Top Ten Soccer (Football) Teams of the 2012-2013 Season

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Esteghlal is the best team of Iran and Asia it's the chub of hiros our holy number is 4 and we proud to this team

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Roma Is The Best

Come on roma should be in the top 10

So good it team

Roma is the best club in the world.

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183Steaua Bucuresti

I think that because they are one of the few teams to ever win the champions league and to defeat barcelona in the semifinan

I love steaua bucuresti because they have 1 champions league cup

Steaua Bucharest is the best football team in the world beacause they really are all good and someday they will become legends. We are proud to have such a great team in Romania, we support them with all our hearts till the end!

I Love Steaua! Not because I'm Romanian Because is a very good team!

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Best in iran
Best in asia

186Birmingham City
187Besiktas J.K.


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188Melbourne Victory

The Biggest Team in Australia. The most successful A-League club. Best fans on the continent. The Pride of Melbourne.

We Are Melbourne.

189Toronto FC
190Columbus Crew
191Barcelona B
192Bury F.C.V1 Comment
193Rangers FC

Most successful club in the world with 55 titles and counting...

Best Team in the world

Should move to last

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