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81We are England - Shaun Ryder
82Happy - Mitski
83Brother - Demotional
84Lazy Eye - Aesop Rock
85False Alarm - The Weeknd

THIS is the song that the Weeknd should have made the first time. As gloriously spiteful as Starboy was, it had nowhere near the grit or viscerality this has. The creeping low-fi synths as the gospel swell builds to a scream letting grimy buzzing electronic drop kick with impeccable groove, as the Weeknd talks about an ex that wasn't worth it, but less as a warning but more of an acknowledgement in a way that almost feels primal.

I wasn't entirely on board with the title track, but with this, color me intrigued for the next album! 7/5 - WonkeyDude98

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86My House - Flo Rida

This song shrunk on me a bit after I found out that it was a ripoff of Kalin and Myles' Trampoline, but I still enjoy this for what it is, much more so than GDFR. The low-key piano melody is instantly memorable, the chugging percussion gives it a lot of energy, and the fuzzy guitar snarl on the post-chorus sounds amazing. The chorus is one of the greatest choruses of all time, honestly. Is it good? Not really. Do I enjoy it? Oh yeah. 3.5/5 - WonkeyDude98

An upbeat fun time in a tsunami of awful, boring, depressing, and mind-numbingly slow pop music.

Why is this so low? It's really good for Flo Rida! I don't hate him, he's just not very good.

This song is the perfect party song! - Moorefamval

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87Fatal Illusion - Megadeth

It's really sad to see Rihanna and Justin Bieber higher than this masterpiece. - NikBrusk

I suggest people they shouldn't see Ark-M lists.He trolls with us

This song is cringeworthy, and is NOTHING compared to Desiinger.

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88Close - Nick Jonas

Close is tiresome. I do not like it. - madoog

89You Don't Own Me - GraceV1 Comment
90Dystopia - Megadeth

I mean, Megadeth is a great band, but that's like almost 90% of this list. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

The riff in the beginning is to die for, and so is the entire song. I am also so glad that metal finally where it belongs: the top of the charts. - LostDream258

Seems like Megadeath fans got here first

Sure. I'm sure you just published this list in early January just to claim attention. - PositronWildhawk

This song is lame. The beat is so lame, even "Panda" has a better beat, and the lyrics are nonsense. Megadeth is lame.

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91Amerika - Wintersleep
92Like I Would - ZaynV1 Comment
93Leave Me Lonely - Ariana Grande
94Trophy - Charli XCX
95The Stage - Avenged Sevenfold

This song is absolutely amazing. I loved M. Shadows vocals, Synyster Gates, Zacky V, and Johnny Christ were great as always, and Brooks Wackerman was really impressive. Easily my favorite song of the year so far. I can't wait for their new album. A7X foREVer!

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96Ain't It Funny - Danny Brown
97Tin Man - Miranda Lambert
98And Dream of Sheep (Live) - Kate Bush

This song is from over 30 years ago, on Kate Bush's masterpiece album Hounds of Love. It was not a single then. This year she released a live album of her 2014 concert series, with this as the album's single. Though her voice has notably changed (whose wouldn't after 30 years? ), it retains all the emotion of the original and then some. I strongly encourage you give this and the original a listen and hopefully you can put aside trying to understand and absorb it from a logical standpoint and just FEEL the emotion of the song. - theOpinionatedOne

99Moth Into Flame - Metallica

This song is just pure AWESOMENESS! Especially the "Sold your soul, built a higher wall" part, just catchy!

One of their best songs of all time! Spine tingling riffs, and great vocals

100Dangerous Woman - Ariana Grande

Really only the chorus is good, but sadly, this year that's all its taking to be good.

There is something about this song. - madoog

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