Top Ten Smartest Celebrities

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Madge controls her own business; she is great songwriter, writer, not bad producer and director. Madonna is everything


If she has the highest IQ, WHY ISN'T SHE USING IT?

2K.S. Chithra
From her young age she learned the basics in music from her father, late Krishnan Nair who was a singer and composer of repute. The gifted singer learned music at the graduate and post-graduate levels and completed her B A in music with the third rank from the university. She went on to complete her MA in music from Kerala University
Smartness in appearence and way of talk make her top
She speaks so many different languages, and has a great academic record. she knows what she's doing and she's old enough to handle popularity, unlike so many stars that have crashed and burned before her. Really smart. She sings very clever notes in her songs, and the singles she put out, in the order she put them out, was brilliant, and very instrumental in her becoming the famous singer she is now

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3Jarvis Cocker

4Sharon Stone
I didn't notice this glaring omission until after after I made the list. Thank you, to whoever added her.


She is nearly a genius, I'm impressed.
We must be honest - her IQ is over all celebrities. We can't even compare Beyonce, Katy Perry or Jessica Simpson with her!


5Katy Perry
She writes very clever things in her songs, and the singles she put out, in the order she put them out, was brilliant, and very instrumental in her becoming the famous singer she is now.
she knows what she's doing and she's old enough to handle popularity, unlike so many stars that have crashed and burned before her.


because she write her own song and has a very good taste in fashion!
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She speaks so many different languages, and has a great academic record.
<3 her! She is wonderful and sweet and cool and pretty and her hips don't lie.
Her iq is 140, bitches!
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7John Lennon
More witty by far than anyone on this list. He also along with the beatles invented his own genre of music. Every one above him is just popular at the moment and everyone decides that they are smart cause they can write there own songs, sad...
He's smarter than Madonna! Come on Madonna is an idiot. Her music sucks! Beatles are AWESOME and his music can range from rock n roll, to INSANE, to beautiful but Madonna. I almost had a heart attack when I saw it on this list... oh my gosh people... just terrible... ugh.

8James Woods
180 IQ is highest of all celebrities. That should make him the smartest. Would make him be in around the top.00001 percentile or lower. Smarter than einstein by a good amount and probably shouldn't be in acting as h I. Snt very popular
I've just heard a lot about how smart he is.
Obviously this list was not made by anyone that should be on this list.

9Kelly Clarkson

She's such a brilliant and clever lyricist, and the way she was able to pass her third album through proves that she knows what she's doing.

10Tom Hiddleston

The Contenders

11Jennifer Lopez

12Sage the Gemini
Exhibits symptoms of serious brain damage.
Certain to be a member of the "Darwin Club" very soon.
The realest out there.


13Bruce Dickinson
Lead singer of Iron Maiden, songwriter, published author, world class fencer, airline pilot, businessman, invented technology for the rail industry incorporated worldwide, economics and politics aficionado. A living 5 string Polymath. A true genius.
He's the frontman of one of the biggest metal bands, pilot for British Airways, acclaimed fencer, RJ, writer and the list goes on...

14Rick Ross
Has a much-smarter show business partner in deadmau5, who agreed to keep his career from crashing by allowing him to be the opening act on an upcoming world tour.
So "smart" that he tatoo'ed "Rich Forever" on his FACE. Maybe not so smart.
He has IQ 200.


15Leonardo DiCaprio

16French Montana

17Gucci Mane

18Sigourney Weaver

Although everyone thinks that she is just a dumb party girl, Ke$ha has an IQ of 140+ and had a 1500 score on the SATs (almost perfect score)

20Dolph Lundgren
Dolph is a legendary master of many fields, aside from maybe Bruce Dickinson no other celeb has come close to his performance in so many aspects. Well before he began acting and directing, Dolph Lundgren was an accomplished, published and respected chemical engineer with an international background, having commenced his training in Sweden before earning a Master's in Australia and winning a Fulbright Scholarship to MIT. It was there that Dolph learned the ropes and won the role of the Russian boxer in Rocky, to become one of the best and most popular action stars of recent years- in a foreign country where he moved as an adult, no easy feat. This alone would probably qualify him as the smartest celeb or whatever other title is used, but there's more. He speaks a host of foreign languages that he had to learn, not that he grew up speaking, served in the Swedish military in probably its toughest subdivision and became an accomplished musician. There's even more smartest celebrity fodder (or certainly most amazing)- Dolph is a star athlete to boot. He was one of the coaches and leaders of the US Olympic team, which is partly a result of the fact that Dolph Lundgren is a multi-year global champion in one of the toughest forms of karate. Truly amazing what Dolph has accomplished and continues to accomplish.
Ivan Drago, that's all I have to say.

21Soulja Boy

22Samuel L. Jackson
He proves how smart he is in interviews all the time. It amazes me every time.
A man with a great IQ will fool you if he knows what's your favorite activities are and what your name is.
Does he look like a bitch?


