Greatest Song Writers

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The Top Ten

Michael Jackson
Michael so many amazing songs including "Billie Jean" "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough" "Wanna Be Startin' Something" "Bad" "I Just Can't Stop Loving You" "Black or White" "Beat It" "Heal the World" "Earth Song" "They Don't Care About Us" "Stranger in Moscow" and much, much more...


The reason why he is the best songwriter is very simple: he wrote loads of songs that have a connection with him and ALL of his fans. They are all the better taken forward to the epicenter of Michael's creations. Moreover, in terms of quantity, Michael has still so many songs sleeping in vaults that will show in the future that he was still the King Of Songwriting. Wait for songs like "Breed", "ays in Gloucestershire" or "World Of Candy"!
Michael's own solo written and produced tracks were always instant hits. Don't Stop til You Get Enough, You Rock My World, and Black Or White are just some examples of his greatness. Michael has written a few tacky songs, but of course never released them on an album and only gave us his best!
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2Pal Waaktaar Savoy
Unknown by many, Pals lyrics and melodies are a work of creative genius. The pop success of 'Take on me' left many believing a-ha were no more than a pop band, but later albums, and even other tracks from a-ha's debut album "Hunting High and Low" demonstrated that there was more to this composer than met the eye.
9 a-ha albums, 5 Savoy albums and a number of collaborations later, Pal Waaktaar-Savoy is a consummate writer, capable of setting a phrase or refrain in such a way as to twist emotion downwards, or send it soaring.
He is, most definitely, my number 1 song writer.
I love his songs from a-ha and Savoy and I would be glad to hear new songs from him.
Pal is the best songwriter ever! Thanks, Pal, for your fantastic music!
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3Bob Dylan
I am giving up on this site after seeing this. His songs are just songs they are poems that embody the whole word. He was considered the voice of his generation, the same generation that had the civil rights movement and Vietnam. Like a rolling stone is the most important song in the history of modern music. The reason he is so low has to be people don't know who he is anymore and because of that, to quote dr farnsworth "i don't want to live on this planet anymore"
Bob Dylan is the best songwriter of all time...
He is a poetic genius and his songs are beautifully crafted. Surely Michael Jackson was a great performer but when it comes to playing with words and writing songs no one can beat Bob Dylan. He wrote songs which were universal in appeal and proved the world that at the end it is melody and lyrics that matter. His songs are so beautiful... Its like listening to simple and splendid poetry. "Like a rolling Stone", "Mr. Tambourine Man"< "Blowin' in the wind" are some examples... And yes he wrote so good songs that several of them have been covered up by various artists whuch includes "Knockin' on Heaven's door" By Guns N Roses... And if you still think otherwise either you have not heard him or you are an idiot...
The guy has influenced practically every songwriter from Lennon to Jack White, and US presidents have even made references to his lyrics in their very inauguration speeches. Not only did he teach the world that good songs don't have to be about broken hearts by writing lyrics that actually seem relevant, he also wrote some of the finest melodies ever in his unique, yet down-to-earth style. This guy should be number one, for ever!


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4John Lennon
let's face this truth:

1-john lennon
2-paul mccartney
3-freddie mercury

p. s. : I'm really getting worry about people's mind about dis list!.. "at least" NOT top 10(?!?!?! ) but I still do believe there're lota people like me who know that this man has the best(in any kind of subject you can imagine) lyrics!..


