Best Songs From Creed's Full Circle

This is a list of the best songs from Creed's 2009 album Full Circle.

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1A Thousand Faces

Great song one of the best rock songs of the modern era, deserving of #1 - Nightlock


Really good song, I like this song Time and Fear together and they compliment each other so well...try it sometime play all three in a row, you can work out the best order. - Nightlock


Great song, really captures all that Creed is - Nightlock


First song on the album and one of the best. Really fast and heavy, great way to start a really good album - Nightlock


This song is the slowest and one of the most meaningful on the album shows a sensitive side to Creed - Nightlock

6Full Circle

The Title track and a really good one too. - Nightlock

7The Song You Sing

This song finishes of a great album. And I assure you it does have enough meaning - Nightlock


This song sounds so good, it is nestled up amongst the singles and is just as good as them too! Really good song - Nightlock

9Bread of Shame

The second song on the album, and maybe the heaviest. Really hard hitting song really good - Nightlock

10Away In Silence

Really nice kind of love song, really helps establish the album as a prominent Album song. - Nightlock

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