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The Black Eyed Peas is an American hip hop/pop group based in Los Angeles. The group is composed of,, Taboo, and Fergie. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

I Gotta Feeling
It has an awesome beat, One of the most/best successful Songs in music history/of all time. As of 2012 it sold over 16.1 million times, Out selling Kesha's Tik Tok, I Gotta Feeling is The Black Eyed Peas most successful song of all time. The Best selling digital song of the 2000's. Good work


A good mode giving superb song


I was close to voting Boom Boom pow and Meet me halfway but this just has energy and soul


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2Where Is the Love?
A very good song! Deserves to be number 1! Has a very good meaning!
this is their best, it started it all
Released on the third studio album "Elephunk" is the very best of Black Eyed Peas with the greatest lyrics and meanings


One of only two good black eyed peas songs
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3Just Can't Get Enough
This song is so good! How can it only be #8? This song has a really good beat and nice lyrics. People who like slower songs can like it just as much as people who like fast songs! You will hit the replay button more than once on this song.
This is a great and revolution song of the black eyed peas all thee Latin Americans love this song. Not by much, but this is the best Black eyed peas song. After looking at all of these, I've realized how many good songs that they actually have! It seems right after one song starts to get a bit old, another one becomes a hit. The BEP's are legit and now one of my favorite groups! I just love it.!
It's a lovely song. It's pretty sweet that the BEP made this song for awareness of the Japan's tsunami and earthquake. And this song is one of the best ever!
One hell of a song
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4Boom Boom Pow
This should be #2 or #3 but not at #7 please vote
Transcend its rank!
This song of on "1st" rank in 2009 billboard ranking how can it be so low it should be at least at second vote for it people come on. VOTE
I love this song. the remix also roxxx. it must definitely be #1
Bum bum bum got a get get laugh out loud but so good to hear
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5Pump It
how could you not think its the best?!
This like vintage Black Eyed Peas! Come on people! This should be one of the ultimate party songs! PUMP IT!
Boom Boom Pow in 2nd? Pump It FTW!
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6The Time
The black eyed peas are a band that has this theme that technology is the future and this song definitely shows that.
The time should be number 1, 'cuse its totally different than the black eyed peas other songs even if it is abit like there new song Don't stop the party... The black eyed peas used a lot of technology and it took them long time to make this song'as the black eyed peas said' but really this song is on my top 1 I LOVE IT!
PS:I'm a peabody that means that I love all the black eyed peas songs but the time is my top 1...
THE BEST SONG... FOR ME :).. I love this song I hear it again and again.. I am glad that Black Eyed Peas released this song for their fans... Thanks Black Eyed Peas... I love your songs very much
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7Let's Get It Started
Greatest song in the world... Really people? I gotta feeling? That is so lamo!
"lets get started" and get this song on the top...
--i don't think I gotta feeling is worth deserving 2 be #1... Nahh
N running runnin and runnin... ;) ;)
this is a GRAMMY NOMINEE guys...
Why are all the noobs voting for I Gotta Feeling? I Gotta Feeling is one of their worst song. Let's Get It Started, on the other hand, is awesome, as well as most of the others here.
I love how will.I. am is just screaming and how catchy this is. This has got to be at least #4 or #3 it's amazingly good
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8Meet Me Halfway
This beautiful song should be much higher in this list. Those who don't like it just can't understand the meaning of this song


Ill say this is my best Black eyed peas song over their last 2 albums. It should be at least number 3
Really Cool Song, Has such a good meaning to it!
This song should really be number one,... Really people? I gotta feeling?
I think this song must be at the top 3. :/
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9Rock That Body
Rock that body come on come on rock that body... I love this tune I am in love with this song... And especially the part where he says... I wanna rock right now...
Are you ' kidding me? 14? This song is WAY better then "I Gotta Feeling"! This should be number 1! You're all crazy...

You say you love black eyed peas but you not vote for thus song?
Are you insane? This in my favorite song dude...
It much better
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10My Humps
The first time I heard this song, I started crying it was so good. This song got me listening to music.
Fergie make this song so amazing please listen to it it is of differnt type
What I should say?