John and than Paul. This is not just my opinion this is the way it should be. With songs like imagine, come together, dear prudence, all you need is love, strawberry fields forever and I want to hold your hand there really is no way that he shouldn't be number one.
Hands down the greatest musician to ever live. He inspired many great musicians that most people worship, and he pioneered many genres. If you talk about who wrote the best music it is definitely Lennon. And about lyrics, he makes a fight with Morrissey and Bob Dylan.
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5Yoshiki Hayashi
Maybe for some it takes a while to realise what the words he transformed in songs mean, but when you get their meaning, they make you cry every time you listen to them. Sang or not. Some dispute his genius, but there's nothing to argue about. He just wrote a part from what humans feel. Just that simple, to get people crying or at least be moved by some words. Come on guys, check that ballads' meaning, you'll get what I'm blabbering here. You'll not lose your time, just gain something instead
I think he is genius, his song is unique
It is pure heavymetal try "X", sometimes heavymetal with classical piano try "silent jealousy", sometimes it is beautifully combined metal and ballad "Kurenai", sometimes pure ballad with electric guitar "unfinished", sometimes it is ballad but more like a symphony "tears" "forever love" "Endlless rain" "last song", sometimes it is pure classical "golden globe theme" "without you violin ver"

And his magnum opus
-ART OF LIFE- A 30 minutes piece begin with piano then start the drum and the guitar speed up with a beautiful melody and a mysterious but unique almost ten minute piano solo in the middle (you have to try this) and the song come back again with highspeed then ended up with the same guitar melody like in the beginning... it is truly an art... of life...
an genius at this place.. He is the best song writers I've ever meet..


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6Billy Joel
One of the greatest song writers of all time. He is the only singer I feel like that has truly written his life in his songs. Each song is like a scene or moment of his life. Just amazing.
"scenes from an Italian restauran, New York state of mind, PIANO MAN.. the list should go 1. bob dylan 2. paul mcCartney 3. Billy joel.. but in my personal opinion I would put him as #1

7Paul McCartney
First of all, Paul McCartney is the most successful songwriter in history. His collaborations with John Lennon and solo work has sold more than all the others on this list combined, and yes that DOES include MJ, Freddie Mercury and all the rest put together. Each person's musical taste is their own, and they are entitled to it, but when you throw in Paul's singing career with The Beatles, wings, and solo, he is BY FAT the most successful musician in history.
This list is full of paradoxes. There's no doubt that Paul McCartney deserves to be number 1. Those who suppose otherwise are just local supporters of their own national heros, which has nothing to do with the universal appeal of their music.
Um... Best Ever, the only way you people didn't put Paul McCartney #1 is because your a Justin Bieber Fan!
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8Tim Rice-Oxley
I really can't sum up all my feelings for this great songwriter, he is deep in an emotional way, his music touches the most intimate vibes of the human kind, no matter what age, language, gender you are, you will feel related to his writing. His melodies are in a way melodic and catchy, they are sometimes dramatic and intense, the melodies speak for themselves. There is no song of Tim that I don┬'t enjoy.
He talks about so many things, not only love and lost, the path of the human being growing old, the modern world issues, how people change, how you loose friends, how your loved one has become a stranger to you. I love Tim in so many ways that I can┬'t describe, his lyrics have changed my life for the better, they took me from the darkest places and showed me some light. Tim, you are magnificent!
Tim has the power to say the most complicated emotions in the simplest of words! He has the gift of moving hearts with his words. It there is one person who really knows about human emotions and human condition, that's him. He might not be that well known because he is not into the whole rockstar culture and the high life, but he's got the ability to move thousands of people with his lyrics and that's why from a 14 year old to a 50 year old weeps at his lyrics at concerts and behind their closed doors. Tim Rice Oxley is a modern maestro... Or as we say MaesT. R.O... He truely deserves to be on the list of the best lyricist of this century!
Tim is a 'modern maestro'! By his own admission he is not a great musician but he has certainly mastered the art of writing heartfelt lyrics. Tim can relate a whole story within the space of a few minutes. For me he is a 'wordsmith' because his skill with words conveys the meaning of every song he has written. Long may he continue to do so! An extremely under-rated songwriter!
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9Richie Sambora
Richie is so awesome! Not only has he contributed to a majority of Bon Jovi's songs, but his solo stuff is amazing!
he's the second songwriter of bon jovi and he wrote his solo stuff!


We all know that Richie Sambora is the Greatest Guitarist of All-time and Yes, He's an equally Amazing songwriter too!

