Top 10 Songs of the 21st Century

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121Tik Tok - Ke$ha
122I.V. - X-Japan

its the reunion song and a great live song. - TD17

YES! ~ Amazing song I love it and it is in a movie here in america called saw $ so amazing that they came back to gether with that genius song

123Chinese Democracy - Guns N' Roses
124Lux Aeterna - Clint Mansell

Such a beautiful movie... The song is great on its own, but if you've seen the movie, Lux Aeterna is even more poignant.

125Not Afraid - Eminem

Simply the best song ever.

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126Brianstorm - Arctic Monkeys
1276 Foot 7 Foot - Lil Wayne
128Misery Business - Paramore
129Everyday I Love You Less and Less - Kaiser Chiefs
130The Other Side - Jason Derulo
131Island In the Sun - Weezer
132When I See U - Fantasia
133Paper Planes - M.I.A.
134Blackstar - David Bowie
135Love In This Club - Usher
136Lost - Coldplay
137Team - Lorde
138(Reach Up for The) Sunrise- Duran Duran
139Need You Now - Lady Antebellum
140Seize the Night - Meat Loaf

This is the best song from the Monster is loose the 9:42 masterpiece blew me away I was amazed when I first heard it just before my Birthday I bought the album along with Back into Hell a month later both amazing albums Well I suppose anything by Meat loaf is it is just 2 seconds shorter than Bat out of Hell that is 9:44 exactly a minute longer than For Crying out Loud 8:42 his longest is I'd do Anything but won't do that 11:52

Well Jesus of Suburbia is the Bohemian Rhapsody of 2005 This is the Bohemian Rhapsody of 2006 - Greenday

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