24Trinidad James

25Marilyn Vos Savant

She's an author. She's in The Guiness Book Of World Records for Highest IQ. It's even higher than Einstein, Gates, and Hawking.

26Jessica Simpson
She has a ridiculously high IQ, and she's so good at making people think she doesn't.
I am shocked at how high her iq is! Her iq is at least 40 points higher than mine (although my iq is quite low). well done Jessica!

27Taylor Swift
Think of all those amazing songs writen straight from herself. She once said "one day I was sitting on my bus looking out the window and I thought of the next lyrics to my next song" I mean who comes up with a song with lyrics that rhythm, make you laugh and cry all in one day. Wear as an average person wouldn't know how to start a song and would take them 10 days to write one. All these other artists have people who write for them and they are not even close to being good with t-swifts songs!... She is truly an amazing genius!... If you ask me.
She's not only grammatically and poetically correct in her lyrics, but it was proven that before she got into her fame, she's a Straight A student.

28Demetri Martin
His humor is so much more intelligent than everything else that's passed off as comedy.

29Adrian Marcel

30Laura Marano
She's an actor and has premiered in more than one movie or T. V show and she still goes To school She's a huge inspiration to us all.
My god for her age and any age really this girl is brilliant!
Way to smart for her age

31Woody Allen

Think of all the Writing awards!


32Morgan Freeman

33Todd Herzog

He was one of the winners of Survivor. The way he played the strategic part of the game puts him on the list.

34Michael Jackson
Not only the greatest talent the world has ever known, also a shrewd businessman

35ASAP Ferg

36Pierce Brosnan

37Brian May
May has a D. Phil in astrophysics

38James Franco
This guy has degrees from like five different top tier schools (UCLA, USC, Yale, Columbia, etc. ), is a college professor, and was taking up to 62 credit hours a semester when most student take around 16. Truly one if the smartest men in Hollywood
He's a professor, has a phD ( studying for another ) and is intellegant in many different ways

39Peer Van Mladen

40Joan Rivers

41Michael Douglas

42Megan Fox
She may have a strange attitude, but she's a great mom with her first child and she's well active. Plus, she was a geek when she was at high school. As for your irrelevant opinion, Megan is not dumb as a rock.

43Vanessa Hudgens

44Ariana Grande
She is so funny on sam&cat

45Natalie Portman
She has co-written 2 scientific papers, and went to Harvard.
I know you're probably thinking it's only because she is famous, but she graduated from Harvard before her fame.

46Jared Leto

47Billie Joe Armstrong

48Maudy Ayunda

49Mitt Romney

50Nolan Gould
Boy genius who is skipping high school and going straight to college! Also hilarious on Modern Family!

51Miley Cyrus

52Harry Styles

53Mila Kunis

54Amanda Seyfried

55Geena Davis
Smart enough to be in Mensa (140+)

56Billy Mays


58Marian Rivera
She is so sexy, smart, & beautiful,

59Justin Bieber

60Kim Kardashian

61Johnny Ramone

62Dee Dee Ramone

63Joey Ramone

64Thom Yorke

65Amy Winehouse


67Lea Michele
She seems to be such an intelligent and smart person.

68Britney Spears

69Jessie J

No rapper has more clever lyrics.

She's very smart for her age.

72Jim Morrison

73Frank Zappa

74Jimi Hendrix

75Grace Slick

76Robert Downey, Jr.
Smart, hot, sexy and the greatest actor of the world.

77Chuck Norris

78"Weird Al" Yankovic

79Ted Bundy

80Beyonce Knowles
She makes all te right choices when it comes to what movies to be in, what songs to sing, what singles to put out, what products to advertise, and she makes herself seem flawless.
She can speak spanish fluently as she has done a whole song in spanish - irreplaceable.
she writes or co-writes all her songs, and she's had so much success from those songs.


81Jackie Evancho
Jackie Evancho should head this list. How many other kids do you know that could memorize and sing any song in Italian, Latin, or French when she does not even speak those languages. She has been doing this since she was at lest 7 years old. Watch her on YouTube when she was on a talent show in MA at 9 years of age. She moved the female host to tears. So much so that the show had to stop taping for 10 minutes so the host could recover.
Smart can be defined in many ways. This young girl has a remarkable mind that few can match when it comes to music. I can't wait to see her when she grows up (like, to the old age of 15! ).
Jackie is very focused, disciplined, persistent and positive - all the ingredients for success.


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82Lady Gaga
She is very smart as she knows exactly what to do to get attention, get big hits and just be a star!
I don't understand how lady gaga can be in number 53 she one of the smartest people in the world. She is so intelligent. She should be number 1 or 2.
She and Ke$ha are math wizards and I thought Lady Gaga would be 1


83Tupac Shakur
Sorry to report but Tupac was quite dumb, his actions led to his death.


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