10Carole King
This list is a joke! I can't even believe the names I am seeing on this list! Has anyone on here ever heard of Bob Dylan? Townes Van Zandt? Leonard Cohen? Paul Simon?... I can understand why you would have Carole King, Billy Joel, Freddie Mercury, and Michael Jackson on here, and I do like Keane, but this is really a joke. Go back to elementary school for a few more years and try again!
A guy from Bon Jovi and a guy from Keane are ahead of this woman?
She wrote Tapestry for gods sake! Just think of all the legends who have sung her songs, Aretha Franklin etc.

The Contenders

11James Hetfield
Oh please, just listen to One
"Darkness imprisioning all that I see apsoulute horror, I cannot live I cannot die, trapped in myself, my body my holding cell, listen to that AWESOME
I love mtallica, the black album has better lyrics than a-ha have ever had, and to top it off, listen to ndeath magnetic
Are you people crazy take hetfield and ulrich and give them 5 mins to write lyrics that will change your life just listen to every Metallica song from the best to the worst EVERY ONE of their songs are full of meaning example: FOR WHOM THE FAKING BELL TOLLS!
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12Kurt Cobain
He is one of the most tragic stories in music history. He was mentally and musically gifted and the fact he could overcome a bad childhood to show that is credit. If he lived longer I am confident he would be in the top three. Much more humble than the likes of McCartney. His surreal but heavy sounds spoke to many
Kurt was a troubled guy, but because of that it made him one of the greatest song writers of all time. In dave Grohls words "he could take something that would take me an hour to explain and put it in two words". It's sad to see him so far down here at 31.
Part of his genius was his ability to write great songs with meaning and an edge. The voice of his generation (whether he liked it or not).
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13Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury Bohemian Rhapsody song is by far the best Written song Freddie Mercury wrote that song went down in history as the best Rock song of All Time, with the Deep Lyrics and the Opera sound really showed off Freddie Mercury Four Octave Vocal Range and made him one of the best singers ever, Bohemian Rhapsody song is one of the weirdest songs but the song is also one of the most popular songs ever made by a band and written by Freddie Mercury, and We Are The Champions is a song that nobody can't sing including Bohemian Rhapsody dong, and other songs such as Another One Bites The Dust and the famous Bass Riff song Under Pressure if you can think of the Under Pressure Bass Riff you are a genius and that's what Freddie Mercury was, he was a Genius with a great voice he is one of the strongest Tenors I've ever heard his voice risen in strength and Substance and Conviction and power, God truely blessed Freddie Mercury with a Voice, Love Freddie Mercury.
I don't take this list seriously just because of the fact that some guy from a-ha is number 1. Then there are other people in the top ten who either don't deserve to be there or no one knows. Then you have legendary songwriters that are so low on this list like Pete Townshend (55? ). All-in-all, if you're doing legitimate research on great songwriters, don't pay much attention to this list.
If you don't vote for Freddie, I will hunt you down. And stuff. And if you just listen to 'My Melancholy Blues', I think you'll understand he can sing any genre, fool. :-)
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14David Bowie

I'm shocked, no one voted for this dashingly brilliant guy. He is the most inspirational artists of the 20th century, TONES of today's bands just owe him - music, style (hey, J-Rock luvers, visual key was his invention))) - EVERYTHING. At least he deserves this for Ashes to Ashes)))


16Elton John
His songwriting is filled with so much soul, his melodies have formed a major part of my love for music, they are so memorable and always get me in the emotional state intended from the song. I can count on Elton John to always get me in the mood I want to be at: happy (i.E. tiny Dancer), sad (i.E. sacrifice), nostalgic (i.E. rocket Man), relaxed (i.E. the One), excited (i.E. levon), romance (i.E. I Guess that's why they call it the blues), empowered (i.E. believe), and even hauntingly beautiful melodies like Where to now St. Peter. He has such a great amount of other great songs as well, absolutely love his musical sense.

