the music Ville Valo creates, for it has changed my perception of the music world. He, and his band, gives me hope that, in this world, some musicians actually CARE about the music! For that, I am grateful.
Since the first time I heard to his voice, I just got hypnotized *-*

He has THE voice, the inspiration, the life experience, the love, the hate, the illusion, the broken heart; he has E V E ARE Y T H I N G to be what I consider the best male singer ever! <3

I'm trying to get HIM and Ville Valo more known in this world, as many other people in the entire world. Is good to know that doesn't matter where are you from, his music just keep as together worldwide! Moreover he's an ambassador of Finland with his band! :D

Ville Valo and HIM are the B E S T! >. <
The vocal range of this man is phenomenal. His pitch, his vocal timing, his breath control, all of these things are true examples of what a singer should personify. Not to mention his stage presence when he sings. You can honestly tell, by the emotion not only in his voice, but in his facial expressions and movements, that he loves to make music. This man is the definition of an artist, in every musical thing he does, he embodies what music SHOULD be about.. And in all 35 years I have been a fan of music, his lyrics are by far, the most beautiful written. I can truly say I am proud to be a fan.
Ville is the greatest singer of all time. He has a luscious voice, his music is astounding, and he's a fabulous songwriter.
How is Ville down at 38? How rediculous... half the singer above SUCK! They can barely do what Ville does. I'm disgusted with this list to be honest. Ville should be in the top 10's, his voice.. his voice I have no words to describe how beautiful and soothing it is. His voice is, it's, I dunno it's definitely something else! While being able to sing EXTREMELY low he can raise his voice to a amazing high pitch without losing it, it's amazing what variations he can get his voice to! I will go and say he is the mosr underrated singer of all time, as well as his band HIM. Everyone always puts them down because of them being SLIGHTLY 'Gothic'.. Let's be honest here, they aren't that gothic, their older stuff is Gothic in a way but it's so nice you still don't really notice it, especially with Ville's lovely poetic lyrics, yes he writes lyrics poetically. That's so much more different and unique then all these boring generic singer of today. I don't think it's something you can learn either, This is a GIFT a gift which is rarely noticed because of the most rediculous society we have.
There has never been another singer for me that can evoke and induce such feeling! I've been a fan of HIM since 1997, not long after my daughter was born and they have been my favorite band for the better part of my life... Through the good times and many more hard times... HIM songs, to me, are like memories or little snapshots of my life, I can listen to a song/album and remember what I was going through the first time I heard that particular song/album... This is the only band that does that for me! It's amazing to me now because now that my daughter is almost 15 yrs old, we listen to HIM together... They have become her favorite band as well. I have a hard time explaining everything this band means to me and I will forever be grateful to Ville and HIM... They are truly, in my opinion, the best band EVER!
Melodic Brilliance, less testosterone more range. Such Strength in the lingering lyrics and baritone darkness. Someone who has changed the way we think and love
Words cannot describe how amazing Ville is. His vocals are amazing live, acoustic, and pretty much everything. In my opinion his lyrics are poetry, and he represents bands like Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, which musicians today have forgotten about.
Ville has the most beautiful voice!. He has a wide vocal range, and sings amazingly, he's capable to feel what he sings, no doubt about it, and he also writes the most poetic songs, he's the only one, that employs a wide vocabulary to express his feelings. Ville makes us feel, see and understand life from other perspective, in a very positive way, showing that every mistake is nothing more than a lesson. And he is very polite and educated and handsome, well all that makes him so handsome!.
"If I could make love to his voice, if that could be physically possible, I would do it... And without any protection" - Ville Valo. I am saying this about Valo's voice. He has the sexiest voice I've ever heard. He deserves to be the #1.

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