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161 Slumber Party - Britney Spears Slumber Party - Britney Spears V 2 Comments
162 Love Yourself - Justin Bieber Love Yourself - Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber really turned to an artist who tries out a lot of new things, writes and performs a variety of genres and moods and and improved his overall quality to extremes. I honestly think he is one of the best pop artists of our time now.

Nevertheless, I am pretty sure this song was released 2015. - Martin_Canine

I DO love myself for not being one of the countless other young people who worship this guy. I can say one positive thing about Bieber's new stuff: he actually sounds like a guy. A hormonal, overly emotional guy, but a guy nonetheless. Other than that though, this song is way too simple. In fact, the word simple probably makes it sound even more complex than it actually is. And the lyrics are nothing special either. It's another one of those cases of "I don't care. That's why I put the time in to write, record, and pay for a song about how much I don't care." It's overrated, boring, and, well, it's Justin Bieber. - AngryByrd

Not gonna lie, Bieber's new stuff is dope. - Puga

I can't be the only one who hates this. - ProPanda

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163 Hallelujah - Panic! at the Disco Hallelujah - Panic! at the Disco

This song was released back in spring of last year. And I wouldn't call it one of the better songs from the album. - Zach808

164 Bounty Hunters - Röyksopp
165 Boy Problems - Carly Rae Jepsen Boy Problems - Carly Rae Jepsen

It sounds like 80's pop

And I love that it is a amazing pop song!

166 Let It Sleep - Asking Alexandria Let It Sleep - Asking Alexandria
167 Secret Love Song - Little Mix Secret Love Song - Little Mix
168 The Devil's Bleeding Crown - Volbeat The Devil's Bleeding Crown - Volbeat
169 Dollar Days - David Bowie Dollar Days - David Bowie
170 Rockin' - The Weeknd Rockin' - The Weeknd
171 Legend Has It - Run the Jewels Legend Has It - Run the Jewels
172 FDT - YG FDT - YG

I'm gonna blast this when Trump loses. Hell, I'll blast this even if he wins. - Mcgillacuddy

A rap diss to Donald Trump? Just what we've been waiting for! Just in time, too. - yaygiants16

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173 Poisonous Shadows - Megadeth

Words cannot describe this breakup song. Instead of just your typical "no-regrets" breakup, the narrator sees the regrets in he breakup.

174 Make Me - Britney Spears Make Me - Britney Spears V 2 Comments
175 The Greatest - Sia The Greatest - Sia

I am absolutely disgusted. This can't be so low! It's the best song of 2016!

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176 Rockabye - Bandit Rockabye - Bandit
177 L.A Girlz - Weezer L.A Girlz - Weezer

This song deserves, and demands to be in the top ten. The powerful verses and Chorus really shows an amazing throwback to the 90s. It's one of Weezers best songs in my opinion. Also, that solo... Rivers is one talented songwriter, it's just an amazing solo, one of his bests. This is one amazing Ballad of a song, and it's very powerful and catchy, and just SO good. The rest of the album is also just superb. I really hope this song gets higher soon, it deserves it.

Definitely deserves to be in the top ten - caseyk1218

178 Alma de Viento - Cristian Castro Alma de Viento - Cristian Castro V 1 Comment
179 Never Forget You - Zara Larsson Never Forget You - Zara Larsson

Now THIS is incredible. Zara Larsson's voice, as I said, is amazing. What's surprising is how MNEK, the guest on this, is just as great. He sounds like Jason DeRülo. Something about his wobbly, melisma-heavy voice just clicks. The beat is incredible. It's restrained in the best ways, and is very captivating. The buildup is interesting, and the drop is pretty much perfect. The lyrics, while sloppy, are cute and surprisingly not that big of obstacles in the path of enjoying this song. 5/5 - WonkeyDude98

180 Feel Invincible - Skillet Feel Invincible - Skillet

This completely blows. If these guys are called Skillet, then why aren't they a flash in the pan? 0/5 - WonkeyDude98

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