Top 10 Sluttiest Celebs

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The Top Ten

Pamela Anderson


3Jodie Marsh

4The Pussycat Dolls

5Angelina Jolie

6Katie Price

7Paris Hilton
She is such a SLUT
Definitely 1, 2, or 3

8Britney Spears

9Miley Cyrus
Puts the "fun" in dysfunctional
She is total rash now
What how is she not no1


10Victoria Beckham

The Contenders

11Nicollette Sheridan

12Kim Kardashian
She has way too many men in her life. And out of all of them 1 got her pregnant.

13Angel Locsin
Actually, Marian Rivera is the teacher of Angel when it comes to porno. Marian Rivera is a psychology graduate and her major is sex education. and Marian Rivera is also a sex guru. And in the Philippines, Marian Rivera is known as this Generation's Bomba star. So to Angel Locsin, please thank Marian Rivera because she is your teacher that's why you are included here.
Angel Locsin is known for having different affairs... She is not contented with one man only... She used to be a mistress of a politician.. Had sex scandal with a band vocalist. And aborted a child from her football player former boyfriend.
She is known for having 2 or more affairs at the same time. Cannot leave without men around her.
[Newest]Men after men for the record Angel is the best!

14Marian Rivera
She was living-in with a basketball player before. Has a child which she is not yet admitting to the public. Considered as this Generation's Bold star Queen.
This Generation's bomba star

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