Top Ten Soccer (Football) Teams of the 2012-2013 Season

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They are the best even when they have some veterans that can barely make it up the field anymore

The Best Team in Portugal with 32 Portuguese League, 24 Portugal Cup, 4 League Cup, 2 Champions League, 2 UEFA Cup, 1 Latin Cup. I Think, the greatest team of Portugal, and is growning up year after year. I hope, in a few years we gonna be the one of the greatest teams in the world!

The best football in the world with Barcelona and bayern munchen at this moment

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42New York Red Bulls

Theary henry might have retired bu there getting frank lampard in the summer it should give them a boost

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There is no way that half the teams above Everton are better than Everton like seriously? Al Ahly and Seattle what?!?!

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Lazio are rubbish football team they should be 100 so bad

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45Houston Dynamo

It my 2 bast team


I think this club is the best in Turkey better Galatasaray Besiktas etc.

Here is the last squad for instance
-Raul Meireles, Dirk Kuyt, Moussa Sow, Miroslav Stoch, Joseph Yobo, Reto Ziegler, Cristian Baroni, Gokhan Gonul, Selcuk Sahin, Volkan Demirel etc.

Club's supporters have a great believing and trust. Its the best in the WORLD! You can search for some learning...

The Players who played at this club in the Past!
-Nicolas Anelka, Roberto Carlos, Mateja Kezman, Daniel Guiza, Alex de Souza, Jay Jay Okocha, Elvir Balic etc.

World class players and world class hot supperters however poor performance. Needs soul

Fenerbahce played 64 matches this season, which is Turkey's new record! And this season after Chelsea's 69 matches it is the 2nd most in Europe! They played 8 mathces more than Benfica. In the second leg of Europa Cup they missed several key players like Meireles, Webo. Others were very tired. They could have been in the final of Europa Cup tonight! Cheers from Azerbaijan

The best team in turkey is Fenerbahce

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47Steaua Bucuresti

I think that because they are one of the few teams to ever win the champions league and to defeat barcelona in the semifinan

I love steaua bucuresti because they have 1 champions league cup

Steaua Bucharest is the best football team in the world beacause they really are all good and someday they will become legends. We are proud to have such a great team in Romania, we support them with all our hearts till the end!

I Love Steaua! Not because I'm Romanian Because is a very good team!

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Al-Ahly holds the record of most soccer trophies ( they have 125 trophies) they have won CAF african champions league 7 times. They have been to the club world cup 3 time and one time the got third place and in 2013 they got 4th place

Al-ahly is the best team they work hard to win and that my favorite team

4th place in club world cup 2013
1st place in African champions league 7 times

The best team ever

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49Persebaya Surabaya

Oh my god they should be like at 5000 you have premier league teams championship teams and teams in league 1 that are behind them

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51FC Porto


Porto has a lot less money but still better than PSG and Monaco.

52Al-Ramtha SC
53Persipura Jayapura

2 champions
2 uefa cups
2 intercontinental
1 european supercup
7th uefa ranking 2013

Best Portuguese football team, could be in the top 10

Amazing squad should be ranked much higher then 30

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Chi do Mexico viva Mexico


Good team but not strong enough to take on other teams like arsenal or chelsea and definitely

Sort of a rubbish organization of players they should throw in a player LIKE wayne rooney I said LIKE

57Persib Bandung

Persib is not only the football club, but also the pride of West Java Indonesia. It becomes a culture in West Java to support Persib in any conditions. From the elderly, the grown-ups, until the children were proud about it. Exactly, watching Persib is uniting the Sundanese people.

The best football team in Indonesia, southeast Asia

Have a new stadium at east Bandung, Gelora Lautan Api Stadium.

Good football

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58Knattspyrnufélag Reykjavíkur

You guys are probably all smoke Weed, becase Corinthians won the club world cup 2012. They Play a very high quality soccer and should be first

They won the club World Cup 2012 they are ment 2 1 st place they won about 10 minutes ago

One of the best clubs in the world, they are a match for any team that plays them. And the have quality players like Paulinho, Pato, Ralf, Gil, and Cassio.

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60Norwich City FC

Won against Man U

They got to the finals in the Capital 1 cup

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