17Tony Banks
Described as the Chord King by Steve Hackett, Tony has a love affair with Harmony. He has developed his own style/method of using chords, arranging his songs and his passion as a composer comes across in everything he does and he has done. Most popular for his involvement with Genesis, Tony's original stuff is often overlooked. This is probably due to the fact that many out there might not understand the connection he has between him and his music. However, those who have followed his solo career reap the benefits of the musical world of Tony Banks. He knows what he likes and he freely exercises his passion and always sticks to his principles. What you see is what you get. Absolute genius.
Although I love all of the members of Genesis and they all made huge unique contributions to the band by adding their own sound & ideas, I think Tony was the most important cog in creating the Genesis sound as he wrote or co-wrote on almost every Genesis song during their Golden Era from Trespass through Wind & Wuthering. Tony's songwriting has always been melodic and accessible whether it was fierce or beautiful, complex or stripped down to the basics.
Tony's ability to combine effortless harmonic virtuosity with genuinely strong compositional talent places him at the forefront of songwriters from the past 50 years.

Often lyrically challenging, always melodically and harmonically satisfying, Tony's works never cease to both entertain and intrigue in a way that is unique among his peers.
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18Ville Valo


19PJ Harvey

20Jimi Hendrix

21Paul Simon
In my opinion, Paul Simon deserves to be in the TOP TEN.
Great melodies and good lyrics.
VERY good song lyrics. one of my favorite song writers


22Pete Townshend
It is disgusting that Pete Townshend is ranked 59 on this list. He is easily in the top ten for the list of greatest songwriters in the history of popular music. He pretty much wrote every Who song, including every song for their two rock operas. And then I see the nobodies that are ahead of him on this list. These nobodies wish that at the end of their careers they can have a hint of relevance in music history, whereas Pete will never come close to being forgotten. In my unbiased opinion, The Who are the third greatest band of all time, right after The Beatles and Led Zeppelin, and, although the other three members are very important as well, if Townshend wasn't a key member of that band, they might not even be on the list of the 50 greatest bands of all time. That's how important his songwriting was to the band. A genius of a songwriter and a genius of a musician. Seriously, come on people! Wake up!
Pete is definitely one of the greatest songwriters of our time! Have none of you ever heard, "Blue, Red, and Grey? " That song helped me cope with depression and anxiety, he -saved- my life. Pete is a bloody genius and I hope that one day the world can truly appreciate this lovely man.

23George Harrison

24Arsen Dedic

25Ian Curtis

26Burt Bacharach

27Jim Morrison
This list sucks. It's incomplete without Jim. I seriously do not know what's wrong with you people. Jim Morrison is the greatest song-writer of all time. Period.
One of the greatest songwriters of his generations his dark mysterious music can be soothing to the soul

28Veronique Sanson

29Joe Strummer

30Joni Mitchell

31Tamer Hosny
Tamer's lyrics are so meaningful, he writes lovely and great songs!


32Stevie Wonder
It's f$&? %* Stevie wonder!
1. Lennon-McCartney
2. Stevie wonder
3. Dylan

33Bruce Springsteen
A working man's musician and incredible lyrics and melodies, how he is not number one I do not know. In each song he fits the message that everyone else can only fit into an album. Bruce is the best.
Bob dylan then bruce end of story.

34Jimmy Page
The greatest... Can't belive he's so low

35Nick Cave
Just fantastic! Every word, every sound, and every rhyme flow naturally! He is outstanding at what he does!

36Roger Waters
Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, Animals, The Wall, and The Final Cut - his masterwork with Pink Floyd


Better than anyone, only David Gilmour ties with him!


