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21Party All The Time
22Don't Lie

Please. Don't Lie (together with Where is The Love) is the last piece of Black Eyed Peas' true meaningful and heartfelt songs, unlike some of electro music from their recent albums. BRING BACK THE OLD BEP!

One of my favourite song with where is the love and just can t get enough and I gotta feeling

I love fergie's part
She sings like in Spanish and I like that
And the music video is fun for watching

Laugh out loud, Will.I. am's nose is big!

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23Play It Loud

This is probably one of their most underrated tracks, should be on the top 10

24Light Up the Night

The meaning of this song is great and I just plain love it. My favorite part is Apl De Ap's rap solo

Apl de ap is better than in this one! This is my top 3 best black eyed peas characters.
3# Fergie
1# Apl de ap. Taboo is lame. - lizard302

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28One Tribe

Come on! This isn't even in the top 10? That is a shame, because it is inspiring!

I super love this song.

It should be next to "Where is the Love" because they convey the problem you can find today.

It is very inspiring.

"Kung makainspire, WAGAS! "

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29Do It Like This

This is the ultimate party song if you like the BEP other than The Time or I gotta feeling.

30Dum Diddly

Dum Diddly is one of the best black eyed peas songs! Make it in the top 12. - lizard302

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31Like That

I Got it Like That and I Got it Like That also! I am surprised it is wasn't higher - lizard302


I really like this song. It's great and deserves more votes. Too bad its just stop here at 31...

I like this song a lot! This should be at #2 with Let's Get it Started being #1 - bobbyboo123

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33The Situation

First heard this in the supermarket radio and HAD to look it up! Surprised its not more popular. I love it!

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I still can't believe this. Awesome song awesome beat I think this song is the best I ever listen and it's 30

Wow, I suprized this isn't even on the list. Its clearly one of their best! Its just so awesome and catchy!

Anxiety is amazing. Should be Much higher. - lizard302

In the top 20, at least please. - lizard302

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36Love You Long Time

What would you do if I walked up to you and I told you how I feel about you now. - lizard302

Awesome song!
It has got a much different tune to it. Really unique :-)
Music has the element of rock but the voices are kept soft. Good Song :-)

What would you do?
If I walked up to you
And I told you how I feel
About you now

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37GrapesV1 Comment
38Electric City

Come on? This has to be in the top ten... I got really surprised to not see this in the list... An excellent song!

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39The Boogie That Be

It's A Good Song And I Hear It Everyday

40The Apl Song

This song is great! Should be in the top 10. My list is something like this:
1. The Apl Song
2. Imma Bee
3. Alive
4. Anxiety
5. Pump it
6. Let's get it started
7. Where is the love
8. It's a Holiday
9. The Time
10. Don't stop the party - lizard302

This used to be 21. But now it is 17. I love this song! My list is this
1. The Apl Song
2. Imma Bee
3. Alive - lizard302

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