Only Fools and Horses


Just pure comedy genius is easily the worlds best sitcom ever written a masterpiece the likes of which will never be seen again R.I. P JOHN SULLIVAN amazing acting every character is believable as a real person and easy to relate to watched every episode more than 50 times and still laugh at every one

If you feel down watch fools and horses it's the best comedy you'll ever see... Its laugh out loud funny... I've watched episodes several times and its still hilarious... Best ever beating Fawlty Towers Just.

Embarrassingly low, the greatest sitcom of all time without a shadow of a doubt. You can tell American's have voted on this page.

I've watched this sitcom at least 10 times now and I laugh a little bit harder every time... Best of all time by far! Needs no proof or vote for it, simply is!

I like friends, HIMYM, Seinfeld but this british show, not very well known in America tops em all. Funniest show Ever.

This should be number one. It's the best sitcom of all time. You can't beat the characters and the pure genius of John Sullivan

it's genius! every episode is pure comic wonder, and should be no. 1 on the list

Not offensive but funny that is a real humor and not American racist shows

Hilarious and a prime example of British comedy at its best. This show should easily be in the top 5 sitcoms, and is one of my personal favourites.

The greatest ever by far, if it was an american show it would be top.

Priceless comedy genius! The genius is in using characters based on real life people with real life problems who dream of a better life, filmed in real settings. No current sitcoms compare! Acting is faultless. Lovely jubbly!

What? "Friends" is funny only if you're 2 year old with mental retardation.

The fact that Family Guy is above THIS makes me ashamed to be human...

How can American programmes be classed as comedy?

The greatest ever british sitcom

Not even in the top 10- what a disgrace

Friends? I guess this is an American site... If you like unrealistic plots, glossy stereotypes and frankly shocking acting then fine, watch friends. For real comedy Ofah every time

Brilliant series, lost a little something from season 6 when they moved to 50 minute episodes, but when John Sulivan was on form, he was a genius writer.

Best acting, punchlines, wit and story-line. Del Boy is and will always be an icon. Simply the best. Go on, you know it makes sense, you plonkers.

This should be way higher than it is. This show would top How I Met Your Mother etc. Any day.
Thank you and goodbye

No doubt at all in my mind the best comedy series of all, timeless humour.
Should be in the top 5 sitcoms.

Why is it on 27 place it was awesome and it still is awesome greatest sticom ener

This should be number one for sure! No jokes about sex and no swearing for cheap laughs, it was just funny for its great humour and for being relatable.
Who doesn't think a get rich quick scheme gone wrong is hilarious?
Every episode was funny and that's almost impossible for a show.
Rodney and Del Boy were some of the finest examples of comedic genius.
British comedy is the greatest, Only Fools and Horses being the best of the bunch.

RIP Roger Lloyd-Pack, the actor who played Trigger, one of T.V. 's greatest.

One of the best and also Dad�'s Army, Fawlty towers and Blackadder.
Also All�' All�' and Keeping up Appearances.