Top Ten Songs That Deserve to Be Hated the Most


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301Hit 'em Up - TygaV1 Comment
302Molly - Tyga

You might had too much Molly when you made this album. - Swellow

303For the Road - Tyga

Make sure there's a traffic jam on the road before you hit it. - Swellow

304Show You - Tyga

I'll show you how terrible your album is by adding it on here. - Swellow

305It Neva Rains - Tyga
306M.O.E. - Tyga

Monstrosity and Outrageously Ear-grating. - Swellow

307Hijack - Tyga
308Get Rich - Tyga
309Enemies - TygaV1 Comment
310Drive Fast, Live Young - Tyga

Crash fast, die young, a perfect scenario for you. - WonkeyDude98

Much like Tyga's musical career. - Swellow

311Palm Trees - Tyga
312Glitta - Tyga
313Master Suite - TygaV1 Comment
314Turban$ - Tyga
315Death Row Chain - Tyga

Good thing Dre shut it down before you came to the industry. - Swellow

316A Voice 4rm Heaven Pt. 1 - Tyga

Tyga tries to interview Tupac but fails because Kendrick did it better. - Swellow

317Rap Star - Tyga

Yes, you're a rap "star" because you ruined rap music in 2013. - Swellow

318Ice Cream Man - Tyga
319Supawifey - Tyga

Why all the annoying dollars signs... - Swellow

320Don't C Me Comin - Tyga

Don't c me dissing this album, Tyga. - Swellow

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