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61 In the Age of the Consecrated Vampire We All Get High - Rob Zombie In the Age of the Consecrated Vampire We All Get High - Rob Zombie
62 Baby Ya Right - Lukay Baby Ya Right - Lukay

The last dance-pop song from Lukay. Sadly this just sounds like everything else on the radio today.

Just Do It is danceable but sounds very dated.

This sounds like everything else on the top 40

63 Moth Into Flame - Metallica Moth Into Flame - Metallica

Should be #1. Only reason it is not is because people of today like the crappy ass music. But this one is just awesome. A song that gave me goosebumps,

This song is just pure AWESOMENESS! Especially the "Sold your soul, built a higher wall" part, just catchy!

One of their best songs of all time! Spine tingling riffs, and great vocals

64 Scars to Your Beautiful - Alessia Cara Scars to Your Beautiful - Alessia Cara

I wish more people would notice this song. It's so powerful, I love the message and everything.

The lyrics are amazing but her voice is so bland. - milmcgirl

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65 Team - Iggy Azalea Team - Iggy Azalea

No. This is a monstrosity made by a rapper who is at this point a lost cause. - WonkeyDude98

Not a fan of Iggy in general. However, I will never understand the hate for this song. At least it's several leagues above anything Jacob Sartorious and Mark Thomas have offered.

Won't Iggy Azalea just give up now? Nobody has cared about her since fall 2014.

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66 Atlas, Rise! - Metallica Atlas, Rise! - Metallica

This is, in my opinion, the best song of Mettalica,s new album and then better than all the bull that came around 2016

67 Stone Cold - Demi Lovato Stone Cold - Demi Lovato

Not sure why Demi is not in the Top 5. It's clear that very few people understand music or talent. Most talented young beautiful woman in the last 5 years.

68 Ritual Spirit - Massive Attack Ritual Spirit - Massive Attack

It's been six too long years since Massive Attack hit us with Girl I Love You and Paradise Circus, and now we have something that brings us back to the old classics, some older than me, with the eerieness and power of Ritual Spirit. Massive Attack have shown here that they haven't lost the edge which makes their masterpieces what they are. This is definitely one of them, and it makes an excellent start to a musical 2016, with the dynamic duo proving themselves to be just as great as they were, making some of the best songs of all time. - PositronWildhawk

69 Piece by Piece (Idol Version) - Kelly Clarkson Piece by Piece (Idol Version) - Kelly Clarkson

I'm really grateful for this version of Piece by Piece for helping the song get the recognition it deserves. - NiktheWiz

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70 Sandcastles - Beyonce Sandcastles - Beyonce
71 I Go Looney - Michael McCuistion, Kristopher Carter & Lolita Ritmanis I Go Looney - Michael McCuistion, Kristopher Carter & Lolita Ritmanis

I love this song. BEST OF 2016! Great job Mark Hamill! - asantalo

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72 We the People - A Tribe Called Quest We the People - A Tribe Called Quest
73 Real Friends - Kanye West
74 When We Were Young - Adele When We Were Young - Adele
75 Atoma - Dark Tranquillity Atoma - Dark Tranquillity
76 Don't Need You - Bullet for My Valentine Don't Need You - Bullet for My Valentine
77 Love On the Brain - Rihanna Love On the Brain - Rihanna

One of the best songs this year for sure. Her vocals are insane.

78 Not Today - Imagine Dragons Not Today - Imagine Dragons

A truly beautiful song, and a perfect way to end a great movie!

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79 Talk Me Down - Troye Sivan Talk Me Down - Troye Sivan

If this makes it into the top 20, I will get a tattoo on my a$$ and it will forever be known as the Blue Neighbourhood. Y'all have my word on this! Is my embarrassment worth voting for this song? No. Because it wouldn't embarrass me a bit. Butt still (see what I did there? ), VOTE FOR THIS SONG! - theOpinionatedOne

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80 Cake by the Ocean - Dnce Cake by the Ocean - Dnce

With this song being a catchy pop song with Joe Jonas on vocals and me being the outspoken metalhead that I am, you'd assume I'd hate this song and would have only bad things to say about it. I figured that would be the case, but the honest truth is, I actually like this song. It's catchy, it has a nice beat, and the chorus is not that bad. My only two problems with this song are that A: It's got the dumbest title known to man and B: the lyrics are less than pleasing, but honestly, it's not that bad. It's certainly better than that terrible song Nick Jonas put out last year. - AngryByrd

I'll give it a measly 6/10. It has nothing to do with cake! - Catacorn

1) This is from 2015 and solidly from there too, unlike other songs like Me Myself and I and Never Forget You.
2) This is tripe. - SwellowDude98

I love this song

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