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481Blank Space - Taylor Swift

I'm disappointed by the ranking of Blank Space... It should be in the Top Ten! The lyrics are so awesome that I have no words to express how good it is... Where are the Swifties?!

Blank Space cause it won in the category "Best Lyrics" at the iheart radio awards in 2015

482Love Me Like You Do - Ellie Goulding
483Budapest - George Ezra

This song is amazing because it descirbes how a man can give all his material objects for a higher purpose, and that purpose is love.

484The Sentinel - Judas Priest

Possibly the greatest lyrics of all time.

485Since I've Been Loving You - Led Zeppelin
486My Heart Will Go On - Celine Dion
487Ave Maria - Franz Schubert
488Just Like Heaven - The Cure
489High - The Cure
49021 Guns - Green Day
491Coma White - Marilyn Manson
492Paranoid Android - Radiohead
493Mockingbird - Eminem
494Karma Police - Radiohead
495Seize the Day - Avenged Sevenfold
496Target Audience - Marilyn Manson
497Skeptic - Slipknot

A perfect tribute to Paul Grey.

498Dogs - Pink Floyd

There's a load of wordplay, complicated rhyming, double entendres, symbolism, and just plain scathing condemnation of the modern workplace here. Fantastic.

The best lyrics Roger Waters has ever written and that says a lot considering the amount of brilliant songs he's done. Like 'Animals' and other concept albums, i.e. 'The Wall', 'Dark side of the moon', 'Wish you were here' and 'The Final Cut' are totally in a league of their own.

499High Hopes - Pink Floyd

Oh no, this is my favorite lyrics

500One for the Vine - Genesis

"Fifty thousand men were sent to do the will of one... In His name they could slaughter, for His name they could die. Though many there were believed in Him, still more were sure He lied"

The song deals with power and how those with power can influence the masses to do dreadful things whilst also placing their own lives in danger. It is relevant t for any generation or any time in history, right up to the present day.
The song then deals with one person - one individual "who's faith had died, and fled back up the mountainside".
Fate leads him to a place where he is revered by another group of people. Where he is believed to be "God's chosen one who's come to save us from all our oppressors"...Eventually he agrees to lead them saying, "They leave me no choice. I must lead them to glory, or most likely to death".
And as he urges the people on, he sees one of them turn back and flee back up the mountainside. Just as he had done not so long ago. He realises then that it's ...more

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