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I disagree. If we are so smart. Then why are the polar ice caps melting? Why are we denying our population has gone overboard? Why are we cutting down so many trees? If humans were smart, they would know that the ice caps contain most of the fresh water on Earth. That our population has now reached over seven billion, and by two thousand and twenty we will reach ten billion. If humans were smart, we would no better than to have had slavery in America, due to the historic examples in Egypt and other countries. And humans should no better than to cut down so many trees, because in doing so the carbon dioxide levels rise and oxygen levels drop, since plants, like trees, take in oxygen and carbon dioxide, but only keep the carbon dioxide, releasing the oxygen back into the atmosphere, where creatures with lungs breath it in and then get rid of carbon dioxide. That and cutting down trees to the habit loss of many animals, like the Philippine Eagle. (Not to mention climate change. ) Very ...more - LostDream258

People try to say that we have so many problems therefore we aren't's smart. Not true at all. We are evil. We are manipulative. We are destroying this world.
But if you look at it, the reason we have the ability to do this is because we are smart. There is no denying that. If we weren't smart, we wouldn't be the dominant species on earth. We wouldn't have made so many scientific discoveries, developed so many weapons, and eliminated so many species and ecosystems.
I agree that we have many problems and act stupid in places. But we are smart. A lot of us just use our intelligence in crooked ways. The reason why we are doing so many things wrong isn't because we aren't smart, rather we aren't using our intelligence in the right way. Like why are we developing thousands of nukes when we could instead prevent global warming? Humans are the smartest, but we need to use our intelligence better.

Humans are definitely the smartest. We are smart enough to make alternative energy that will prevent polar caps from melting and make the world more clean. We even have knowledge that makes us nearly gods to many animals. We have the power to make animals go extinct.

I have to say humans are the smartest but not the friendliest.

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If you asked me this: Whats the smartest living thing on Earth? I would answer dolphins. Dolphins have invented their own language, know how to lend a helping fin in almost anything, the found a brilliant way to hunt together, and they are really good at following orders. And here is a fun fact: Did you know that a dolphin can turn one part of it's brain off when it becomes tried? And then turn the other part on until that side gets tired? This adaptation is very important, not to mention fascinating, because in the ocean, you have to keep moving. If you fall asleep, the dolphin cannot come up for air and will drown. And do not try to say that they can sleep on land, because, for starters, dolphins have no legs and will become stuck, and if the dolphin goes on land, they might get a sunburn. - LostDream258

I saw trained dolphins at a reserve once, and an dolphin which was only a year old, and it was trained to do some pretty amazing things, including work with another dolphin to come under my feet and carry me across the pool they were in, try to find a one year old human that can do anything near that!

The dolphins in my opinion are the smartest animal on earth orcas for instance (they are my favorite animal) they see a seal on a piece of stray ice they form waves and wash the seal of they were one of the first animals to know about atomic immobility they also can learn outstanding tricks and there brain is 2 times the size of ours I am only 10 so I don't know much but I do know that
Dolphins are the smartest animals on earth

They are the smartest animals ever

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I reckon dogs are smart but not as smart as dolphins but they can be a persons best friend

Humans are so clever we have almost destroyed this planet. We are the only animals that believe their is a 'God' who created everything. Quite pathetic. Dogs own - tenthsage

I think dogs are that smart because they can be trained easier than most house-hold pets.

Some are dumb, but some are amazingly intelligent and make cats look like idiots

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It is scientifically proven that these are the smartest animals except for humans! - pryan96

Chimpanzees are so much like humans. They wage war, kill each other, eat each other, and commit infanticide!

Chimpanzees are the closest to humans. They should be above dolphins because scientifically they can do mostly anything humans can do. - ToptenPizza

Yes because humans are the top number one and chimpanzees are the closest to humans. Yes

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I have raised everything from dogs, cats, parrots, other fowl and even a Capuchin monkey. Let me tell you this.. THAT MONKEY was way smarter than my other animals.. Yes Dogs are good loved pets and yes parrots are definitely smart but that monkey of mine put them all to shame... - shanew

Dog? Dolphin? Come on people, stop fooling yourself. Monkey is smarter than dog, cat, dolphin, parrot put together and numerous experiments, researches and just real life proved that.

I love dogs, cats and dolphins much more than monkeys but I'm not delusional person - Alexandr

Yes I do love monkeys cuteness and all but to be logical I have seen numerous nature documentaries and dolphins are very smart if you have ever seen a dolphin show you can just look at all the tricks they do!

Yeah, SURE... At least all the others don't throw poop or have naked red butts.

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The only animal that can speak human. That's right human! Parrots know what wear'e saying we humans don't know parrot language. In a test it was shown a parrot having a coversation with another parrot in korean!


Sure dogs are awesome but theirs one downfall about them. And that's how dumb some of them can be! Cats on the other hand are much more smart. Cats bury their dumps and dogs don't. - DunnaNunnaBatman

Cats are much more intelligent than dogs. Cats can survive on their own without owners; they are natural and skilled hunters. I don't understand why dogs are higher up in the list!

Ok, cats are idiots. Dogs are awesomely intelligent. The only reason dogs are more dependent on humans is because they've been domesticated (and loyal to humans)for MUCH LONGER. I guess the haters gonna hate. All of you who say cats are smarter apparently haven't done your research, I have and I'm only 10! The dumbest dog is smarter than the smartest cat.

One scientific study says that cats have no sympathy

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Most of the animals here can't even compare to the intelligence of an elephant. Elephants strike the top spot in all intelligence: cunning, creativity, thinking, & emotion. Few other animals hit all these categories & even fewer, maybe none at all, beat the elephant.

Each year, African Elephants visit a site where their ancestors died. They would memorize the spot and touch their ancestor's skull. Name one other animal that has the intelligence and emotions to do art, swim, and visit their "graveyards" each year.

Check out amazing elephant paintings. They are incredibly intelligent and compassionate animals.

Elephants should be number 3 on this list!

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I have pet pigs & they are so intelligent. They should definitely be higher! (Especially over cats I think)

Yes. Pigs are actually more intelligent than dogs. Don't say - "Well, I can eat pigs because they're stupid".

I have pet pigs and they are really intelligent. They should be higher than that!

Pigs are smarter than cats and dogs combined

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Gorillas are the second most human like animals and if they can talk english they would probably outsmart the human


The whale one majestic creature how did the blue whale my 3rd favorite animal how did they make such an incredible comeback all whales have gone low in population yet somehow they come back only one species that I know of has gone extinct the grey whale I believe that's thanks to humans again I'm only 10 so I don't know as much as you do maybe but I do know that whales should be higher on the is list

Incredibly intelligent, just like dolphins, only with much more brain capacity.


I am with horses and ride them A LOT. Horses are very smart, and have they are very special. They connect with humans in a way no other animals do. If they really wanted to hurt you they would do it, but they are smart enough to get in harmony with humans. I know that humans outsmart horses, but if you don't count humans I think horses are the smartest in there own way of "talking" to humans and other horses. They actually deside a leader in the herd by who is the smartest and wisest. :) Horses are best

Horses are definitely in the top five

I think horses are so smart.


Crows can remember peoples faces, and when they can't open a nut they put it on a road, wait for a car to drive over it, and break it, then they eat the nut. Crows are genius. - Kekkels

Did you know crows have the brain capacity to use a tool to get a better tool to use to get a better tool to get food?

Crows and Ravens are the smartest creatures for their size, second to humans. So, they should be 2nd place after human. - GHOSTbirdnatureLOVER


They can do anything that humans can do apart from speak. - Harri666

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