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101 Purple Lamborghini - Skrillex & Rick Ross Purple Lamborghini - Skrillex & Rick Ross

This song is really awesome. The beat is fantastic and Rick Ross has done his best in years. 5/5 - AlphaQ

102 The Stage - Avenged Sevenfold The Stage - Avenged Sevenfold

Why is real music so low in this list? - Ale9991

This song is absolutely amazing. I loved M. Shadows vocals, Synyster Gates, Zacky V, and Johnny Christ were great as always, and Brooks Wackerman was really impressive. Easily my favorite song of the year so far. I can't wait for their new album. A7X foREVer!

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103 For All Kings - Anthrax

The beginning of this song is EPIC!

104 Amerika - Wintersleep Amerika - Wintersleep
105 Like I Would - Zayn Like I Would - Zayn V 1 Comment
106 Alive - Sia Alive - Sia
107 Leave Me Lonely - Ariana Grande Leave Me Lonely - Ariana Grande
108 Nikes - Frank Ocean Nikes - Frank Ocean
109 Ain't It Funny - Danny Brown Ain't It Funny - Danny Brown
110 Black Beatles - Rae Sremmurd Black Beatles - Rae Sremmurd

The song would have been better if Mike Will Made It had not put his name twice in the song to let people know who produced it. It is annoying. I already knew who produced this song. - madoog

And in my opinion Mike WiLL Made It sucks. If you hate him why not call him Mike WiLL Ruined It - AlphaQ

Ahh I'm being cursed because I'm liking this song these days. It's better than Rae's other dumb songs. - AlphaQ

I love this song it's good as I recommend it to anyone.

Now this is one good song by those 2 kiddos. The beat is actually good and the lyrics are better than RS's other bull. - AlphaQ

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111 My Shot - The Roots My Shot - The Roots
112 Daddy Lessons - Beyoncé Daddy Lessons - Beyoncé

This is somehow better and more country than most songs on country radio this year. How did that even happen? - Zach808

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113 Kevin - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Kevin - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

A great song Macklemore is looked at by his overplayed radio hits but his other less popular songs are so great.

114 The Pitiless - Dark Tranquillity The Pitiless - Dark Tranquillity
115 The Girl is Mine - 99 Souls ft. Destiny's Child & Brandy The Girl is Mine - 99 Souls ft. Destiny's Child & Brandy V 2 Comments
116 Nostalgia Drive - No Mana Nostalgia Drive - No Mana
117 When It Rain - Danny Brown When It Rain - Danny Brown
118 Me and Your Momma - Childish Gambino
119 How Far I'll Go - Alessia Cara How Far I'll Go - Alessia Cara
120 Cry Baby - Melanie Martinez Cry Baby - Melanie Martinez

Melanie is very interesting, combining childish imagery for really dark and deep lyrical content. I knew from The Voice she was unique but Cry Baby is the dawn of a new beginning for Melanie

I don't think this is considered as "a song of 2016" since it wasn't released in 2016. Or maybe I got it wrong. This is still an amazing song though. Gotta love the story!

Why can't they ever play Melanie on the radio? If the radio people are concerned about the explicit language, they should just play the clean version and take off the other garbage full of swears

This is an amazing song, but it's not a song of 2016.

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