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81Louie Lopez

No kid has ever been able to skate like that - AliBoulala

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82Jake DuncombeV1 Comment
83Ronnie Creager

Hands down best style, he's one of the most underrated skater keep doing what your doing creager. All I gotta say is clean on everything he does.

You're awesome Ronnie. You just need a T.V. show to go along with your skills.

84Mike McGill

All time legend. McGill rocks. Mctwist still one of the best tricks today!

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85Tas Pappas

To the person who said "Tas is the best skater he is better then Tony Hawk in fact he bet him in the 1996 X games and he invented the 900! Not Tony that's why he wasn't allowed to compete in the X games any more because he was the better than Tony and still is! " You are only half right. Taz won the 96 Hard Rock contest in LA which moved in into first place overall. There was no vert or best trick competition in the 96 X games. Just street. Also he did not invent the 900. Far from it. The whole year that Tony Hawk landed that first 900, there was a ton of competitions with a number of skaters attempting a 900. Also consider that in 1990 they have footage of Danny Way completing it but not being able to land it. So it was far from a Tony Hawk invention. That being said Taz Pappas is only one of only 5 people that (as far as I know) to date have been able to land a 900 and Taz should be credited for the creation of a number of great and very inventive moves and absolutely should ...more

Tas is the man! He's overcome injury, addiction and loss. I saw him land the 900 last year, it was so much more impressive than Hawkes.

If you don't know who he is or his contributions to skating then you have no business voting on this list.

Tony hawk isn't even that good

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86Taylor Smith

He was 11 years old and skated the Mega Ramp and was in the final three of es's S-K-A-T-E

87Steve Berra

he's good. first person to heelflip on vert. he owns the berrics

88Tommy Sandoval

Why is tommy sandoval in #87? #87 Really?

89Ellis Frost
90Preston Pollard

WOW, this guy is the real deal he loves to help everybody and does not think that he's all that. If you ever get the chance to meet him you will say it was like skating with my big brother.

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91Dave Bachinsky

I just love this guy's style and creativity a rly awesome skater and is rly tech with his stuff - ballaboi17

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92Josh HarmonyV2 Comments
93Tyler Bledsoe
94Kerry GetzV1 Comment
95Brian Hansen

Hey! Why he isn't in the top 10? He is sick he's better than Haslam, better than Chaz! He's decks are simply powerful and you not include he in top 10, why? Make me know it

He is Sick! He never gave up doing a trick even if he broke his legs doing it before

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96Sandro Dias

AeroKing! This guy fly with the skate on your feets, its incredible

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97Nizam Lee

He is the best skater in Malaysia. Sponsor= Push Atau Mati, DC Shoe. His most winner's Competition in Malaysia. His trademark is Hardflip. Think. Vote!

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98Haziq Emieril

He's the awesome skateboarder in Malaysia... He's skateboard is Birdhouse... He's a friend of Tony Hawk...

He win almost all competition in Malaysia... He can do almost all tricks too...

He's the best skateboarder in Pahang, Malaysia... He's skateboard is Birdhouse... He can do almost all tricks...

Sorry for being a poser...

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99Lyn-Z Adams Hawk

She is the only girl skater i know and she's pretty good

100Nick Trapasso
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