Top 10 Sluttiest Celebs

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1Marian Rivera

She really deserves this title because Marian Rivera is considered to be Asia's Sex Guru and also an award-winning Sex scandal girl. Congratulations Marian! Pinoy Pride!

She was living-in with a basketball player before. Has a child which she is not yet admitting to the public. Considered as this Generation's Bold star Queen.

She went to a doctor for a vagina operation. Her boyfriend told hie is not satisfied with her vagina!

Marian is the Philippines flop artist.. ,

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2Britney SpearsV2 Comments
3Pamela Anderson
4Lindsay Lohan
5Paris Hilton

She is such a SLUT

Definitely 1, 2, or 3

Good for just partying - zuni

6Miley Cyrus

Is a bad influence for young people, especially teens...

How is she not in number one? she shows her boobs every time. - LukeTargaryen

She ate a thong on stage thata fan threw up... that's is pretty raunchy

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7Kim Kardashian

She has way too many men in her life. And out of all of them 1 got her pregnant.

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She can suck it

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11Jodie Marsh
12Angelina Jolie
13Katie Price
14Victoria Beckham
15Angel Locsin

Actually, Marian Rivera is the teacher of Angel when it comes to porno. Marian Rivera is a psychology graduate and her major is sex education. And Marian Rivera is also a sex guru. And in the Philippines, Marian Rivera is known as this Generation's Bomba star. So to Angel Locsin, please thank Marian Rivera because she is your teacher that's why you are included here.

She is known for having 2 or more affairs at the same time. Cannot leave without men around her.

Having 2 or more affairs at the same time? I pray to God lightning will strike you of such lies, Go to hell, that' where you belong!

Angel Locsin had a sex scandal that went viral for years but she kept denying it. The truth is, she can't stand not having sex for 1 day that's why her only focus is to have an active sex lifestyle than to stay on the limelight.

She don't belong to be in this list.

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16Lacey Chabert

Little Becca never grew up, I have something to stuff between those pouty lips!

How can you consider this lovely adorable woman a slut? I think she's very normal comparing to many other celebrities. Never heard or read something slutty about her ( more likely the opposite is true ). She's very family orientated, does a lot charity work with her own money, teaches people photography ( it's her hobby ). So, what the hell she's doing on this list?


Bang her brains out

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18Iggy AzaleaV1 Comment
19Ethel Booba
20Megan Fox
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1. Britney Spears
2. Lindsay Lohan
3. Pamela Anderson
1. Angel Locsin



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