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July 4, 2015 - Who is the best monster from My Singing Monsters? Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

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Really adds to the islands songs, especially on Plant Island. BOWGART ROCKS!
He adds a lot of suspense which I like!
I like it not much to be said

Man, the Ghazt is awesome! No wonder it's rare. It makes every song better. It always fits in with the beat and every monster. Best monster ever.
This guy is awesome but I'm wondering if everyone has the same problem as me... My Ghazt won't sing.
Ghazt is amazing I like the cool melody and its rare to making it more special
Does every body have this problem: the Ghazt only sings at one part?
[Newest]My problem is fixed. Thanks to an update!

I love him/them! They have perfect harmony!
Quarrister is the best!

I love it because it screams. Hilarious with time machine.
Bad singing but somehow makes the music sound good
Entbrat rocks! His singing voice sounds funny.

I love the furcorn! It has a VERY clear voice. If I replaced the furcorn there would be a lot of scratches in my voice.
Furcorn's funny. Not only does he sing greatly on plant and cold island, his voice on cold cracks me up.

It's sounds awesome if you put it with the Bogart TOGETHER THEY CONQUER THE WORLD
It's song is awesome!
I like the toe hammer
[Newest]I love the maw

Spunge is awesome and without it cold island would be dull. Except Deedge.

BUM! BUM! BUM! BUM! Mammott is awesome!

Addictive song, cute monster
I love this monster! I always sing like him!

I think he cool he is kind of rare I also like how he is a Santa. I do not have him yet but I think his song will be good.

The Contenders

I love Noggin I think he is cute and I like his tune.

I'm on the list!

Riff. 🎸🎸

The Wubbox SCREAMS everyone's ear's off, that's why it needs so many monsters to activate it.
The best rapper ever
I don't know but I do like Wubbox


I like Cybop especially when he sings in a muffle tone of voice on water island. Overall, he's awesome on other islands.
Cybop, the adorable, loveable, cute monster
Cybop is so cute

My favorite. On the fire island it goes perfectly well with the omnious quarrister, but adds more of a troubling and mischeivous feeling to the air.



One of the most gentle monsters, gentle voice, gentle because of the heart on schmoodle

Shuggubush is so awesome. it has a total reason to be rare!
My brothers shuggubush sounds so awesome! You have to listen to his islands! He has a great island and it is so organized! His friend code is:9861164JG

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