Top Ten Songs for Baby Boomers

Songs that have become timeless treasures, decade by decade during this baby boomer's life.

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1I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry

Hard to pick just one by Hank Williams, but this is indeed one of the greats.

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2At Last

This as proven to be a song that has been popular through the years especially at weddings.

3Bridge Over Troubled Water

A song for the troubled decade- Simon and Garfunkel -

A timeless classic.


Voice as clear as a bell-the late Patsy Cline -

5Love Me Tender

Sung by one of the greatest entertainers of all time- the late Elvis Presley -

6Stairway to Heaven

Untouchable during their eleven year reign- the great Led Zepplin -


Quest for Peace-the late John Lennon -

8Free Bird

The Southern Rock Anthem by Lynard Skynard -


one of, if not the best selling album of all time, title song by the late Michael Jackson -

Another great Michael Jackson endeavor.

Michael A. Phillips
Old Boomer

10I Will Always Love You

first sung by Dolly Parton, revised and brought to the big screen in "The BodyGuard" by Whitney Houston -

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11Always and Forever - Heatwave
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