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21Fahrenheit - XY&O

Now this is just great Pop music!

Fresh in a time where stale seems to be mainstream.

Pop music with some actual feeling! Imagine that!

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22Cake by the Ocean - DNCEV4 Comments
23Through Your Eyes - Britt Nicole
24Apocalypse - Jackie Evancho

This song was written in 2010 well before any of the current songs like "Hello" were released. It was given to Jackie to sing in 2016. Great vocals. If your expecting an opera sounding voice you'll be in for a big surprise.

Jackie has the most beautiful singing voice in the world, & has had that for the past 5-1/2 years. This is a beautiful, tear-jerking song.

At only 16 years of age Jackie projects an understanding of the lyrics that is far beyond her age. Just beautiful.

Changes her voice but it sounds like "Hello"

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25My House - Flo RidaV3 Comments
26Wildest Dreams - Taylor SwiftV6 Comments
27Cheyenne - Jason Derulo
28Never Be Like You - Flume

This is such a weird song that it boggles the mind. The vocals are...what is this? We have this whispery high-pitched yodel that should be horrible, but sounds awesome. Flume's production is also absurd, reminding me of oui by Jeremih, except WAY more compressed. The bass also hits in a really unorthodox, as does the chugging percussion. The lyrics are basically filler, but they're aesthetically pleasing.

I DON'T KNOW - WonkeyDude98

29Middle - DJ SnakeV1 Comment
30Wild - Troye Sivan
31Can’t Stop the Feeling! - Justin Timberlake

I love this song so much and it's so amazing and very easy to play and it is great for all of my friends.

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32Ex's & Oh's - Elle KingV1 Comment
33Warrior - Aurora
34In the Night - The WeekndV1 Comment
35Sorry - Justin BieberV3 Comments
36Piece by Piece - Kelly Clarkson
37Gold - Kiiara
38Love Me Like You Do - Ellie Goulding

Greatest song ever of Ellie Goulding

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39Work from Home - Fifth Harmony

How is this good? It's horrible, and this is coming from a guy who doesn't care about Fifth Harmony most of the time. - Swellow

I don't give a heck. This is heard from my school. Modern pop is for the win. - DynastiNoble

Way to bubble gum for me. Like more mature music! No different from any other pop from any other decade. Real original, Ho Hum!

I love this song! And they are really good singers! Really! You guys should listen to her performances on x factor. You would be surprised

How is this above Deep Six? - RalphBob

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40Feels - Kiiara
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