Good Songs Forgotten or Ignored

What are the best songs people don't pay attention to?

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1Jeremy - Pearl Jam

I think this song is influential song of the 90s, so we should not ignore. it better listen to it.

jeremy is the best song ever how could it be forgotten

2Dr. Huxtable - Mercy Mercedes
3M.I.A - Avenged Sevenfold

Its too bad, I never hear people talk about this song. Its always ALPoH, or Second Heartbeat, or Bat Country. - fireinside96

4Sunday Mornings - Maroon 5
5My Own Worst Enemy - Lit

Great songs by a completely forgotten band miserable is also a great song by this band and they have the potential to be a great grungier band if they just get put out there more

6Fat Lip - Sum 41
7Hemorrhage - Fuel

I listen to this all the time, along with pearl jam's jeremy. - jwileson

8Days Go By - Jason Wade
9Here We Are - Breaking Benjamin
10Brave - Jennifer Lopez

So touching song with great lyrics

The Contenders

11Calling - Geri Halliwell
12Bad Girl - Madonna

One of the best ballads of all time. Very underrated masterpiece

13Son of a Time Machine - Sandra

You must be like 16 years old... You should add Fastball The Way... It would be on top with in a short amount of time. There are plenty of songs that should be on this list... Collective Soul Shiver...3rd Eye Blind Motorcycle Drive By.. etc

14Saturday - Chicago
15Spotlight - Madonna

People! It's the best dance hit of the 80's - really ignored

16Speak - Lindsay Lohan

This song is... Great despite of many people will disagree with me

17Miracle - Whitney Houston

No one mention this beautiful song from no less great album I'm your baby tonight (1990)

18My Name Is Not Susan - Whitney Houston

One of the best hits from Queen of Soul

19Rescue Me - Madonna

Brilliant! Fantastic! Amazing! But unfortunately so under-appreciated hit from Queen of Music

20I Plead Insanity - Belinda Carlisle
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