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Man, the Ghazt is awesome! No wonder it's rare. It makes every song better. It always fits in with the beat and every monster. Best monster ever.

This guy is awesome but I'm wondering if everyone has the same problem as me... My Ghazt won't sing.

Ghazt is amazing I like the cool melody and its rare to making it more special

Wait a minute...I saw the Ghazt on the top ten worst monsters of singing monsters. How could this be! I still really like the Ghazt.

Too bad it's Sound is so low

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Bogart on gold island: oh Bogart, you make my heart grow with your sound. Without you, the gold island would sound horrid and bad you add sound like a cello, and your rare is just so beautiful

Really adds to the islands songs, especially on Plant Island. BOWGART ROCKS!

He rely goes along with the harmony especially on plant island.

He adds great suspense to every song, and his rare version is cute just like the normal one.

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It's sounds awesome if you put it with the Bogart TOGETHER THEY CONQUER THE WORLD

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Bad singing but somehow makes the music sound good

Entbrat rocks! His singing voice sounds funny.

I love it because it screams. Hilarious with time machine.

He looks pretty cute, and he sounds good.

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I love him/them! They have perfect harmony!

They're awesome on Earth Island and Gold Island. They also sound cool on Tribal Island.

I love the way he sings with riff and rare wubbox on gold island, it makes it sound intense, yet awesome.

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I have the Hoola on my Air Island and discovering it's sound was totally awesome and epic. It's hey na na hey na na hey na na hey no, is awesome and I can tell why it is #15

Super cute creatures! I like all three of them. They will always be my cheerleaders!

I have a PomPom on Air Island and it sounds plain without a Hoola. Whenever my PomPom sings, I expect Hoola to sing and then I remember I don't have one... ;-;

I don't have a Hoola, but I want one because she's very cute. Plus, her singing is cool.


I love the furcorn! It has a VERY clear voice. If I replaced the furcorn there would be a lot of scratches in my voice.

Furcorn's funny. Not only does he sing greatly on plant and cold island, his voice on cold cracks me up.

He is my second favorite monster. He's adorable as a baby in Dawn of Fire.

He is very cute! How dare you put him on the list!

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I think the shugabush has amazing tune

My brothers shuggubush sounds so awesome! You have to listen to his islands! He has a great island and it is so organized! His friend code is:9861164JG

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Spunge reminds me of spongy from battle for dream island, that's why I love him!

I love this big guy. His whistling sounds so clear.

Spunge is awesome and without it cold island would be dull. Except Deedge.

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BUM! BUM! BUM! BUM! Mammott is awesome!

He is my first favorite monster, since he's super cute and sounds amazing!

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She is amazing and she is super cute with her beak closed.


Really liked and adorable. Sounds super cool. Shui shui shu.

I love this monster! I always sing like him!

Definitely should be #2 but shoo we doo we doo e shoo we doo we doo e shoo we doo we doo e shoo we doo we doo is just so elegant and surprising. When I first saw or heard it's sound, I was in love with it!

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I think he cool he is kind of rare I also like how he is a Santa. I do not have him yet but I think his song will be good.

15Rare Furcorn

Both of them are guys or both are girls. Otherwise it would be strange because they both have the same voice.

I really don't give a crap about the gender anymore. I am the same person who said those Rare monsters weren't ugly or scary. I actually like them.

He is the cutest of all the rare monsters, look at is sad face! Type on rare furcorn! The ugly rare dandidoo and spunge are scary! The rare thumpies are scary too but with a butterfly.

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I love Noggin I think he is cute and I like his tune.

He's not my favorite, but I like him.

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I Love Riff! I Have So Many Drawings Of Him!

If he comes to dawn of fire and goes to cave island, I will be as happy as pinkie pie, spongebob, mabel, star butterfly, and wander combined

I love riff I have the rare wich is awesome! I would like to also get the normal one to.

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The Wubbox SCREAMS everyone's ear's off, that's why it needs so many monsters to activate it.

I think he is the BEST monster. He sings BADASS songs.

I would really like to get a wubbox cause I don't have one I really want one!

This wubbox is so awesome

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I like Cybop especially when he sings in a muffle tone of voice on water island. Overall, he's awesome on other islands.

Cybop, the adorable, loveable, cute monster

He sounds awesome on tribal island!

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With little whistles coming out of it's back, this monster is loved my most people and one of the cutest monsters. Everybody should agree with what I just said right?

I love the reedling it's awesome I like it the most on earth island I'm getting it on water island

Super cute, I also play the recorder

He's very cute, and I love his sound on Earth Island the most.

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