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81Boom Jet

Awesome. He can fly

82Night Shift

If you choose the batty coach path, with his bottom, YOU GET 3 LIVES, and not to mention that you can teleport too!


He's a big lava guy shooting fireballs from a cannon. Boom!

84Trigger Snappy
85Short Cut
87SpitfireV2 Comments
88Prism Break

When fully upgraded his attack is powerful, and he's able to attack multiple enemies at once. Just a little slow is all.

He is okay and he should at least be in top 20 but #1 not a chance

He is pretty good why no one go vote for him

V3 Comments

My second favourite (beaten only by Scratch). I wish I could vote for both of them!

Whirlwind is unbeatable in skylanders trap team

She's my little sisters favorite character!

90SpotlightV1 Comment

Voodood is the best magic fighter I every had

Voodood was probably one of the strongest characters in spyros adventure and still is elite to this day

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92Doom Stone

He is pretty cool his club and shield are awesome.

93Dark Blast Zone
95Hammer Slam BowserV2 Comments
96Drill SergeantV1 Comment
97Stump SmashV1 Comment
98Rattle ShakeV1 Comment
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