Top Ten Skyrim Weapons


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Has an Unknown blast that helps you or goes against you - Fluto

2Dual Daedric Daggers

They look best with enchantment absorb health and dark brotherhood armor

3Nightingale BowV1 Comment
5Mace of Molag Bal

It's the most beast weapon ever I kill 12 dragons with it

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Staggers enemy (one of the most over powered weapons in the game) - Fluto

Unlimited enchantment, bashes down everyone you hit - Insan1ty

7Ebony Blade

I've got it and it recks it is my most used wepone I deserves number 1

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8Mehrunes Razor

Has a small chance to instant kill - Fluto


Burns for 12 points - Fluto


Takes 20 points of frost damage - Fluto

The Contenders

11Iron Dagger

Oh my gosh, I killed a mudcrab with it, but it was still REALLY REALLY REALLY REAAALLYY hard. Yep, so I'm basically a boss.

12Blade of Woe
13Nightingale Blade
14Glass Greatsword
16Briarheart Geis
17Long HammerV1 Comment
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