Best Songs From Backstreet Boys' In a World Like This


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1In a World Like This

One of the great Backstreet Boys songs. Should be nominated for grammy awards.

The song speaks the truth plus great tune. Genius

I LOVE A.J McLean voice and Kevin Richardson voice too love always your 1 fan Amanda Hemstreet

2Show Em' (What You're Made Of)

I love your new tattoo A.j mclean love your number one fan Amanda Marie Hemstreet

3One Phone Call

I LOVE this song so much I like to sings it all the time Love Your 1fan Amanda Marie Hemstreet

AJ have the best voice in the group, you rock bro!
Love the song!
Permanent stain and one phone call are just fantastic...

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4Permanent Stain

What wrong with this song it is backstreet boys Best. Love Amanda Hemstreet

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5Make Believe

Makes you forget about all your problems, and just dream and let your heart go wild.

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6In Your Arms

! How can this song be seventh? This one totally is the number 1 song on the album, even better than in a world like this itself

I LOVE the lyrics in song love Amanda H.

7Feels Like Home

You guys have got to watch the awesome lyrics someone made to this on YouTube!

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8Light On

Should have been included in the Album Main tracklist. Worth It!

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This song should have been somewhere above show em what you r made of. But unfortunately no votes...

This song should be top 5, come on honey vote it!

I remember in movie Brian and Nick fight about this song love Amanda Hemstreet

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VOTE PEOPLE! This song has a meaningful and beautiful message. This is for anyone who is going through a hard time.

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It's A Very Beautiful Song. Appears like a Mid 80s song but beautiful vocal harmonies

Kevin Richardson you sang it very well in this song love Amanda Hemstreet

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13Trust Me

I don't like the swearing in song Howie Dorough love Amanda Hemstreet

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1. In a World Like This
2. In Your Arms
3. Show Em' (What You're Made Of)
1. In a World Like This
2. Make Believe
3. Permanent Stain



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