BEP. S every song must be at no. 1 in the world.
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The Contenders

11Shut Up
This is their best song although they have many great songs, my top ten would look something like this:

1. Shut up
2. Where is the love?
3. Don't phunk with my heart
4. Hey mama
5. Meet me halfway
6. Don't lie
7. Let's get it started
8. I gotta feeling
9. Just can't get enough
10. Missing you
So catchy; the part when they argue is lol
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12Imma Be
Imma Be is agreat song. Sometimes it gets annoying when my friends sing it on and on and on.
what the heck I gotta feeling sucks and is so annoying, this song however is way better


imma be listenin to this 4ever!
My 6th favorate song ever
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13Don't Stop the Party
Why isn't this higher? This is my favorite song, its so much better than boom boom pow! Heck, its better than most of the songs above!
I think most people has not heard this song yet, dunno why Gotta Feelin, Boom Boom Pow at the above on the list when there is this brand new bang..
Definitely deserves to be up on the list. Hear it in almost every party hangout. Guys vote for this song
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14Don't Phunk With My Heart
The Greatest Song Thus Far By Black EYed Peas, what is it the contender list, it needs to be in the top ten... No! Number one!
hi these are the black eyed peas and this comment is right. vote for don't phunk with my heart. if you vote for this song you could get an autograph by us! remember to vote for don't phunk with my heart. it is the bomb!
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15Hey Mama
Dude... You gotta listen to this track!
The track of this song is way too col...
Get this up higher one of heir classics
One of their better ones for sure
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16Don't Lie
I love fergie's part
She sings like in Spanish and I like that
And the music video is fun for watching
Please. Don't Lie (together with Where is The Love) is the last piece of Black Eyed Peas' true meaningful and heartfelt songs, unlike some of electro music from their recent albums. BRING BACK THE OLD BEP!
One of my favourite song with where is the love and just can t get enough and I gotta feeling
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Great song but not too famous, but you gotta listen to it, you will freaking love this song


Why the hell this sing is not in top 10 very nice song it makes me bounce I listen to this song everyday
Its the first hip hop song I listened to
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18Mas Que Nada
This song is the best song ever I had ever listen and of course I like this song please like and this song came from miss universe 2011 so please all of you like the song mas que nada and thank you so much for this creator of this song because I like this mas que nada Philippines
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19Dum Diddly
This is really a very good... Please vote for this song
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20Play It Loud Listen to sample

21Do It Like This
This is the ultimate party song if you like the BEP other than The Time or I gotta feeling.
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22Missing You Listen to sample

The meaning of this song is great and I just plain love it. My favorite part is Apl De Ap's rap solo
I wanna let you know how I feel...
I adore this song
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24Light Up the Night Listen to sample

25Gone Going
Amazing but what's better is the colaboration of Jack Johnson
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26Party All The Time Listen to sample

27One Tribe
Come on! This isn't even in the top 10? That is a shame, because it is inspiring!
I super love this song.

It should be next to "Where is the Love" because they convey the problem you can find today.

It is very inspiring.

"Kung makainspire, WAGAS! "
26? Really? Should be in like top 10 or higher...!
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I really like this song. It's great and deserves more votes. Too bad its just stop here at 31...
I like this song a lot! This should be at #2 with Let's Get it Started being #1


Such a cute song. I live it!
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First heard this in the supermarket radio and HAD to look it up! Surprised its not more popular. I love it!
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Wow, I suprized this isn't even on the list. Its clearly one of their best! Its just so awesome and catchy!
You guys are effing n words
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31Love You Long Time
Awesome song!
It has got a much different tune to it. Really unique :-)
Music has the element of rock but the voices are kept soft. Good Song :-)
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32The Situation Listen to sample


34Electric City Listen to sample

What the heck is this?

36The Boogie That Be
Its A Good Song And I Hear It Everyday
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37Now Generation Listen to sample

38Simple Little Melody Listen to sample

39Like That Listen to sample

40The Apl Song Listen to sample

41Fashion Beats Listen to sample

42What It Is
This song is king in rap! Better than all other songs!


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Sorry will.I. am song

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