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201Andy Schrock

Andy inspired me to get more into skateboarding and learn more tricks and I love Revive skateboards. And his son is gnarly. Even though he needs help from his dad. His YouTube channel is SICK!

He is hilarious and is so good at skating and his son is super cute

Dudes funny as hell and he is a big promoter in skateboarding

Pretty cool but is definitely not better then aaron kyro

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202Evan Smith

One of the gnarliest skater is not as good as Lil Wayne who can't even tre flip what this list is dumb

This guy is hilarious and is unpredictable all around great skater

He can do some really sick tricks that will blow your mind.

He is so good and is under Lil Wayne

203Wes Kremer

Best skater always going to be crusty by nature

204Auby Taylor
205Jason Park

Jason is really good at doing dark slides and at being a funny skater

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206Keelan DaddV3 Comments
207Michael Chapman

Not Too Well Known But, Pretty Damn Cool - BeatlesFan1964

208Dylan Comeau
209Christoph Wildgrube aka Willow

He's the best in the world and his boards are sick

Watch willow on the ride channel its awesome

Willow is awesome and from almost

210Sewa Kroetkov
211George Wilson
212Grant Taylor

Fast, powerful, and insane. He likes slayer which is one of the best bands on earth. He skates insanely fast. Won SOTY 2011. Why is he all the way back here! Skates awesome tranny + street.

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213Dane Burman

Kills it in Zero's Cold War

214Torger Johnson

One of the firsts

215Beaver Fleming

He is awesome look him up

216Nakel Smith

Nakel smith is the best skater because he's best and is on FA

217Jack Shea
218Pontus Alv

This guy is a AWESOME Swedish skateboarder, that is not well known that has created one of my favorite brands of skateboards AND cloths, and that is "Polar Skate Co." You should check it out, you will fall in love with their boards and clothing!

219Youness Amrani

Don't know why Youness isn't on here. A great skater in my opinion. And he's pro for Almost. They have the best team in my opinion, Mullen, Daewon, Haslam.

220Pat DuffyV1 Comment
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