There is no one like him. He is madeone of the greatest songs and albums. All together I'd say pink floyd made some real music.
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Prior to L'Arc en Ciel hiatus in 2001-2004, there's not a single of his written-song told the same story. Every one of them has great character and wide range of vocabulary, not to mention his poetic writing style. He wrote a song about puppy love like Picasso painting a beautiful scenery. His written song range from a anybody heart break love song into romeo-juliet complex. From adrenaline rush lover biker story into otherworldly farewell song. And don't forget, all in Shakespeare style.
"Niji", "White Feathers", "I wish", "Anata", "Pieces", "Butterfly┤s Sleep", "Honey", "READY STEADY GO", "MY HEART DRAWS A DREAM" are just a small sample of what hyde can do
the main songwriter of the band who has very deep lyrics behind the songs of l arc en ciel


More comments about Hyde

38Lou Reed
Hey babe, take a walk on the wide side

A Greatest Song Writer Among Them. Tupac's Lyrics Really Meaningful And Its All About True. 2Pac Should Be On Top 5. He Is The Best Rap Lyricist Of All Time!
11 total albums and 7 posthumous albums with a ton of work still to be released all before his death at age 25. Sold 75 million. Should be top 5

40Robert Plant
He deserves to be number one. Of course, there's the monumental 'Stairway to Heaven, ' but apart from that, there are other, far lesser known songs like Achilles Last Stand and Carouselambra (they're really really poetic). There's also the breadth of his songwriting, ranging from outpourings of longing such as 'Ten Years Gone, ' to songs like Black Dog and Trampled Underfoot, which are rife with innuendos. And then, of course, there are Led Zep's ten minute epics
He's so creative and very imaginative

41Ann Wilson

Barracuda, Magic man, Crazy on You , Heartless, Even it Up, Lost Angel, ect, ect, ect. Need I say any more.

42Jared Leto

Each lyric has a special meaning to not only myself, but I think that goes for the rest of the Echelon as well. Truly amazing with words, Jared can evoke a sense of happiness, anger, and excitement all in one song, verse, or even line like no other songwriter out there.

When he writes songs, each song has something everyone can relate to. That's what makes him so incredible.

Every song he writes incites emotions. That's a sign of a true songwriter.

43Leonard Cohen
Leonard cohen simplyrules and should be closer to the top of tjis list, fools

44Nancy Wilson

Their are only a hand full of bands that have the body of work that Ann & Nancy Wilson have when it comes to song writing. Heart had 20 songs reach the top 40 including two # 1 hits and now, in there 50's, they are still writing and recording.Ann & Nancy wrote some of the best ROCK songs ever with the Hits- BARRACUDA , CRAZY ON YOU, Magic Man and Love Alive. Not bad for a couple girls from Washington State. Love Ann & Nan ,HEART RULES.

His songs are poetic, happy and sad at the time. I think his work is pure and beautiful art. Of course there are some happy songs you can enjoy but in my opinion his lyrics are very deep and thoughtful
You must listen Last song or Kimi ni aitakute or Saikai~story for knowing what I┤m talking about...
You must read his Last song english lyrics.


46Jon Bon Jovi

thatss right richie4life, and don't forget his best song: HAVE A NICE DAY!


bon jovi's song are so powerful and they show so much feelings...


Absolutely the best songwriter ever, he is king of lyrics and god of music. He should be in TOP3.
The greatest song writer of all time. Listen to the lyrics of One.

48Ozzy Osbourne

49Billie Joe Armstrong
How is he not already here?
He is really great Green Day is amazing Wake Me Up When September Ends and Today is Tomorrow are so poetic and deep


50Brian Wilson

51Agnes Monica
Almost all of her songs are written by herself. She is great
She not only created a song about love, but she also created a song that can inspired the young people to continue to try to achieve his dreams.
She is great write song and singer
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52Axl Rose

53Noel Gallagher
I heard many many album and the most attractive album I've ever heard is, what the story (morning glory). First time I heard the album was about five years ago, when I see an old casseste on my car deck and I don't know hwos left it cause many people use my car. I'm not an oasis fan before so I not hope a lot from that cassete and its contain. Damn, I don't know how can he create somany great arranged great songs in just 1 album. Even the song that not become an official single in the market was sounds really good, and I believe that those unrealeased songs can be a market hit if the band just release it. He must be a musical genius. That album more than just music, it almost a spiritual experience and I can really feel the things caled pshycedelic effect in listening music. That's why so many oasis fans hwo really now about their quality oftenly said that this was the best band in the world. And I trully understand what they feel.
Noel Gallagher is the most genius songwriter ever. It should be placed in the top ten at least. Need more than a talent to create some glorious song like wonderwall and champagne supernova
He should be in the Top 10, you need many talent to write a song like Wonderwall or Morning Glory and so on...
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He writes his own music and it rules!

