Top Ten Smartest People Living in 2013

A ranking of the ten smartest people alive (in reactive existence) in 2013.

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1Stephen Hawking

Totally agree. This man has some serious brain muscles! - Britgirl

Extremely Smart. Intelligence Quotient must be around 160 to 170.

He's a genius even though he's like that

He should be number one smartest ever

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2Edward Witten

He's humble and kind which would be the first quality that IQ requires. Regarding string theory and his ability to demonstrate the beauty and harmony of mathematical formulas, he concentrates on the present questions more so than the past.The past is relevant as well, but what we mostly know so far are approximations of the whole. He embraces the uncertainty principle in a variety of his views and is leading the science community by example. Whether in theory, the lab, or stretching uncertainty, he represents the capacity of what humans should become. Thank you Edward for all you do.

Evidence of Edward Whitten's true brilliance is very simple to find in that he is the most highly revered physicist by the vast majority of other brilliant people in the field of physics. I think it is fair to say that anytime a group composed of 100s of the most elite minds on earth say that Ed is the most intelligent person... he most likely is!

My son studied under Stephen Hawking and also met and discussed String theory with Ed Witten. My son said Ed Witten is by far the cleverer person.

He has a wide range of knowledge

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3Christopher Hirata

Totally the smartest... why I don't know... heh

4Murray Gell-Mann
5Frederick Sanger
6Bill Gates

How is Messi on this list?!

Bill Gates did not change the way people live. Steve Jobs did. Bill Gates may have invented the Windows, and Apple may be overrated, but Steve Jobs beat Bill Gates to it.

Changed the way people live

7Grigori Perelman

Famously turned down the Fields Medal, after solved the Poincare conjecture in 2006, the most famous open problem in topology. - JohannGoethe

8Terence Tao

Former child prodigy cited with IQ of 211-230 known for: mathematics, green "tao theorem Fields Medal age 31 Top 10 Smartest Person Alive (2012). - JohannGoethe

9Warren Buffett

His financial intelligence is that of a genius

10Benjamin Carson

Raised by a illiterate single mother he would go on to become one of the most celebrated neurosurgeons of the world; director of pediatric neurosurgery of Johns Hopkins by 33; and in 1987, made medical history by being the first surgeon in the world to successfully separate siamese twins (the Binder twins) conjoined at the back of the head. - JohannGoethe

He proved that a negative background can never stop one from becoming the best, considering that he and his brother were raised by a single depressed mother who was illiterate and who supported her family through working as a domestic worker.

Not only smart but an overabundance of common sense

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11Lionel Messi

He's smart because he don't ask for attention like Cristiano Ronaldo do

He's a smart dude and so very calm

A champion... And quitE living

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12Steven Weinberg
13Michio Kaku
14Iggy Pop
15Marky Ramone
16Sage the Gemini

Unfortunately suffered serious brain damage due to a drug overdose.

17Magnus Carlsen
18Cristiano Ronaldo

He is also smart not matter

19Alexander Romero

This is ME I have an IQ of 144 I knew 3 languages by the time I was four years old.

20Noam Chomsky
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