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Although very powerful, has zero escape besides his 2 which just reduces damage. Not a number one pick in my opinion

Way too slow, glass skin for his lack of move speed

Too many people worried bout escape lol Zeus doesn't need to run unless out of mana but in any case take blink only use as escape might sound bad but try it out before judgement can be cast.
. Tronrambo

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I agree with everything but the woman part

Thor is most powerful and brave of them all..

Thor is the most powerful he can do tons of stuff

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3LokiLoki is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. He is the adoptive brother and archenemy of Thor.

I actually hate playing against this God, because it means that at any time someone can pop up behind me, kill me within a second, and magically disappear before my teammates can do a thing. Him or Anubis are by far the most op gods because of their ridiculous single target damage and since I almost always play hunter, I get singled out by them 90% of the time.

Fun and somewhat easy to play. also he is pretty op if using the right items

Fun to play and op with correct items

Should be first

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Laugh out loud powerful and looks insane

He is great because it is easy to catch up to someone who is running away with Brutalize

FENRIR is good if you know how to use him.

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Create all around character with long ranged attacks and the perfect magic for me

Ultimate needs to do more damage, his basic attack buff is killer though

He is so boss I think he should be first because of the last move zuez's last misses all the time

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6Ao KuangV5 Comments

Apollo is only good if you know how to build his attack speed and life steal other than that he is overrated his ability to get in and out of combat with his 3 is also nice but the only way to fight a god 1v1 with Apollo is 3 to dash to the god doing damage 2 to put them to sleep and 1 to do max damage then basic attack till you can do it again

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8Ah Muzen Cab

Very high damage, but no escape. Still if it haves a support it is really powerful and his attack speed with the hives is so OP.

Very underrated god, some say he is out of the meta, I stay destroying people with him, especially late game!

Ah Muzen Cab is,in my opinion, is by far the worst hunter smite has to offer

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Artemis if built well can dominate. Not everyone can play as her but if you know how to hunt in a pack and use her Bore in clutch you can terrorize the field.

Love Art, probably best character to cherry pick with.

Her 2 with death bringer and Malice is amazing

She is very easy to buy, and it worth it

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Ra has great attacks like I took down any bid and he was nearly at full health I did 854 damage and that's cool wait no sun god I mean he's hot

Ra line attacks are great against killing a lot of enemies at the same time

beast has a solar city commercial obvious number one

Able to poke enemy gods and make them retreat early.

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This god has one of the best ultimates in game, in my opinion. Counting the fact that he heals off his kills, he can last a long time if built correctly and played right. The only down side is the fact the only way he can escape quickly is by using his ult, but by then he could have been silenced, rooted, or killed. But still a really good god.

Guys, Thanatos is called the HAND OF DEATH. He is easily the best. I hate Zeus.

May not be the best, but easily the most underrated god in smite.

Thanatos is beast, love the death gods

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OP as hell in arena late game, virtually unstoppable with the right build.

Fast attack.. Ultimate is insane and her 2 can help escape out of fights

Very similar gameplay in respect of Bastet and Balasura. Very strong, nuker melee, kind of squishy

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Good AOE + Stun is great for helping an ally escape/stopping an enemy from escaping.

#23? whaaa? My best hunter, every skill is so essential. I can self heal and snipe through walls. If you're chasing someone with low health and out of range, you can quickly do a 180 and use backflip to catch up to them. I've killed multiple gods this way that thought I was out of attacks and/or range. ALWAYS bolster backflip until the end. It saves lives.

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Best mobility and snipes in the whole game

Op very good in team fights
Can kill very easily
Easily able to escape
Awesome clear

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Build this guy right and he can wreck an entire team

Best God in the game for me. Dominate every time with this guy.

Runs in Runs out 2,3 combo people are dead or poisoned global ult that stuns...

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Ares is a magical tank and has extremely high defense!

3 chains, fire, high defense and sustain. 30 magical power for every aura item. He is one powerful god when used correctly.

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High damage and stun. Also has a dash and ability that uses no mana. Really easy to learn and understand. Also, he's really cheap. A very good god for beginners.

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My first God I had mastery 10 on high cool downs attack movement increases and her natural lifesteal you can run circles around their team and be full heath when your outta there

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