55Johnny Cash

Seriously? Funniest lines, even the serious ones are genius. They have hidden meanings, metaphors not to mention he makes it sound/ feel good

57Izzy Stradlin

58John Phillips

59Nick Drake

60Anthony Kiedis
Anthony Kiedis and John Frusciante... Enough said
His lyrics floats, so that it creats a sense of positive energy, no tight meaning sometimes but still universal. Like a complicated philsosophy turned into a slimpler than poem form. He sure knows what he is saying, he reads, because I see some themes he uses that I know eg parallel univers, a scifi theme and discovery. Sometimes He uses headings, Name dropping, that one could spend a life time to research about or should have to go read about. As a song needs to be compressed. My name is ehys from Nigeria. is my email.

61Taylor Swift
She has written her songs since the age of 11 and they all are personal and very catchy
Just a quick reminder that she has written/co-written all of her songs
Why isn't Taylor swift in the top ten? She has been writing songs since she was 16 and they were all a hit! I hear everybody singing to them and she just has a gift with songwriting and wrote them from her heart!
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62Mariah Carey

Not only could Mariah Carey sing with a 5-7 octave vocal range, but she had another hidden talent a secret weapon she is a great songwriter just go back to the first album self- titled Mariah Carey in 1990 the songs are just to powerful and great lyrics deep lyrics and she was just giving us a taste of things to come than the first album songs like vision of love, all in your mind, and love takes time best songwriting from her she is a powerful singer and impressive songwriter as well.

definitely THE BEST!...
what's with you people?.. /


gawd! cnt believe she's not even in the choices! she's the best!

63Isono Hiroshi

d'erlanger lyricist and vocalist


64Avril Lavigne
Avril Lavigne is the Queen!


Ilike her songs girlfriend with lilmama and nobody, s home


65Conor Oberst

Conor Oberst's lyrics send shivers down your spine, on occasions, if you're in the right mood, they can make you weep, ("first a mother bathes her child, then the other way around, the scales always find a way to level out")or laugh, ("Still I'd rather be working for a paycheck than waiting to win the lottery") or reflect, or feel human. They go deeper than most. Alongside Alex Turner, Robert Smith, Morrissey and Eminem, brilliance.

Conor Oberst has a way of writing songs that makes you feel like he just peaked inside your mind.


66Maynard James Keenan
All of the songs he's written focus on a facent of the human spirit that many have not focused on. He's a song writer for three seperate bands, all of which focus on a portion of the human spirit which he expemplfies
British Columbia's team has potential and wants to win! I agree many teams do! but I just can only see the B.C Lions winning!
even as a big fan of Queen I have to admit that Maynard is the best song writer ever! his songs go so deep, ALL of them.
More comments about Maynard James Keenan

67Matt Bellamy

51?!? Are you insane? Go and hear any Muse song, all written by him, all great rock songs. He needs to be in the top ten!


All of Muse songs are written by him!


68Tom Waits

69Nikki Sixx

Nikki Sixx is the best song writer in all of rock music. He wrote most of Motley Crue's and Sixx: A.M. 's songs. Nikki Sixx deserves no less than top 20.

70Chris Cornell

Best song writing there ever was. From Soundgarden to Audioslave.


71Chester Bennington

with songs like catalyst, it should be in at least top 20


72Richey Edwards
He was stronger than Mensa, Miller and Mailer

73James Taylor
Uhmm have you people heard "fire and rain" and all the rest of his work! He writes from his heart! He's a melodic genius and he definitely deserves to be in the top 10 at least!
James Taylor belongs on the "fine wine" list in the singer/songwriter genre. Everyone can relate to his lyrics.

74Elvis Costello

75Jim Croce

76Martin Gore
Main song writer in depeche mode and as single artist.

77Carly Simon

78Laura Nyro
Simply the best. Our beautiful angel in the dark should be in the top 5 at least, but hey! You can not trust a list where Taylor Swift and other pseudo artist are first-ranked after Joni Mitchell, Laura Nyro and Carole king.
Best songwriter ever. Every songwriter on this list would agree
Oh my, oh my... She's pure soul! I totally love her.

79Ruki (The Gazette)

His songs are really cool! The Gazette - the best Rock Band in Japan and in the world!

Ruki's lyrics are very profound. They often deal with real world events. He writes and sings what others do not dare to say. He's right. There are so many bad things in the world and he concerns oneself with it. He treats the themes very sensitive and considerate without hurting someone.

On stage you realize how much Ruki puts into it in his lyrics. During the performance he is carried away by the songs and sinks into them. You can see that he honestly believes his words. With his soulful kind and his songs, he can make people happy and sad at the same time.

Ruki's lyrics are characterized by his feelings and by its expressive way. No text is like another and each contains something valuable.

Thank you Ruki, for your wonderful texts and songs!
Many and lovely Greetings from Germany~

80Alex Turner
The best songwriter since John Lennon, Lou Reed, and Bob Dylan.

81Kris Kristofferson

82Neil Young
I can't believe Neil Young is not at least top 20, for me he is number 1. My best guess is that they couldn't find his name? Who knows.

Hey hey my my, Rock an Roll Can Never Die
Neil young is the best songwriter and singer that I know of. What kind of person would put him at so low? His voice and songs are wonderful. He should be in the top ten.

83Steve Harris
Why in the world is he not top spot by a mile. He's not your every day pop song writer, he is a metal song writer, and no one beats the man. He's wrote so many good songs for Iron maiden, and Iron maiden are still one of the best bands in the world, because of the magnificent songwriter!
One word about him... Epic

84Ryan Tedder
He wrote Apologize, good life, counting stars, secrets, all the right moves, and EVERY OTHER ONE of OneRepublic's songs, as well as Halo, Bleeding Love, Brighter than the sun, Already Gone, Rumour has it, battlefield, lucky strike, love somebody, not over you, sleepwalker, turning tables, as well as countless others. He is one of the best active songwriters right now!

85Lady Gaga
Lady gaga's music has a very powerful meaning. Each song has it's own story and is able to explain something amazing. When I listen to her music it always speaks to me. I love her so much. Some people just think she is an annoying singer who doesn't deserve being called an artist but honestly to me she is an amazing woman who is capable of mostly anything. I am very proud of being able to call her my mother monster when you really think about and get a chance to see her on an interview you will really get to to see what kind of person she is. Love you mother monster and remember : "when you're lonely I'll be lonely too, and this is the fame" love and art 12-18 1974 :) paws

86Trevor McNevan

87Todd Rundgren


With only the Purple Rain album he slays everyone else! MJ didn't write all his songs!

89Neil Diamond

90John Prine
John prine is the best songwriter of all time ask bob Dylan this seems like a popularity contest Bon Jove gaga ahead of him this list is a joke

91Willie Nelson

92Eric Carmen

93Edward Van Halen
Better songwriter then he was a guitarist. and thats that he was a spectacular guitar player


94Pete Wentz

95Ellen Shipley
She writes songs that are classic and are still meaningful to people 33 years later!
Heaven Is A Place On Earth--a fantastic pop classic!
Great singer and hit songwriter for so many varied artists. Passionate and intelligent!

96Jimmy 'The Rev' Sullivan
Please just listen to "A little piece of heaven". The Rev wrote that masterpiece, along with many other great A7X tracks! RIP


97Randy Newman

98Jeff Buckley

99David Porter

100Gordon Lightfoot
Gordon lightfoot really should be in the top ten! I mean bob Dylan was his biggest admirer

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